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I would like to be a mod of, since there is one and inactive for a few months mod with a few pending runs, tried to contact him too,

Thanks in advance


Hi, I would like to be the moderator of the Game Project I.G.I as the only Super Moderator is offline from last 5 months and the only Regular Moderator is offline from last 3 weeks.
I am going to submit some runs (improved one) as I already have some runs published on this game page.

I tried contacting Regular Moderator at Steam but there is no recent activity there, also his smashcast account page is broken and he doesn't look YouTube comments much.

So, please do something for that as I am ready to be a moderator and I think also eligible for that I have some runs of this game and of IGI 2 as well and will submit some more also.

Game Link:-



Hi, I would like to be a moderator for Car Mechanic Sim 2015. I submitted some runs over 3 months ago, and the current moderator hasn't been on for 4 months. I messaged them a week ago with no response, and they don't have any other contacts listed. Thank you.


Hi, I would like to request moderation for the leaderboards of Taxi 3. NoCredit, the original mod for these leaderboards, has not connected on sr.c for a year and a half ( ) and the run I submitted two months ago has still not been processed. His Twitch channel seems to have gone dormant and his Twitter DMs are apparently closed to anyone he doesn't follow, so haven't been able to reach him so far.

Thanks in advance. ^^


Looking to apply for moderator status for Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction due to inactivity.

The sole mod on the boards has not been logged in for almost a month now. Reached out to them on twitter and never got a response despite them being active there since I messaged.

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I have been waiting about 2 months for my over the hedge run to be verified and the mods have not looked at it. I posted in the over the hedge discord requesting it be looked at and potentially making a new category for it as I ran the game on medium difficulty and the only solo category is any% easy. I got no response and my run has not been looked at for 2 months. I'd like to request mod status on this game as Jelly has not been on in 5 months and Gel hasn't in over 1 year. This board needs someone to be looking at the runs whenever they come in and I'd like to help with that. IDK if this link works but here is my submission

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I submitted a WR run over a month ago for Barbie: Vacation Adventure. Not sure if the single mod the board has become inactive or not but I'd like some help if possible.


Run in question:


I would like to be moderator of Rittai Ninja Katsugeki: Tenchu. The only moderator has been inactive for 2 months, I also have a run submission for this game that hasn't been approved. He hasn't been active on his Twitter since 2019 and both his YouTube and Twitch links are no longer available from his profile so I can't get in contact with him.


I would like to be the moderator of The leaderboard is only the current moderator, they seem to have been inactive for over a year and all attempts of contact have not been replied to. I have a pending 1st place going on nearly four weeks now. Their twitch account also shows the last stream they had was in November 2019.


I was told to return again in a week about being a moderator for Over The Hedge GBA/DS. The moderator has now been inactive for over a month, I've tried his contacting him discord and twitch and he never responded or added me. I've been waiting almost 2 weeks for my pending run and i know its most likely not being added. without an active mod the community cant grow



Requesting moderation of the board Tough Dark Fight.

I saw a new run was added today, very excited 😍expecting to see something new since a record came but the run uses emulation that is buggy and almost no load. No one actually verified the attempt. 😮

I didnt realize but the board is set to accept any runs without verification🤪, I also want to classify the categories and board better, since there seems to be small but renewed interest in the game. I am happy to make an emulation category upon discussion of the speedrun with emulation.

The previous mod unkostar has a youtube (he made several tutorials and guides about the game) but outside of that is difficult to contact. Before doing my speedrun several months ago I had tried contacting.

Now that the issue was realized I hope to resolve before my runs are added without someone reviewing them. Thank you.🙇♂️


Hello, me again. I would like to request the removal of chocolatethegaming as supermod for white tiles 4: piano master 2. He hasn’t been active in a month and his discord tag doesn’t work and he hasn’t been on twitch for 2 years. All of the other mods are active except for him, and he is the only supermod. I would like sh0thead, afnannen136, the other mod(forgot his name), or even me to take his place. Thanks.

