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Also I know it is a lot but Space Is Key’s only mod has not been on for over 4 weeks

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May I be added as a moderator for the game Iron Tank: The Invasion of Normandy?

I know my run submission has been up there for like 10 minutes now but the game does not currently have a moderator (I believe the previous one deleted their account). So I don't think waiting is going to accomplish much.


Requesting moderation of The Ninja ( ).
Run has been pending for almost 2 months.
Most recent mod activity was 2 months ago and no social media links in profile to contact.


Hello. Following up on my previous post about SPACEPLAN,

It has been over 21 days since I have submitted a run and there has been no response. May I become a moderator on the board?
Thank you.


I would like to request moderation of Back to the Future Part II and III for NES.

Current moderators have not bee logged in for 2 weeks and over a month, respectively, and I have had a run pending for three weeks. Attempts to contact current moderators have been met with no response.

Appreciate your time


I would like to request moderation duties for roblox games Speed Run 2 and Speed Run V, as the past mod(s) have been removed and there are no mods. Seeing as i have experience moderating a different speed run game, i figured i would request.

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Sexy Hiking Moderators aint accepting my run, 1 week its been

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@Bob-chickenBob-chicken Your pending runs do not yet meet the 3 week inactivity threshold.

@KkntucaraKkntucara Added.

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@PichiPichi Upped to Super.

@mynameisAndymynameisAndy I tweeted at the mod. I'll get back to you after they haven't responded after a reasonable amount of time.

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@AsherKashAsherKash Send a message to the moderators of the boards on which your runs are pending, please. This is not the right thread to ask for statusupdates for pending runs.

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@aaron2u2aaron2u2 No problem, added.

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@PloverumsPloverums Thanks, added.

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@IvoryIvory You require a pending run in both games. You also don't seem to have any existing runs in these games.


Requesting to be Super mod at work at a pizza place Roblox, since the first Super mod got banned and the other deleted his account by mistake.

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Also the game called Party.exe has no moderator because Party.exe’s Super mod was banned


Requesting mod for Aim Course by Ulletical, Aim Course 2 by Ulletical, Aim Gamerz by Ulletical. The only mod on Aim Course 2 and Aim Gamerz has been inactive for over a year and unfortunately I can't get in contact with them on Steam after a week of trying to reach out. The first Aim Course by Ulletical has a second mod that is only 2 months inactive so maybe that one can be given some time but I'm not optimistic about the other two especially since all these categories are pretty lowkey/ not popular. Thanks.


Just checking back in about the Don't Starve Series mod as it's been a week. Have you been able to contact the existing mod @DaravaeDaravae?


Hey, I'd like to take over the moderation for "Roblox: Party.exe" since one of the Super Mod has been either unmodded himself or have been banned from SRC.

Also, I have a pending run for Roblox: Party.exe

( Here's the leaderboard link By the way, )




I would like to request to become a moderator of double dragon GBA. I contacted the mod a few weeks ago and then realized they havent posted in a year and the twitch channel/only outlet to contact them has dissapeared. at this point i dont know what else to do. I was gonna ask for a new category to be added to the game which is the double dragon mode where 1 player controls both players. Never heard back and the likelyhood of that happening seems non exsistant. Lmk what i should do from here. As far as I can tell i may be the only active player in these times so lol


I am requesting leaderboard moderation for two games:

Motor Toon Grand Prix (PS1, 1996) []
@NehkRohwNehkRohw is the only mod/supermod for the page. According to his profile, he hasn't submitted any runs in 3 years and his last login was 9 months ago. Both of his social links direct me to dead pages, therefore trying to reach them off-site is impossible.

Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing (PS2, 2001) []
@JRapidJRapid hasn't logged into the site in over a year and all social links that would allow for DMs are dead. @VertigoVertigo is the super mod and hasn't logged in for over 3 months. I sent them a friend request via Discord in order to discuss my pending run as well as issues with the leaderboard however he has yet to accept or respond. Moderator access for this game in particular is very important to me as different load times between console revisions and different emulators make the current RTA timing method deeply flawed. Therefore, the current leaderboard positions are not reflective of IGT performance.


i would like to be the moderator of
cuz some moderators are inactive,
in that case i would moderate the page. so pls
grant me with the permission of moderating the page


Hello, I started speedrunning about 1½ month ago and my first game was My run has been awaiting verification for about a month now and I have since lowered my time. I sent a message to both moderators, who haven't logged in the last month, asking for news and category management. I've been told by the moderator of another game I run that I should post here and ask. Thank you for considering!


I have submitted a run for Feudalism 2 ( ) and has not yet been verified. The most recently active moderator has not logged in 3 weeks now. So that is more than 21 days.

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Requesting mod of Parking fury 3, and LOCOM neither of the games have had active mods for 5+ months. One more game I am requesting to be mod of is Awesome tanks 2 I have had a pending run for 21 days.

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Requesting moderator for Roblox - PARTY.EXE

Someone used to mod it, but got unmodded and now there are no available mods for the game, and I do have some knowledge about the game and already did a run a while ago, so I think I'd suit.

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