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Hello. For more than a month, moderators have not added my speedrun to the leaderboard. Game-Police Stories. How can I fix this situation?


@Lobo000Lobo000 The mod who ran/submitted that run was online an hour ago, you need to discuss that with them. That isn't the point of this thread.

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@DaravaeDaravae Hey I would like to be a moderator of My Big Sister I planned to run this game but the moderator is not active for 3 months I wrote to him on Twitter and on Twitch but he is offline can I ask you to add me as a moderator for this game?


Requesting mod status for My Big Sister:

The current sole moderator has been offline for over 3 months and we have had no luck trying to reach him. While I don't have any runs currently pending, I have WR in every category, and every category only has me and the mod, making me the only active runner on the site who has played and knows the game. I believe that other people are awaiting their runs to be verified and it seems as if I'm the most capable of doing that.

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Hi, I'm requesting to be a moderator for flower. I've posted a speedrun to flower And it got accepted by @cake_cake_ but he has left the moderation for flower. The super mod @0rbis0rbis hasn't logged on in 3 years, and has no-way of contact as his twitter doesn't exist. And @VincentoVincento hasn't logged on in 2 months and hasn't replied to my twitter message or discord. Thanks


Requesting mod status for Heroes of the Storm:

Neither moderator has been on the site within the past year, and both are completely inactive on their twitch/twitter/youtube feeds (for the past 6+ months). One's listed Discord handle does not work, and the other I've attempted to contact but haven't reached.

I have two pending runs both only from the last couple days, but given both moderators have been completely inactive on this site for over a year in my opinion it's safe to consider moderation abandoned for the game.


@DaravaeDaravae or any of the mods

Back on page 119 I requested to be a mod for a page, I was added, followed up with all the runners by today, but went to change the rules and page per the response and was already removed as a mod.

Here is the original message:


Requesting moderation of the board Tough Dark Fight.

I saw a new run was added today, very excited 😍expecting to see something new since a record came but the run uses emulation that is buggy and almost no load. No one actually verified the attempt. 😮

I didnt realize but the board is set to accept any runs without verification🤪, I also want to classify the categories and board better, since there seems to be small but renewed interest in the game. I am happy to make an emulation category upon discussion of the speedrun with emulation.

The previous mod unkostar has a youtube (he made several tutorials and guides about the game) but outside of that is difficult to contact. Before doing my speedrun several months ago I had tried contacting.

Now that the issue was realized I hope to resolve before my runs are added without someone reviewing them. Thank you.🙇♂️

I was approved on page 119 of this Thread, It has been confirmed to be a bad rom now by the runner and discussed with the other runner about what challenges he was talking about before renaming the challenges. Please add me, again, so I can make the changes, and fix the leaderboards.

Sorry for the length, I don't understand how to quote on this forum.

A separate request is to back up the request of @lagdotcomlagdotcom to be added to mod of the Dynasty Warriors



I'm moderator of game WRC 5

I'm writing about adding WRC 5 to the series World Rally Championship. Because this game is one of those games in this series and I can't add this game to the game series and is it possible to add this game?

Best regards.


I'm requesting to be a moderator for Nostale:
The current only moderator [ @sQu1ckysQu1cky ] is inactive for over a year, and as his Discord id doesn't work I see no way of contacting him. I've already submitted my own speedrun in any% category and would like to add more categories also.


@holipigicowiholipigicowi Added.

@MaltaranMaltaran Added.

@Spaghetti8Spaghetti8 Upped to Super.

@Boog2TheManBoog2TheMan Your run was handled.

@CrypticBombsCrypticBombs Give it a bit of time as your account is only 1 week old. Also try messaging the moderator on Twitter.

@VinnyGamesVinnyGames Okay with adding you, but you need to enable e-mail authentication in your settings as mentioned in the first post.

@Yuum1Yuum1 Okay with adding you, but you need to enable e-mail authentication in your settings as mentioned in the first post.

@AlexMenaceAlexMenace The mod is active.

@SKYEGAMERSKYEGAMER You do not meet the requirements mentioned in the first post. (2 social media accounts attached to your profile and e-mail authentication must be enabled in the settings)

@lagdotcomlagdotcom Requesting mod in here requires the requester to have a pending run as mentioned in the first post

@ItsCal_LIVEItsCal_LIVE Your run has only been pending for a week and the moderator was active a few days ago. Try to message the moderator on SRC first.

@ALZERI28ALZERI28 This series does not require moderation.

@ShokushuShokushu Added.

