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I'm fine with not being mod of the Scrabble series, but can I at least be mod on the ps1 scrabble page? That game does not have a mod, and there are categories I'd like to add to make it more interesting. That was really what started this inquiry for me.

To reiterate, I am supermod of the ps1 scrabble category extensions page, which has one category, and every runner I've talked to of that category agrees that there's no reason for it to be a category extension.

As a category extension page we get virtually no visibility. When people watch us stream, they often don't know how to find the leaderboard we compete on. Our category involves beating a main mode of the game. We don't use any weird rules. It's not a meme run that we do to be silly. It also just feels weird to me that the most popular run in the scrabble series (at least in terms of number of people on the board) is a category extension that people only really find out about through word of mouth.

In addition, I'd like to add another category to the main ps1 scrabble page. Several players and myself have talked many times about wanting to run a category that involves beating the AI while actually playing a game of scrabble. Currently, the only category on the main page is done optimally by exchanging tiles or passing every turn, hoping the AI will also pass every turn, and then the game will just end after several because it sees that no one is playing anything. This results in scrabble speedruns that end in no tiles being played at all, which is kind of a funny concept, but nobody seems interested in running. We've already worked out rules for a new category. I've already done a run against the novice AI with those rules. But I can't submit it anywhere because the ps1 scrabble page doesn't have any mods right now, and I'd rather not just make it another category extension.


Hey there,

I'm a current moderator of The Legend of Korra leaderboard.

I'd like to formally request the removal of our current Super Moderator. They have been inactive on this site for 2 years. I've tried contacting them through DMs on this site, twitter, and twitch to see if they were still interested in moderating the game, but it's been a week and I haven't received any responses. I'd like to become the new Super Moderator if the removal of the current one goes through.

Thank you,


Id like to be a moderator for the only mod hasnt been online in 4 weeks also i have the world record.

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Lunar Legend's sole moderator has been inactive for 1 year. I have spoken with (let's just say) another world-class Lunar games runner and was told runs are being ignored. Attempted to contact golden and obviously no response.
Please add me as a moderator for lunar legend.
I am current WR holder for lunar 1, created its leaderboard and the one for lunar samposuru gakuen and moderate 10 or so other games.
Thanks in advance.


Hello, for a few years I've been the only active moderator of Dungeon Defenders -
Moderator WASD should be removed for inactivity for years, Hydro either removed or downgraded to regular mod.
I'd also like to become the series moderator ( if possible.



@DaravaeDaravae Done, thanks.


Hi, i have a Bust a Groove run pending but only have a one mod and no verify my run, i think is inactive, i dont wanna be mod but iam a active user here but if one user can verify my run or let me mod in .


I want to be the a mod for one mod hasnt been on in 10 months the other 1 month and i also have a run pending.


I would like to request to be moderator for
The current moderator has not been online in over a year and I have multiple runs pending.


I posted a run almost two months ago but the game moderator has been inactive for several weeks. I sent him messages a fortnight ago but no response.
The game in question is:
I would like someone to validate my run if I can't become a moderator.


@DestroerwowDestroerwow You were added by the game's super mod.

@ClythFireStarterClythFireStarter Have you send a message to ROMaster2? He was active on the site recently.

@KeiferrKeiferr This thread is not meant to talk on behalf of others. Moderation is to be requested for yourself in here. Read the first post for the requirements to become eligible for moderation.

@XandoToasterXandoToaster You need a pending run submitted to an existing category. I also went ahead and checked whether you have any existing runs which you also don't seem to have.

@DolphinDasherDolphinDasher Removed and upped you to Super.

@holipigicowiholipigicowi Added.

@NickDoaneNickDoane You need a pending run. I also don't see any other pending runs.

@Mighty_FoxMighty_Fox Removed WASD due to inactivity. You can ask Hydro to do this themselves. Also this series has active moderators. Direct your inquiry to them.

@TheGlitchKiddTheGlitchKidd Your run has only been pending for 1 day. Be a little patient. Send the current mod a message after your run exceeded the 21 day threshold.

@holipigicowiholipigicowi It's only been one day. Please be a little more patient. The mod that is inactive for a month could realistically log back on and verify your run.

@williamlofgrenwilliamlofgren Added.

@HiprolixHiprolix Okay with adding you, but you need to activate "Require e-mail authentication" in your settings before I can even add you at all. You also need to attach at least 2 of your own social media accounts to your SRC profile. Get back to me when done.


Requesting to be a brown sword mod for the nerf series. I requested it be added and it was, but I was removed from mod of it. I was wondering if I could maybe be a brown sword for it to add a cover and theme for it. There are some games not added but they kinda hard to find/ pointless to add. So yeah, if you add me as a brown sword, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


@DaravaeDaravae Well, I definitely DID submit a run, but I guess the site didn't take it. This is the second time in about a month I submitted a run and later found out it didn't actually go through. But site bugs are for a different thread...

Anyway, I just submitted that run again, and I checked my pending runs list and have confirmed that it went through this time.
For context, one more time, I am requesting to be super mod of the ps1 scrabble page:


Although the mod accepted my run two weeks ago, I tried contacting the mod of Devotion leaderboards and I can't seem to get him for about 1-2 weeks. I have 2 runs that needs to be verified on and I would like them verified.


@SharpsDoubleRifleSharpsDoubleRifle This series doesn't need moderation. If you need games attached, Discord URL/Logo etc. adjust, use the platforms thread and ask a Content Mod.

@XandoToasterXandoToaster Thanks, added.

@DestroerwowDestroerwow I didn't do anything lol, the game mod added you.

@juh0juh0 It's been only a week or so, and the mod has been inactive on the site for 1 week. Allow 14 more days to pass and get back to us after that time when your run hasn't been verified yet.

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Hello there, not sure if I am doing this correctly, as I am quite new to this site.

I currently have been speedrunning a game called Enchain, and the current (and only) mod for it hasnt been on for 4 months.
I have submitted runs for the game and tried contacting the current mod several times.

Edit: Here is the link to the leaderboard:

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@DaravaeDaravae Normally it's ok, I have added my networks and activated my email authentication.


@DaravaeDaravae I understood. Wrote thanks to the moderator =)


Requesting to be added as a mod to the Cat Quest series page, which currently has no mods for some reason. I am currently a mod for Cat Quest II and Cat Quest II Category Extensions. link here: