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@GutosurGutosur - Moderator highly inactive, contacts not active, run pending (plus run on boards already too, nice to boot). Very happy to handle.

@DBcadeDBcade - We aren't going to add you as a series moderator. It's not necessary. Request games as @DaravaeDaravae said; if you're worried about us rejecting them due to a series moderator, mention that in your additional notes you've tried to go through the moderator but were unable to.

@phillip1872rphillip1872r - Declined, user is not inactive.

@Jesus82050615Jesus82050615 - Handled.

@PlayingWithDickPlayingWithDick - Aside from being uncomfortable with your name... I tweeted at the more recently active moderator as their twitter is decently active. Will see if they respond.

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Medal Of Honor: Vanguard, the game I am speed running, doesn't have any moderators. I don't really have any idea of what to do other than becoming a moderator for the game myself. But if someone else would like to instead I'd be happy with it.

Edit: I’d also like to note I have a run pending.


Requesting moderation for cooking mama cook off. Although I have not ran this game yet, I took a look at the leaderboards and they are a mess. The moderator hasn’t been active in 2 years and hasn’t been active any where else for 4 years plus. There is a wr pending from someone and with the looks of the moderator’s activity with the website, it will probably never get verified. I want to do a run of the game but I know it would never get verified. So can you help me please? Thanks.


I have one run pending in the game Mega Man:The Power Battle https://www.​speedrun.​com/mega_man_the_power_battle , she have been pending for about 3 weeks now, the moderator hasn't been online in 6 months.


Hi, the Bionicle speedrunning community has recently set up a more structured mod group, and we'd like to see that reflected in the series moderators for the Bionicle series ( It's looking like that series actually has no moderators listed (which is a bit weird), so I don't know if this is the right thread for this or not (let me know if not). The requested users are:


We are all already leaderboard moderators for at least one game in the series, so we already have MFA set up on our accounts. Thanks!


The moderator of Happyland Xmas edition didn't verify my run for about one and a half month.
Can I request moderation for this game?


Hello, I'm requesting moderation for IKEA VR Pancake Kitchen. The only mod hasn't been online in 9 months and I have a run pending.


I got the mod for Cooking Mama: World Kitchen from Cyrastallum who is also the mod for Cooking Mama: Cook off. Was wondering if I could get the mod for Cook Off as well since someone in the forums said that a streamer they watched broke the world record but hasn't been verified.


I'll look at the requests when I get home today. Also a few ones I might have missed.

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@dekees14dekees14 Thanks, added.

@CornerCorner I'm okay with adding you, but you did not meet the requirements mentioned in the first post of this thread before you posted here, as E-mail authentication needs to be enabled in your settings as well as you require 2 social media accounts of your own that have DM/messaging capabilities. Please perform the required and get back to us when done.

@SharpsDoubleRifleSharpsDoubleRifle Yes we can help, but the person requesting moderation here is requesting that for themselves and needs to have a pending run. Whether or not someone else their WR is pending is irrelevant. So kindly post a pending run of your own and we'll see what we can do.

@Jesus82050615Jesus82050615 Your run got verified today.

@Derek_MKDerek_MK We are going to have to pass on this. This series is in no need of moderation. Going forward, series moderation will be considered only if it's actually necessary. Such as for series that deal with a weekly or even daily workload of handling game requests within that series. If a game needs to be added to a series, you may use the appropriate thread to request a game to be added. For new games that also belong in this series: /requestgame

@MaltaranMaltaran Okay, added.

@SmoothColaPepsiSmoothColaPepsi I'm okay with adding you, but you did not meet the requirements mentioned in the first post of this thread before you posted here, as you require 2 social media accounts of your own that have DM/messaging capabilities (YouTube is not one). Please perform the required and get back to us when done.

@dexterwjdexterwj You need a pending run.

@burbigo1burbigo1 You need a pending run.


@DaravaeDaravae I submitted a run I did last night. I don’t have video proof but it is 3 hours off at so I think it is fine.


@DaravaeDaravae gotcha, I forgot youtube doesn't have DMs. I should be good now :^)


@LivLiv Sorry for the delay, but I have added email verification to my profile for my request


@DaravaeDaravae I put in my Reddit account. It is the only other social media account I have lol. Also I did the e-mail authentication like you asked. If there is anything I missed let me know.


Hey, my Trip World run has been awaiting verification for over a month now, and the only current active runner I know of is Rioyner. Can we make him a mod of the game?


@DaravaeDaravae I added 4 social networks. I hope this is enough. Waiting for my record in the leaderboard! thx

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@PlayingWithDickPlayingWithDick - Am fine doing this (got no response on Twitter), but we would certainly appreciate you changing your name to something more appropriate, first.


@SharpsDoubleRifleSharpsDoubleRifle I'm gonna have to ask you to provide some video evidence here. Some times on this board are already a mess and the last thing this board needs is another submission without video evidence.

@SmoothColaPepsiSmoothColaPepsi Thanks, added.

@CornerCorner That's fine. Reddit and Discord are sufficient then. You are added.

@BrillianceTVBrillianceTV You still need to enable e-mail authentication in your settings otherwise we are unable to add you. Be sure to read my whole response in the future, as I did mention this:


@DaravaeDaravae I hope I did everything right this time. Unfortunately, I'm not good at English. If I understood everything correctly, then in the settings (Notifications), I had to turn on all the boxes under the mail.

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@BrillianceTVBrillianceTV What Daravae means is that you need to check this toggle underneath your "General" Settings (this will send you an email every time you login to the system, which is required for moderation).

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