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the discord link for the game of monster trucks is expired and cannot be joined


Hello hope your well. I was wanting to be a moderator for Nightmare Creatures. . The last speedruns for that game was for individual runs which was done 1 year ago. I have tried DM'ing the moderator through SRC and Twitter and Twitch but I have not received a reply. Nightmare Creatures is empty of all categories and I would love to work on it to fill it up with runs.


Hello everyone,

Request to remove Taconator7 from ,
Last time online is 9 months ago and we cannot get into contact with him since then.
We tried several methods and have no way to get the self-removal going.

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I'd like to request to be a mod on , please. The current mod hasn't been on for 3 weeks and hasn't responded to a message.


I'd like to request to be a mod on Alcahest(SNES), please. The current mod hasn't been for more than a month, and the only social media that he has is his youtube channel which is not responding


Me acusan de utilizar speedhack en geometry dash meltdown y recién hoy se lo que significa "speedhack" nunca he usado eso ni siquiera se instalar un hack, que decepción. me voy de esta pagina 🙂.


Hey again, so the original super mod for the game Nickelodeon Fit has deleted his account and would like to be upped to super mod due to this I also have pending runs for a couple of months in both Slendrina 2D and The Forest with failure to get into contact with the mods for the past couple of months and also would like to request Moderation for Microsoft Minesweeper ( Windows 8 ) as there's now no Moderators to verify my run and also know others in the Windows Series Discord that have pending runs as well as myself. Finally, I would like to request that for the Zelda Fan Games Series that "Show Unofficial Releases" and turned on by default (since it's a Fan Game series after all). I also would be interested in Moderating the series as Fan Game series tends to receive a large amount of request anyways (as a side note this probably will be my last time requesting Moderation from here, at least for a while)


Hello moderators of site)I want ask about send me moderator of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (PC) and Fallout Brotherhood of Stell (PS2,Xbox Original)
HitSponge have last online 4 months ago and he dont check my messages
I hope you make me mod.Thanks:)


Ive been waiting 3 weeks with no reply on the ganbare_daiku_no_gen-san board.
Would love to take over you you guys will let me thanks!


Not sure on timeframes, but I'm checking on status of becoming super mod on game Escape Goat

A week ago this was the reply I got:


Hello It seems that moderator for minesweeper for windows 8 has unmodded himself, and there is no moderator for that game.
Could i be added as a super-mod for that game? I'm already a moderator for windows series, and one of its games.


@DaravaeDaravae or @ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets RE: An American Tail ( My account is now a month old and my runs for the game are still yet to be approved. It also sounds like the previous moderator has no plans to reapply for mod or supervise the game.


Requesting mod for nerf arena blast. Yes, my run has only been pending for 5 hours, but the mod hasn’t been online in a month and he clearly doesn’t care about the game. I tried contacting him via other social media but he never responded. I have been trying to keep in touch with him so that if I submit a run, he will verify it, but it seems like that isn’t happening. If you don’t fulfill my request, I understand why.


I would like to be mod for Slendrina: The Forest.

There are 2 mods and they both havent been online in over 1 year, and i have some pending runs in that game.


hi, i will want to become a mod in roblox: prison life, i have a sumbitted run, but not verified yet.
1 supermod offline a few month (, i can't found her twitter, second have a twitch, but offline a year. (
I tried to send message to super mod roblox in discord, but I can't.


theres like an active mod already on prison life

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Hello I would like to have mod in the game Cooking Mama: Cook Off. I have a pending run but the mod has not logged on in 2 years and all of his social media have either been deleted or inactive for 2 years. I have tried contacting but no response. I would appreciate if I could have mod. Thank you


Hello. The moderator of the game "Calling" has not been online for 4 month. I tried to contact but no reply. There is my pending run, and also I'm planning to run a new category in the game. So I would like to become a moderator. Thank you


Re: Removing Inactive Dark Cloud Series Moderator

So I contacted zorasknight and it's been over a week, and sadly no response from them. Would it be safe to remove them as the series moderator and super moderator from both Dark Cloud 1 and Dark Cloud 2 at this point? Thanks!


the mod for this game (subsurface circular) hasn't been online in ~ 2 months. their twitter is suspended, and i was unable to add them on discord (maybe they changed their name). tried dming them on here, but since they haven't been online i've gotten no response. submitted my run about a week ago. would like to become a mod so i can try to make this game less barren.