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our mod for the game "death's gambit" is inactive for over a month now. So i wanted to ask what the next steps would be?


We got some classic Inactive mods on the houseparty speedruns (, Gonna go HARD with the runs once I can start getting them verified -

his discord has been changed and his twitter is inactive, as well.

please help I can moderate it or anyone can moderate it I just want the glory of victory and the inspiration for more conquest in my favorite game ever made thanks 🙂


Hi, I'm super mod for Dynasty Warriors (series) but I don't have mod powers in Dynasty Warriors (game) and I know someone is submitting runs. The current and only mod of the game is @NehkRohwNehkRohw who hasn't been here for 8 months. Both of their social links 404 so I can't contact them.


Could a moderator add me to the game "Stuntman" please: I've been unable to find any contact outside of SRC for the existing moderator.

Thankyou 🙂!


I noticed that Ridge Racer series has no moderator for it self:
I could fill up vacancy (prefferably as super mod), I'm very familiar with series and own (physically) every console release of it atleast on one region, most of the games I have in all regions and I have lots of times on boards for it and moderate four of series' games aswell.


The moderator for this game hasn't been active for years on as well as on his social media (twitch and twitter). Tried to add him on discord but to no avail.


I want to request to be a moderator of wwe here comes the pain all three moderators have been inactive for over over a month i also have a run pending. and im pretty sure my account is over a month old so i meet the requirements.


im only requesting to become a mod because the game that im requesting i run all the time and havnt been able to get my run approved after weeks of trying to get ahold of the mod of all their social medias. the game is called brothers in arms road to hill 30 and is a game im very passionate about and i would love to become a mod for the game and take time to approve runs and manage the community that runs that game. but i havnt been able to get the mod to respond to me since they are the only mod. this is the link of the game. thank you for your time.

p.s. there are 2 other brothers in arms games that have the same mod and one other that havnt been active in months as well and i would like to take over responsiblity of being the mod for the both of those games as well since there is no activity from them and i havnt been able to get them to contact me back about my runs or becoming a mod alongside them. here are the links to the other 2 games. again thank you for your time and i hope you approve my request to become a mod for these games as i will be active in approving runs and taking my time to make sure the community for these games stay in good standing. thank you


Hello! I am a Super mod On the Links Crossbow Training leaderboards. The community has been quite a bit more active thanks to my efforts and while the Super mod GhostT is active there is another: Aether. This person has done NOTHING on the leaderboards ever and has been inactive on the site for almost a year. I tried reaching out but no response. I think he should be removed. Https://


I am asking to be the moderator for wwe hctp my account is a month old i have a run that hasnt been verified and all three moderators were last online 1 month to 2 years ago i am also the mod for wwf smackdown i got it from posting here and the circumstances for me wanting to be the moderator for wwe hctp are probably worse seing as theres 3 incative moderators so please could i get moderator if not at least remove the 2 mods that haven't been online for over a year.

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I submitted a run to quite a while ago and it has not been verified. There was one mod at the time, and I decided to just be patient. I checked the board a couple times and I noticed the mod still wasn't active, and didn't seem to be active on twitch either. Now nearly a year later I check the board again and there is no mod at all. I would like to be a mod to verify my run and future runs that are submitted.


@DaravaeDaravae Hey, I wanted to request to be a mod for "Lego City My City". ( The game already exists on the site but there is not a single moderator for the game or even a single rule written for anything. I would like to request to be a mod for this game as I have played it extensively to the point where I know what category's/rules would suit this game best. I have also done an Any% run for this game which can be seen here:

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Please remove D.E.M.O. as a mod from -- he has been inactive on the site for a month

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Hello, I am a mod for the Formula One series, and would like to request that myself and user tdp2612 be added as supermods for this series. The sole supermod (ASmallPotato) for the series has been inactive for some time; I attempted to contact them through all methods I could find without success about 3 weeks ago.


The game has no moderator, so I had noone to contact prior this request. That being said I'd like to ask to be one.
Thank you.


Hello! 4 weeks ago I submitted my run in game Ace Combat 2 , but my run is not been verified. Another speedrunner on this game, waiting for verification too. 2 moderators inactive and third moderator doesn't have enough time.
Who can verified my run or can I become a moderator in Ace Combat 2?


Hello, If a person is dedicated to sending runs with stolen videos and it is very possible that almost his entire profile is of content that does not belong to him, where do I have to report?

This person sent 6 executions that way to a game that I moderate. ( does not even bother to remove the watermark )

The 1596 executions it has on the web, almost all of them are hidden and those that are not videos recorded with the telephone, but it has many runs recorded with a capture device or from a PC...
The profile of 7H3 on twitch and twitter is deleted or banned. something doesn't look very good on this person

(edit: I looked in 3 games that this person runs and in the 3 that I gave to search I found that it is stolen content) GT3 , GT4 Prologue , California Speed ... all runs stolen

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Following up Bling74s post above, also got evidence of this user, 7H3, stealing content from GT3, though I already verified the runs before it came to my attention that he was stealing:

Would help if we could get this person removed before any more stolen runs are submitted.

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I'm with @Bling74Bling74 and @DragoonClawNZDragoonClawNZ

That user is uploading stolen races to many games, including one that I moderate.

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I know that this is important, but this is not a place to post this stuff.
Here we only discuss about removal/addition of moderators.
Keep other stuff in other forum posts/on social media.