@dunewackydunewacky Okay with adding you, but could you add one more social media contact to your account please? Get back to me when done and I'll add you.

@The_Infinite_RiftThe_Infinite_Rift Added.

@OxkniferOxknifer A month is not that long. Have you tried to message them to ask whether they can remove themselves?

@ZodaStoneZodaStone Upped to Super.

@ParanaHueParanaHue You do not meet the requirements mentioned in the first post. (2 social media accounts attached to your profile and e-mail authentication must be enabled in the settings)

@NemesisXploderNemesisXploder Can you message me some proof of the mod acknowledging that they do not have time? Why do they not remove themselves then?

@Bling74Bling74 I'll take a look.

@KDAmakerKDAmaker You do not have any pending runs for this game.

@Lobo000Lobo000 Take it up with the moderators of that board. This is not the place to post this.

@TegronTegron You do not have any pending runs for this game.

@EddventureTime58EddventureTime58 Added. Please do something about these category names as well.

@I_Shall_Not_Be_NamedI_Shall_Not_Be_Named Added.

@freeze457freeze457 Your account did not meet the account age threshold of 30 days. Try again in a few weeks.

@DBcadeDBcade I cannot find that you were previously added from the logs? But the mod is inactive and there is a run pending yes and you have a run or two on this board so I'm okay with adding you.

@RaizonRaizon This is not the right thread for requests like these. I added the game to the series anyway but use this thread for the future.

@khr96khr96 Your account did not meet the account age threshold of 30 days. Try again in a few weeks.

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Thank you for the quick response.

I guess I will request to be added to the
Because the pending run has been my own.

My plan is to add @lagdotcomlagdotcom as a mod, and clean up the rules. The old mod has been inactive for almost a year.


Hello! I am requesting to become a moderator on Spy vs. Spy (NES). The game only has one moderator who hasn't logged in for over 8 months, and is not responding to social media messages. I've got a run pending for a little over 2 months. Thanks! (My previous request was before I added 2FA. That's done now!)


Posting this again since i havnt had any feed back yet. still havnt been able to get the mods of the games i want to be a mod for to message me back and it shows that they are still inactive

im only requesting to become a mod because the game that im requesting i run all the time and havnt been able to get my run approved after weeks of trying to get ahold of the mod of all their social medias. the game is called brothers in arms road to hill 30 and is a game im very passionate about and i would love to become a mod for the game and take time to approve runs and manage the community that runs that game. but i havnt been able to get the mod to respond to me since they are the only mod. this is the link of the game. thank you for your time.

p.s. there are 2 other brothers in arms games that have the same mod and one other that havnt been active in months as well and i would like to take over responsiblity of being the mod for the both of those games as well since there is no activity from them and i havnt been able to get them to contact me back about my runs or becoming a mod alongside them. here are the links to the other 2 games. again thank you for your time and i hope you approve my request to become a mod for these games as i will be active in approving runs and taking my time to make sure the community for these games stay in good standing. thank you


@DaravaeDaravae Done!, thank you very much for the solution


i'm rerequesting mod for hellbound, the only previous mod quit so now nobody can verify runs


@DaravaeDaravae posting again as I think you forget about my post last time.

Hi, I would like to be the moderator of the Game Project I.G.I as the only Super Moderator is offline from last 5 months and the only Regular Moderator is offline from last 1 month. (7 July 2020).
I am going to submit some runs (improved one) as I already have some runs published on this game page.

I tried contacting Regular Moderator at Steam but there is no recent activity there, also his smashcast account page is broken and he doesn't look YouTube comments much.
Means no response on social media too.

So, please do something for that as I am ready to be a moderator and I think also eligible for that I have some runs of this game and of IGI 2 as well and will submit some more also.

Game Link:-



I am requesting mod for the game Spot Goes to Hollywood. I've got 2 runs sitting for over 1 month now, and the only mod has not been on this site for 6 months. I've tried to message the user through multiple platforms, but have not received any response.


Reposting since my earlier request seems to have been missed:

"Hi, I'd like to request moderator status for Zork I: The Great Underground Empire ( The moderator has been inactive for a few months and I was unable to contact them through their limited social media accounts. Thanks in advance!"



Hi! I would like to know if it would be possible to become a mod for Secrets of Grindea ( I have tried to contact the mods on Discord, but I have no answer. I have a run that have been pending for 3 weeks and some changes have to be made to the boards and the rules since an update adding a new dungeon and revamping the arcade mode have been released. Thanks in advance!