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Hello! I would like to request to be the moderator of Burrito Bison. I frequently submit runs to Burrito Bison, and have a sort of fun competition between myself and some other users for world records in some categories, and have been making active attempts at other categories. I am also trying to be active in getting more runs in unused categories via the forums system. Unfortunately, the sole moderator, @Ka1ebReignzYT has been inactive for for just over three weeks and stopped verifying runs on July 12. He had verified a handful of runs in the previous days. I have tried to reach out to him to request moderation over two weeks ago, to which he didn't respond. The categories of this game also have no descriptions of how to complete them, and because of the nature of the game, some of the categories don't make much sense to run. In tried posting in the forums page to reach him, but he didn't respond. I have tried to contact him via social media, however neither of the listed social media features of his work. His YouTube leads nowhere and his Discord is missing the numbers on the end, making it a dead end. I have tried googling his username, but only dead social media accounts appear. I only seriously run this game, and do frequently achieve new world records in this game. I am fairly well known as I am the third place holder of the "Past third door" record, and the 2nd place holder of the any% world record.


I'd like to request moderation of and - both moderators have been inactive for well over a year.


@VideoGameVeteranVideoGameVeteran Okay, added.

@Fatal_KingFatal_King You don't have any pending runs on these games.

@ZakqaryZakqary There's an active mod on this game. Direct your inquiry to them. This thread is not to hamper mods in their decision whether or not to add additional moderators.

@leo0935xblleo0935xbl Okay, added.

@thegoodjakewardthegoodjakeward Okay, added.

@Otterstone_GamerOtterstone_Gamer No need for series mods here.

@ShreddSavageShreddSavage You need a pending run.

@tdp2612tdp2612 Okay, added.

@FantasticFoxFantasticFox Okay, added.

@LincherLincher Okay, added.

@OmaiR_IrfaNOmaiR_IrfaN You need a pending run.

@UltrakeUltrake Okay, added.

@UlvindUlvind Okay, added.

@TheRetroPrimeTheRetroPrime Okay, added.

@KhloëKhloë tdp was added and should be able to verify your run.

@LeviTheRelentlessLeviTheRelentless Have you tried and message the mod about this? They came online yesterday.

@NjNJA_QKNjNJA_QK Okay, added.

@charlie_coleslawcharlie_coleslaw Okay, added.

@Luckyboy527Luckyboy527 I'm okay with adding you, but you did not meet the requirements mentioned in the first post of this thread before you posted here, as E-mail authentication needs to be enabled in your settings. Please perform the required and get back to us when done.

@DBcadeDBcade Okay, added. Please do something about these category names and kindly asking to check the existing runs.

@SharpsDoubleRifleSharpsDoubleRifle The removal of moderators should be requested by other moderators of the same board.

@Princess_Zelda_Princess_Zelda_ Okay, added.

@NaroNaro You need a pending run on both of these games.

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I would like moderation for this game Quiz and Dragons. I have some 3 runs for Quiz and Dragons ... These three runs have been into "pending mode" almost practically for a whole month. One run has a better time done so far (sub 1 hour in US version). I have done a message last week through speedrun dot com to the most reachable moderator of the game. The name of the moderator is @ypyp who is pretty active but no signs of verifying my runs so far, especially the one that has practically 1 month. The other moderator @moofinmoofin has no activity here during 2 months. Thanks in advance.


Good afternoon. I am back to request mod of slendrina and I have been waiting for 3 weeks but neither are really active or respond to me 😕 so I would like to take over. I also would like to mod the slendrina series now they have 0 mods for it. I have more games I plan to run and add to the series if that helps convince ya. Good day


@jellyd0tsjellyd0ts is the only moderator for the game Frog King. They have been inactive for a month, and have not accepted my run of the game for 3 weeks. I request that either they are to be removed and replaced with someone like @TCMTCM , the current world record holder and owner of the discord, or just add another moderator.

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"Asterix at the Olympic Games" has an Any%2P run done by the only two moderators of the game ( It is obviously invalid, because the video evidence doesn't show the entire game. One of the moderators hasn't been online in month. I tried contacting the other one, but he just replied with a snarky comment, refusing to remove the run. The run should be removed and maybe the reliability of the moderators questioned.