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@DaravaeDaravae from a dm. The main dude who plays it showed a screenshot that he submitted since the game had massive speedrunning potential.


@SightlessSightless Submitting a game and actually getting it accepted on the site are two different things. Game requests are handled manually by site staff and since we are dealing with quite the backlog, it's very possible his submission could still be pending.


Hi, I would like to be moderator of Graffiti Kingdom ( ). The last time the only moderator was online was 6 months ago, and it seems he's inactive in his Twitch and YT channel.

Also the leaderboard has no rules or information (like the platform).


Edit: Also I would like to quit as series mod for Dead or Alive, Samurai Shodown and Battle Arena Toshinden, as there are more active for those communities.

In the case of Dead or Alive, it has another series moderator, but for Samurai Shodown and Battle Arena, the new series mod could be @DBcadeDBcade , as he's currently the moderator of all the individual games inside the series.


Hi, i'd like to request a Super Mod position for Beyblade: Let it Rip the 2 Super Mods were both last online 2 years ago and 5 months ago


Hi, I wish to report a mod of the Jupiter's Towers of Hell speedrunning community ( ), as the super mod that is currently there has put a rule in place, and has denied runs for being slow.
As well as that, they have denied multiple runs (including my own) for putting the time in the real-time line, instead of in-game time, or putting the milliseconds as 34 instead of 340, even though, the fact they're a super mod, would allow them to fix those minor mistakes.
Also, the runs take on average a week and a half to verify.
The mod in question is IVTROY ( ).
I can provide more info if needed.


Hey, I would like to request mod permissions for Steel Diver:
The mod on this game hasn't been active for 2 whole years and I just discovered this game and really want to run it.

Edit: I forgot to mention that he is the only mod.


Got myself a wr in but mods are not active. I tried to contact them, but got no response.
Can volunteer myself if i have to.


Hello i am Kiraa96 and i am the morderator for the game Mad Tracks.
Other Moderator @MaltaranMaltaran requested removal of the moderator @alexhino.k since we have literally no contact with him for three months.
I wanted to ask how's situation going since the request for removal was made about a month ago, and there weren't any updates for about two weeks.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


@MaiguelsMaiguels Okay, added. Please set up some rules for that board.
For your other inquiries: You can remove yourself from that series. That's not something only site staff can do. For Dead or Alive, moderation is to be requested for yourself here, not for others.

@RaikouRaikou There is an active mod on that board: BlaGe. Direct your question to them.

@XerXer Already handled.

@agent_ex_y_zagent_ex_y_z Okay, added.

@TJohnShepardTJohnShepard I'm okay with adding you, but you did not meet the requirements mentioned in the first post of this thread before you posted here, as E-mail authentication needs to be enabled in your settings. Please perform the required and get back to us when done.

@kiraa96kiraa96 The mod was active one week ago. What have you exactly tried yourself in approaching him and requesting that he unmods himself? Messaged him on SR.C? Try to reach out to him on Discord? etc.


Hi ! I have now 2 levels runs pending about soon 3 weeks on LYNE ( and I would like to request mod permissions. The only one Mod of this game hasn't been active for 1 month ago. Thx have a nice day !


Yes first thing that we did was contacting him via facebook since he last replied to me on discord in 2019. But when i reached out to him on Facebook he said that ,,that doesen't change anything if i'm on the site or not" after that he blocked me for a while (i have a screenshot of the conversation[in Polish but i cloud translate]). And this is not like this is the first time we contacted him about that, me and other mod @MaltaranMaltaran wrote to him about half a year ago, and month ago we wrote here since this is ,,the last resort". Thanks for reading.


Hey, just got a series approved and created yet it wasn't given any mods, so I'm requesting super mod for the Qbeh series:
I am a super mod in all 3 entries and run all 3 of them, please let me know if there are any issues.
Thank you for your time.


hi, it's been over a month since my speed run. But unfortunately, the record was not updated in the table. I updated it 2 weeks ago and wrote it on the forum. The answer is no. As I understand the admin of this game does not watch new records. Game(Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure) I hope you will restore order there! (sry for bad English)


@DaravaeDaravae ok, then please edit the series cover to be something less unsightly, I would use the text style of the Qbeh-1 title, but omitting the "-1" and "THE ATLAS CUBE"

This would be appropriate:


@DaravaeDaravae Maybe I got bumped in all this action. I saw that I was made series mod thank for doing that。

Edit:The Capcom vs SNK mod messaged me and added me as mod。

Power Stone 2

Original Speedrun Submissions in April, resubmitted in May, Mods are inactive on all platforms. I plan to clean the boards, and clarify rules. Without removing runs, as I have done on previous boards.


Hello, I am messaging about an inactive moderator in Haunt the House: Terrortown and am wondering if I could get my runs verified either by somebody else or becoming a moderator. I have discord and twitch as contact methods and I believe I have two factor authentication set up with email. Are there any more steps I would need to take to have this taken care of?


Hi, I'm a super moderator for Doge Adventure. I would like to request the removal of @arandomonearandomone since he hasn't been online in 3 years and all attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful.


The moderators on Bubsy 3d: Bubsy visits a james turrell retrospective are inactive. I have messaged them before and i've gotten no response.