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I'll try reaching out first and foremost and removal would be fine at least, I understand the hesitance. How much time should I give them to respond before getting back to you?

Thanks Shiken 🙂


Hello, the game >OBSERVER_ doesn't seem to have any moderators at the moment and I currently have a run awaiting verification. Would be great if I could get added as a moderator! thanks~


Hello, it's been 3 weeks since I submitted a request for records to and it's not approved.
The moderator haven't been online for two weeks.
Can I be a moderator?


Request to be promoted to super in as the previous super has resigned without forwarding privileges.


Hello, I would like to become a moderator for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, but how do I do it? I tried to contact the category moderators, but they have been inactive for 3 months. Can you help me, please?


I would like to be a mod of, since there is one and inactive for a few months mod with a pending run for 4months, tried to contact him too,

Thanks in advance


@LivLiv yes, i sent message on this site to moderator 6 days ago but there are no response. and he/she has no sns account.


Hello! I would like to request moderation for the game Hour of Code ( the moderator has not been online in 4 years and the only form of communication he put is his twitch (which is impossible to access). I have only submitted one run very recently but I think that if a new mod is not added it will not be accepted.


Hi I would like to be a mod for Lego Island ( I submitted a run over a month ago and it is not been verified and the mod does not seem too active


Hey, I would like to become a moderator for Over The Hedge at One moderator has not logged on in 5 months, and the other in over a year. I don't personally have any runs pending, but there are a few pending runs in the queue from new runners which have not been verified in over three weeks. The current moderators have been contacted in the Over The Hedge discord with no response. Thank you.


Hello, currently has no Super Mods. If possible, could I please be promoted?


The mod for monster trucks gba, hasn’t been online for a year and have had a pending request for 2 weeks


@GlitcheddGlitchedd - I'd say give it a week or so from when you contacted them considering this isn't particularly time sensitive.

@arthurfan239arthurfan239 - You still need to add at least one more social media contact to your profile (preferably something like Discord, Twitter, Twitch, etc that you can be directly contacted on) before you can be added.

@LincherLincher - Okay, adding you due to long-term inactivity.

@TradeMarkedTradeMarked - I need to look into something related to this, I'll follow up soon.

@_-_STAR_fox_-__-_STAR_fox_-_ - I'll reach out to the moderator, if I'm unable to we can add you.

@LusoSpykerLusoSpyker - We generally want to add people who are still actively running the game (as far as I can tell you haven't run it in quite a while), but we might make an exception here. I'll look into this and either add you or one of the active runners.

@FreechipsFreechips - Okay, handling this.

@OctopusOctopus - Looks okay, but you need to enable Email Authentication in your account settings and add at least one more social media contact to your profile (preferably something like Twitter, Twitch, etc that you can be directly contacted on) before we can add you.


Hey! As a mod of Anno 1404 I'd like to make some changes to the Anno series page (add a theme, replace the terrible current logo, add a link to the community discord). However, it seems that the series page currently has no moderators (although I'm not sure since when) so I was hoping you could help me out!


@LivLiv now the mod is doesn't get around to being online after 21 days. Last online: 3 weeks ago


The mod for "Show do Milhão Volume 5" is inactive since 2 months ago and my run has one month without verification.

Tried to contact him on but 3 weeks without an answer. He doesn't have info about Discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Can I take the mod for this game?


Hey guys just wondering if I can get put on as a mod for Blade Runner? had a run pending for over a month


Hi, could I be a mod on Microsoft Minesweeper (Windows 8 )?
When I submitted a run a month ago zuruck61 was the only mod and he's been last online 3 weeks ago. He doesn't show up as a mod anymore.