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One of the mods for Rondo just signed in though


I have enabled E-Mail authentication on my account.


@KomradeKomrade Except that they are still moderator of the game and you are not. Also, seems like one of the mods just signed in so you can just forward your request to them now.

@ProbablyGeoProbablyGeo Thanks, added. Also please take a look at the categories of this board. Tons of empty sub variables that are unused and clutter the board. Kindly asking to take a good look at it.


I'll try my best. I'll remember to steer clear from the site as a whole in the future though and just focus on leaderboards.


Hello! I would like to request the romoval of an inactive super mod on the "The Walking Dead: The Telltale series" and consequently on all 5 games of this series. The super moderator ClingingTomcat8 has been inactive for more than 3 weeks already. Also he doesn't have any runs on the leaderboards, showing no interest.


Hey, I'd like to have moderator status on as it seems the moderators are inactive (I've had a run pending validation for 3 months).


@DaravaeDaravae apologies, I thought I already had email authentication turned on. Since it is now turned on I meet the requirements right?


Cod Zombies Series - Black Ops 3 -

- I spend hours running for Alex to dedicate himself to deleting all the messages I send.
- Currently in All Gums Rounds you are allowing Round Robin chewing gum which is prohibited.

- I also sent him a retimed of races that are poorly verified and alex deleted the comment:
And others in bad weather:

- Check the races that don't even have 24 hours charged and I have many executions with more than 2 weeks of waiting.

- In previous forums where we all disagree with ALEX's attitude. Alex deleted all comments ...
where we gave him advice and sent him many executions that were not well reviewed.

After that alex dedicate myself to saying that I insulted him when I didn't say anything, even he disrespected me by calling
unhappy and saying that he sent false accusations when there was a lot of evidence that everything he sent was true (which Mr. alex )


^This guy's been a tyrant for the past few days on the forums insulting moderators. We don't want him on the staff. We've fixed the runs in question yet he continues to harrass us with daily posts.


insulting? yes, it shows the tests ... aaaa it's not that you have eliminated all the forums

The mods on the web can see the comments deleted from forums and tell me where I insult this person? thanks


@Bling74Bling74 You're wasting everyone's time.

Edit: He's legit been streaming this for 3 entire days even at this moment. Please find something better to do with your time, or maybe not because this is actual comedy.


@SpaceDragonSpaceDragon I have already replied a couple of days ago asking you to approach the moderator to ask whether they can remove themselves first, as 3 weeks isn't very long for inactivity. Besides that we expect moderators to perform a reasonable amount of effort in trying to resolve these situations themselves as much as possible.

@TealkineTealkine Okay, added.

@SpriteDaLegendSpriteDaLegend Add one more social that has messaging/DM capabilities. Such as Twitter or Steam.

@Bling74Bling74 @Alex I'll look into this. In the meantime, you could do me and site staff a favour and stop pointing fingers at each other in this thread.

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@DaravaeDaravae I wanted to end this the day it started but he continues to post. I'll be happy to shut up because this is just annoying drama that I've dealt with in the past multiple times.


i would like to be mod or 2nd mod for Dancing Furby, there´s only 1 mod and is no very active in the game 🙁 also i have a pending run of the game since 2 months


I wanted to ask if I can be a moderator at the Inazuma Eleven series?
A moderator called @JayKayGameJayKayGame was last online 3 months ago and on Twitter he wrote me that he is no longer interested in this community.
Thanks in advance!


@palthapaltha The mod seems active on Twitter. Try messaging them there first regarding your run. It has been 3 months yes, but the mod is apparantly active on SR.C. Let me know the outcome of your attempts. If your message was not answered, we'll take further action.

@MilozakiMilozaki This series is in no need of moderation.

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I dont mean to butt in (because i shouldnt be) but i know @Nicl1465Nicl1465 personally and pointed him in the direction of this post to make him aware

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Hi, I'd like to request moderation for - I have runs pending, the oldest being 3 weeks and the only Mod hasn't been online for 1.5 years. I tried reaching out via site message, but he didn't respond. The only other contact info is youtube where I couldn't find any way to contact him.


@SpriteDaLegendSpriteDaLegend Thanks for the effort. Added.

@frost_coyotefrost_coyote Seems like Nickl1465 added you after Lonne send him a message. Thanks Lonne.

@adrianusadrianus Okay, added.