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What are the requirements to become mod for this game:
There are currently no mods at all moderating this game.


hello again, i want to ask for moderation for the game strikers 1945 III

i made a run 3 weeks ago and still hasnt been aproved.

i tried to contact her but the game only mod has been inactive in the site for a month and in social media since last year.

also i made the run on the nintendo switch (the game was officially released there in a collection of games) but the platforms that appear on the page are only arcade and android, there would be a problem with that?


Hi, I'd like to request moderation for Dogurai (

The current mods are not involved with the game by any means (one of them specifically told me they shouldn't even be mod for the game)
The Super Mod that could possibly do something about it has not answered me in over a month, despite being online every other day.

I am an active runner for the game, and I got support from other runners and the verifier to come aboard as Mod on the leaderboard (the board could really use a nice makeover and love)


I would like to request moderator for Knights of Pen and Paper 2

I made a run just over 3 weeks ago, and attempted to contact the mods on twitter with no action being taken by any moderator.

Thanks in advance for your time!


Requesting leaderboard mod for Dark Cloud 2. I asked acefrog, the only moderator, to update the speedrun page with the link to the DC community's new discord server, and to be a moderator for the boards since they seem to be inactive very frequently, but haven't received a response in 2 weeks and they have been offline for 3 weeks.

A DC2 player has also mentioned in the discord that they have been waiting about 2 weeks to get their run verified, so i'd like to see if i can get super mod to kind of structure the moderation and content of the LB better to invite more players.


@DaravaeDaravae I've already sent you through discord my attempts of contact to him

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Hello. I would like to become a moderator for a game called raze 2 - because I've had a pending run for that game for two weeks and it still isn't verified. I have tried contacting the moderator with the SRC message system but I've yet to receive an answer. It is worth noting that the moderator hasn't had a run in 2 years and will not likely come back anytime soon. Thanks in advance.


I would like to become a moderator in all of the following games: due to moderator inactivity, all runs are on my profile (still pending since 3-4 months)


Hello, I am inquiring about becoming a mod for ; The super mod's whereabouts are unknown and the regular mod zlow has been innactive for a couple months. Any help would be much appriciated, Thank you.


The game "Dummy Never Fails" has no moderator, I would very much like to submit runs for this game but alas, no one is there to verify my submissions! I would take charge and become this games moderator myself if i was allowed

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hi i sent my run on bust a groove 1 and 2 does 2 weeks

however the moderator has been inactive for 3 weeks
I tried to contact him on this site and in discord does 2 weeks but he never answered me

I'm still waiting or what do I have to do?

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Hi, I am a mod in a Game which has one supermod that is inactive since over 4 years, I think that he should be removed from the mod team.
Game: Clicker Heroes


Request to be a mod for Blue's Journey please.


This got overlooked from 3 weeks ago. I'm just going to re submit this:

Hello! I am a Super mod On the Links Crossbow Training leaderboards. The community has been quite a bit more active thanks to my efforts and while the Super mod GhostT is active there is another: Aether. This person has done NOTHING on the leaderboards ever and has been inactive on the site for almost a year. I tried reaching out but no response. I think he should be removed. Https://


Posting here to request site help in handling an issue which has been raised.
I am the super for Mercs Genesis and a new runner has questioned the legitimacy of my runs. These were cross-verified by the other mod but the new runner is also suspicious of his runs. I have attempted to explain these things to the runner but they are not satsified and have not fully engaged in suggestions to investigate basic issues with explained methods to reproduce results. So I am duty bound to request an expert/someone in authority in the site from outside our group verify the relevant runs/look at the issues complained about, ideally who is expert in matters of TAS tool detection, splicing, and also in knowing/perceiving where audio desync or input lag occurs during Sega runs. If someone appropriate can contact me privately I can share the relevant info securely and allow them to take over the process from there to prevent bias.


I would like to be a moderator of because there are no moderators anymore

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@BazookaBob2018BazookaBob2018 Okay, re-added you.

@LL.D You require a pending run. Also checked whether you have any existing runs in this game, which you also don't have.

@XandoToasterXandoToaster This series does not require moderation.

@CYLITMCYLITM Read the first post of this thread. That will answer your question.

@andresfgp13andresfgp13 Added.

@FelinoAlbinoFelinoAlbino That is not really how this thread works. All 3 moderators were all active very recently. Why can the other moderators not help you? Have you tried to contact them at all? Preferably through SRC's message system. If they all 3 don't respond in a reasonable amount of time, get back to us but we are going to have to see some proof that you messaged them and awaited their response.

@AvercyAvercy Added. Please do something about those category names as well if you can.

@GlitcheddGlitchedd Send me a message on SRC that includes your attempts to reach out to this mod. We will handle it further from there.

@xplosziaxploszia Your pending run has yet not exceeded the 21 day threshold. Get back to us if you haven't received a response somewhere next week.

@MeozinhoMeozinho Added. For Unturned and Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Some of the moderators of both games were active recently. Let us know if these moderators are actively looking at the queue or not so we may decide to remove them in the future.

@Fyire26068Fyire26068 Added.

@BiggityBoysBiggityBoys Okay with adding you, but you need to activate "Require e-mail authentication" in your settings before I can even add you at all. You also need to attach at least 2 of your own social media accounts to your SRC profile. Get back to me when done.

@MRSSMRSS Your pending run has yet not exceeded the 21 day threshold. You also need to activate "Require e-mail authentication" in your settings and attach at least 2 of your own social media accounts to your SRC profile. Get back to me when you completed all of this.

@LPhantomLPhantom Denied as you do not meet the age requirements for moderation.

@mitjitsumitjitsu Added. Please do something about these category names too if you can.

@SpinjuSpinju The moderator was active a couple of hours ago. Have you messaged them requesting that they remove themselves? Have they replied to you? If not, send me a message on SRC with some proof please.

@Monkeh_Monkeh_ Added.

@petaQpetaQ Send me a message on SRC about this.

@AkibaMomoroAkibaMomoro Your pending run has yet not exceeded the 21 day threshold. Get back to us if you haven't received a response somewhere next week.

@KeiferrKeiferr You neither have a pending or existing run on this game.


1 month ago, I did a run (all cheats mode) from south park ( and the 2 moderators are absent (ZanderGoth for 2 years and Crackerbean for 1 year) can you validate my run or put me as moderator of this game please. thank you.

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@DaravaeDaravae WhiteHat94 and UraniumAnchor do not respond in messages about moderation in the game Shatterhand (NES). Can I get a moderator only from them? Can you appoint me as a moderator? There are runs that are not accepted for more than 30 days

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