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I would like to be moderator of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition Leaderboards because the moderator is never active and on top of that, I am currently banned on his Twitch account. I also play this game more than he does.


@TheLegendOfSora_TheLegendOfSora_ Current mod for this title looks to have recently appointed a new SMod. I've talked with them, and they've said they'll clean up the pending runs and such. They're an active user, and promptly respond to contact, so I would ask you forward your request to them.


@DemataPyroDemataPyro have you tried reaching out to the other super moderators? They don't seem to be inactive for long. Also you can request category extensions through the game request form.


Hi! I would like to request moderation for PaRappa the Rapper Remastered - it is a mostly dead board with one mod who hasn't been online in over a year and another who hasn't in almost a month. I have a run pending but I would also like to clean up the board so that it aligns with the original game on PS1 (so that they have the same category names etc.) as I'll be running the game in an online marathon in a few weeks.


Hello, I would like to request to moderate Ridge Racer Revolution: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Ridge_Racer_Revolution
Mod of game has been offline for a month and has been contacted. No reply (yet).
I have run that has waited for verification for a month.
I have access to every version of game, have lots of experience with game and run game actively.


@Beckski93Beckski93 and @ALZERI28ALZERI28 I've added you both to the respected boards.

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Hello, I'd like to request moderation for Ao Oni. One of the game's moderators has been inactive for 5 months, and the other, as experienced in The Witch's House, which @EddventureTime58EddventureTime58 requested mod for, has been inactive for not too long (only about 17 days), but we cannot get in contact with him. I don't want the runs that I submitted to be in the verification stage for weeks; I'm very active on this site so I will most definitely be able to handle moderating this game, which doesn't get much activity.



Hi, I still have the same issue that I brought up about a month ago in the previous thread:


That being: For Save the Light, our super mod has not logged on in 8 months, FrogPope has very sporadic activity (currently not logged in for 28 days) and our other moderator approves runs if submitted but otherwise does not participate in any way with the community or respond when contacted (another runner, polarbearswag19, attempted this two weeks ago and received no response). I'd like to request being a moderator for the game.


Hello everyone,
It's been 21 days since I get the confirmation to my first run. Since that, I've uploaded a run by a week ago and a more recent (faster) one today. None of the two has been verified.

I have tried to contact the moderator but he hasn't responded.


@LivLiv Have you heard back?


I am requesting a moderator position over at The Sims 4 https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​ts4

Of the 6 moderators it has, only 1 is currently active. If given the chance to moderate this section, I would add several new boards and verify new runs on an almost daily bases. I myself currently hold several #1 rankings and a #2 on the board, and have extensive knowledge of the game as I have been playing Sims games since I was young.

- KLucius

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@plankboiiplankboii I've contacted Ty regarding your game requests, he will take a look at your pending runs.

@VarldinVarldin Have you tried contacting both moderators through different social media? Both @FrogPopeFrogPope and @Sora-AruzakySora-Aruzaky seem to be active and there aren't any pending runs. I will also attempt to reach the moderators regarding your request and give them a few days to respond.

Edit: I've got in contact with Sora and he seems in favor of adding you to the leaderboard. Because Flub seems to be highly inactive with no contacts, added.

@DemataPyroDemataPyro Could you provide us a run of the requested games? We do not necessarily want to add moderators to a game who we can not verify has any connection to the game.

@Malka89Malka89 The moderators aren't considered inactive (last logged in 2 minutes ago) and your run isn't pending for 21 days yet, so please give them some time to review your run.

@KLuciusKLucius Have you tried reaching out to the current moderators regarding your request and concerns? There is also a Discord server linked to The Sims Speedrunning server you could join.

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@SeydieSeydie The other active runner (polarbearswag19) tried contacting Sora a few weeks ago off site and got no response from what I was told. https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​sustl/​thread/​7icqp there is also this post which has not been responded to in 20 days which should help prove my point that despite approving runs, Sora doesn't actually participate in the boards (which currently is an issue because we have new glitches discovered, want to make new categories, rewrite some rules etc.), Frog has also not responded to either discord or twitch in the last 30+ days since I sent them a message.


OverworldYT, the moderator of almost EVERY Roblox speedrunning community, has been inactive for, although the Roblox speedrunning server you can see OverworldYT might be doing something else. The Spongebob Obby ( has been found tons of inactivity. Most of the time OverworldYT is online on the Roblox speedrunning server but other than that, nothing.


I also posted a tweet about all of my run requests. I also posted a forum post about moderator requests https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​smaodx/​thread/​xgkkx.​ A non moderator responded saying he was a mod on 2 ROBLOX speedrunning communities. I also posted a forum post about inactivity https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​smaodx/​thread/​iqy2i.​ Would somebody please mind keeping this community active? https:/​/​speedrun.​com/​smaodx


I don't know how many days since one of SMAODX's mods GuymanGuy1337, was inactive. Sometimes in the SMAODX Speedrunning Server, iSafeStrafe (Discord Name = Safe) and Sluggo are prehaps on the discord, but sometimes AFK.

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@kaceykacey Have heard nothing back after 5 days so based on your pending run and their lack of contacts assigned, added you to assist.

@ChutacoackoPlayzChutacoackoPlayz There appears to be only one pending run in that game (Spongebob Obby), submitted a day ago, with one of the mods reviewing all of the current runs before it. They both also appear to have been on in the last week or so. Mods are given 3 weeks to verify runs, and runs are classed to us as overdue if they reach that period in the queue.

Have you tried to simply DM OverWorld at all? I've DMed him myself and he says he'll get on it and look into adding some verifiers, but if you have any concerns you should just try contact him directly via Discord.


@VarldinVarldin My edit and your reply might have passed each other. You've been added as moderator, see the message above your reply.


Yeah I believe so. Thank you!