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Hi, I am a moderator of 1080 snowboarding, our supermod "Hayate" deleted his account, can you make me the new supermod for the game? Thanks


Just coming back to check in because my last message hasn't been responded to. I wanted to add other verifiers but there was a misunderstanding with my message the intentions of me getting Super Mod were mixed up. I tried to contact the current Super Mod and haven't received a response. I want other verifiers so that people who aren't the current record holder can verify runs and there's not a conflict of interest.


Looking to take moderation for Shinrei Jusatsuhi Taromaru. I've had a pending run for months.


Pending run:


Hey I'd like to request super moderator for Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars. I took the record in the game before SGDQ and I have not able to get in touch with the current moderator, they've been offline for a few months now on SRC as well.


Hello, I would like to request moderator for Claybook as the current mod hasn't been online in months and I've submitted multiple record runs. Most of the runs I have submitted have been in queue for about 2 weeks.

The game itself:

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@Non-Slim_JimNon-Slim_Jim In order, added.

@PR0UD-N00BPR0UD-N00B In order, added.

@Bert86Bert86 In order, upped to Super.

@CoopCoop Apologies for mixing it up. It happens sometimes with a forum based system of moderation requests. Anyway, thanks for trying. You are upped to Super.

@ShentokShentok Seems in order, you are added.

@DarkTerrexDarkTerrex In order, added.

@ijjustijjust You are required to add at least two social media links to your profile before your request is even considered. Please add at least two (preferably Discord or Twitter) and notify us upon completion in order to proceed with your request.

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I'd like to request mod on Robotron 2048. I have attempted to contact the mod and have submitted runs for both categories.

Board: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Robotron_2084

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@DaravaeDaravae can I be mod for That Level Again if @NehkRohwNehkRohw doesn’t respond?


@DaravaeDaravae I've added two that I actively use. Let me know if there is anything else required.


@DaravaeDaravae Has there been any word in contacting the current/inactive Witch's House mod? The game now has a WR run awaiting verification.


@baldnatebaldnate Two runs pending, attempted to contact the mod and mod is offline for a month. Added you besides him since there might still be a chance that he will return.

@Fiddle_SticksFiddle_Sticks I tried contacting the mod myself but he also didn't respond to any of my attempts.
I added you besides him. Its only been 6 days since he was last online.

@ijjustijjust Thats fine, thanks for adding those. You are added.

@EddventureTime58EddventureTime58 He did not respond to my attempts to contact him. I added you besides him since he was online 14 days ago, there's a chance he could still come back. I take it you can proceed now.

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I'd like to request mod for TT Super Bikes on the Saturn.

The only moderator is Japanese, has no social media or contact info listed, and logs on every few days but doesn't seem to do anything. I have two runs submitted that are almost 3 weeks old now and that have not been verified and a forum post made two days ago has not received mod response. He also has not submitted runs for any game for about a year, from what I can tell.

The game is set up horribly, the main categories are not full-game runs, and this is likely deterring people who want to play from playing it. I would be more than willing to market the game's boards in more niche racing communities, set up rules/standards for emulator runs, fix the metadata for the game, set up boards that make actual sense and where the full-game runs aren't glorified ILs, etc.

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I would like to be moderator of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition Leaderboards because the moderator is never active and on top of that, I am currently banned on his Twitch account. I also play this game more than he does.


@DemataPyroDemataPyro have you tried reaching out to the other super moderators? They don't seem to be inactive for long. Also you can request category extensions through the game request form.


Hi! I would like to request moderation for PaRappa the Rapper Remastered - it is a mostly dead board with one mod who hasn't been online in over a year and another who hasn't in almost a month. I have a run pending but I would also like to clean up the board so that it aligns with the original game on PS1 (so that they have the same category names etc.) as I'll be running the game in an online marathon in a few weeks.


Hello, I would like to request to moderate Ridge Racer Revolution: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Ridge_Racer_Revolution
Mod of game has been offline for a month and has been contacted. No reply (yet).
I have run that has waited for verification for a month.
I have access to every version of game, have lots of experience with game and run game actively.


@Beckski93Beckski93 and @ALZERI28ALZERI28 I've added you both to the respected boards.

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Hello, I'd like to request moderation for Ao Oni. One of the game's moderators has been inactive for 5 months, and the other, as experienced in The Witch's House, which @EddventureTime58EddventureTime58 requested mod for, has been inactive for not too long (only about 17 days), but we cannot get in contact with him. I don't want the runs that I submitted to be in the verification stage for weeks; I'm very active on this site so I will most definitely be able to handle moderating this game, which doesn't get much activity.



Hi, I still have the same issue that I brought up about a month ago in the previous thread:


That being: For Save the Light, our super mod has not logged on in 8 months, FrogPope has very sporadic activity (currently not logged in for 28 days) and our other moderator approves runs if submitted but otherwise does not participate in any way with the community or respond when contacted (another runner, polarbearswag19, attempted this two weeks ago and received no response). I'd like to request being a moderator for the game.