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@ElimsElims I haven't forgotten anything, you clearly did not read the first sentence of my post.

Originally posted by literally the first thing in my last postSince there's so much going on here it might take a bit for me to add everybody I said I'll add.

Also please stop posting here if you're not requesting anything. This thread is hard enough to follow without the worthless clutter.

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@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets Ok, I have already activated the email authentication, waiting for your response.


Hey, I'd like to request mod status for Tomato Way, I'm a supermod in Tomato Way 2 and the super mod from TW1 gave me verifier because he saw I was interested and held the WR in TW2, but he hasn't been active in 4 months and I've been single-handedly
been verifying the TW1 runs but the problem is that there is no one else to verify my own runs even though i'm a verifier, so yeah, much obliged.


i want to request to be a moderator in WWF SmackDown! the moderator Gamesmasher_Jay was last online 1 month ago and i have several runs that need to be verified over 10 and i also want to be moderator because i dont want the same thing to happen to anybody else who submits to WWF SmackDown!

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@Spaghetti8Spaghetti8 - Please add another contact method to your profile and re-request.

@holipigicowiholipigicowi - Handled (pulled the previous moderator to normal mod in case they do return; they're only inactive a month. If they remain inactive...)

@ajanofu1ajanofu1 - Declined, please read the first post.


I have another mod request this time for WWE Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain one there are 3 moderators RobotCrocodilz was last online 2 years ago the other one Tayler 1 year ago and the last one ef14 was a month ago.

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Dear @shickennuggets , I did not know that was a pre-requisite for modding a leaderboard. I just changed that. Are there any other requirements I have to meet? thank you.

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I have petending run for over 3 weeks on Happyland Original.
I am currently moderator of the other game from Happyland series and would like to become moderator here too.
I tried to contact main moderator by because he don't even have any contact method.
Both moderators are highly inactive on


Hi, I'd like to request moderator status for Zork I: The Great Underground Empire ( The moderator has been inactive for a few months and I was unable to contact them through their limited social media accounts. Thanks in advance!


hello, i want to ask if someone can check my run that i uploaded to 3d classics excitebike

i uploaded my run 3 weeks ago and hasnt been aproved, i tried to contact the moderator but he hasnt answered yet, thanks in advance.


im sorry for posting this again but I have a mod request for WWE Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain one there are 3 moderators RobotCrocodilz was last online 2 years ago the other one Tayler 1 year ago and the last one ef14 was a month ago.


Requesting for Spot Goes to Hollywood.
I have a run that has been pending for 4 weeks.
Only mod for the game was last online 6 months ago according to info. I have tried 2 different methods to contact, but have not gotten any response. It also looks like there hasn't been any recent update on any of their social media sites listed in months.


I'm looking to be a hellbound mod because the previous (only) mod quit and now there is nobody

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im probably requesting this to many times WWE Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain one there are 3 moderators RobotCrocodilz was last online 2 years ago the other one Tayler 1 year ago and the last one ef14 was a month ago. i have been waiting for a month for a season mode run to be verified.

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Again, would it be possible to be added to the moderator team for WWE 2K14? That game's one and only moderator hasn't been online in over a year, almost 2 years.

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Re-requesting Tomato Way moderation since I was asked to add another contact method, super mod has been afk for 4 months now and I've been single-handedly verifying runs, though not many, I still do it 🙂

Edit: oh and i also run the game so i can't verify my own run since i'm just a verifier so my run is pretty much in the void

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So my run of Game Soup has been more than a month already i have already contacted the mod on Twitch and Twitter and has not yet responded back to me and was wondering if i could have mod or if anyone can get a hold of the mod to verify my run

Thanks in Advance

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Hi! I know my account is pretty new but, I am speedrunning and there are only one run and one moderator. The moderator hasn't been on any social media for over 7 months. I was wondering if I could become a moderator or not. I love the game and would love to try and get that leaderboard filled out! ---- Okay! I made a guide for the current strat. I really enjoy the game and just want it to get some more attention. But, since runs cant get verified I don't think anyone will want to run it.


Hey! I speedran about a year ago. There is only one mod, one run and one thread (which is me asking why its inactive.) I have DMed the owner and no response. He has not been online in 2 years. I was wondering if I could become mod, the page looks terrible, with no logo and the rules being "Beat the game by completing all levels by any means possible." Which if you read it, means really nothing. No start time at ___. I know a few friends that would like to speedrun this, but because its inactive they cant get verified. The original run was made 3 years ago. So I wanna fix it up. While yes, the game isnt very popular, I want to give it the love it needs.


I have come to request a moderation or to become a mod of the game since I contacted the previous moderator and he told me that he is going abandon racing and moderation of it. I have a race of that game in queue recently but I have really been touching this topic for more than months looking for an answer and the former moderator gave it to me weeks ago. Thank you!

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