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@RubiiRubii Would you be able to try discuss this with the moderator?


He is actively using twitter, and responded to me when I messaged him within a day. One concern he shared seemed to be no audio on either run. So, it wouldn't really make sense for us to mod you in this situation considering the super mod has a concern with the runs, and you'd just be able to self-verify them.

@JustAComicBookNerdJustAComicBookNerd You need runs. Either pending or prior. It doesn't matter if the category exists, if you have a video (as long as it's not some super arbitrary thing which would never normally be a category) you can provide it to us here and we can then consider your case. Also, try contacting the current mod, just because someone appears inactive does not make them so. He has Twitch (try whispers) and Youtube, try reach out to him on those. If you do come back with the above we're gonna have to contact them either way... so you're gonna have to wait on that regardless. He last used the site a month ago, so I'm not sure where 6-8 months is coming from.

@ArgumentDestructifArgumentDestructif First off, Sillygoose is active. What means have you used to try reach out to them? Users are expected to try contact moderators if they are actively using the site. A forum post made 5 hours ago isn't sufficient to use in this case.

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I asked 1 year ago on the forum of the proof game to support it, but the person never answered me on the question, knowing that he has watched the message. In short go see in the forums, you will see that my say are true,
Or where all my accounts are on the game page only How2BEpic is not mine, and that the person just does not want to answer me. Also I have 3 or 4 months written a guide for the 100% the person who deals with the page of this game has never sent me a message since (knowing that the 100% has never been validated the have doubts about it that I confirmed the total number of gems 4 months ago)

I feel that the person does not care about the page of the game, or I bored knowing that without me the 100% would not be validated for many ages.


The person if he does not want to make a big mistake, because let a willing to play an idle game page for ages without the slightest message for 1 year is that there is something. knowing that I sign to have the page of the game in moderator and I put my heart and my soul inside, In short I really want to hold the power of the moderator for transformed a page rotted on a page of luxury. I really would like you to grant me knowing that I am a software developer if an HTLM and possible it will be super beautiful

Also it is my favorite game in which I know the developer for ages (I have it on Facebook) so I have all the deserve to keep this page

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Regardless, the mod is active, so please contact them via their assigned contacts on their profile.

We aren't gonna take initiative unless you're willing to try contact them via other means beforehand to try get this resolved, as the first post in this thread states.

Also, why do you have like... 3 accounts?

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I tested some years ago and especially the site blocked my accounts without any reason. so I'm recreating it again.

So wait? if the person does not respond to my messages it is my responsibility even if the person remains active. I see.

Let's take an example. a pastry chef. imagined that overnight the patissier disappears and magically returns to his shop without saying a word, but the shop remains closed, beh it's the same

He opens a game page. He remains active for 1 years, and as if by magic the person disappears from the surface of the page ingorant my messages, and others, and resurfaces while keeping a pure anonymity and does not speak to people or anything

At no step towards me. I will make one by accepting your decision, but make another by reading a message to answer my questions. please

This is a personal advice, but for the modo it would take a monthly subscription to manage a game page so that the person will take care of the page


@DaravaeDaravae I believe you misread my comment for someone else's because I didn't say anything about fighting games and my only goal, to add other verifiers, cannot be done as a regular moderator. I have attempted to contact MRAMNESIA in the past and was able to get regular moderated but have since lost communication with him.

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@ArgumentDestructifArgumentDestructif As the first page states, to even consider your request we need a run provided by you in the game. This can be prior, pending, or linked here if the category doesn't currently exist and cannot be submitted to the game. You appear to have none of these.

Second, the user was last online today, so yes, it is your responsibility to try contact them. They have 3 contacts applied by which you would be able to contact them through. You, presumably, have tried none of these so far.

Finally, moderators are likely not going to add categories unless a run has provided of said category. I've checked a lot of your posts on the game's forum, and most appear to be category suggestions, none of which seem to contain any actual footage for the run you're recommending done by you. I'm confused how you're expecting the moderator to respond to these, or if you're expecting them to just spam the board with categories despite no basis for a run of these being provided in video.

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@LivLiv I don't quite understand what you want me to do. To clarify, as my last reply was horribly worded (Sorry, I'm French, not the best at English). I reached out to him on ALL his socials, he didn't reply. You asked for me to have video, video of what? My runs? I have runs but can't post them because the series doesn't have all the games that exist in the series (The ones I'm running). Also, sorry, completely messed up when checking his/her active date.



If you want to add additional games to a series that don't exist, you are able to do so via the game request form here: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​requestgame

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Thanks, I will add the games. But it says on page 1 that if the Mod is inactive after 21 days. I tried contacting the Mod, he/she is the ONLY mod. I'm also requesting I'm added to the mod list. Or to know how to get onto the mod list.

Also, the game is on the site, under the wrong name, doesn't have all the systems listed. So even IF I wanted to post my run I can't! Which is why I haven't posted my run as Chicken Shoot 2 (Which should be Chicken Shoot 1 in NA) I'd have to lie, and say my run was done on PC.



@LivLiv You have already stated why I haven't made @ArgumentDestructifArgumentDestructif a mod for the game. After 2 years he has still never submitted a run.

Second, about the messages to contact me. Most of his messages to contact me have been through this site. Maybe a few times on Youtube or Twitter over the years but I can't remember. But his consistent account changing has always been weird to me which is another reason I have never modded him.

Third, which you have already mentioned Liv is that he has never posted any gameplay explaining his findings. His posts have either been to:
1. Ask to be a mod
2. Suggest categories (which I did listen and reply to years ago.)
3. Post games statistics (that I have already collected. Again no game footage from him to back up his own personal findings.)
4. Show broken emulator footage (the game only runs on Original Xbox, nothing else.)

So after 2 years he hasn't shown me any real evidence that he cares about running this game. He only cares about the website page, which is why he wants to be a mod. I'm looking for someone he wants to run the game. That's the type of person I want being a mod. ArgumentDestructif has never shown me that. After 2 years of the same posts over and over (with no gameplay or run submissions) I just stopped replying. He's not adding any new runs or information to the game. Once he can show me those things I will totally consider modding him.

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Hello, I'd like to request moderation for The Witch's House (original, not MV). The only moderator has been offline for only a week based on last time I checked, but he hasn't verified any of my runs, and other runners who have submitted runs weeks ago haven't gotten verification either, and contacting the moderator didn't help.


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hello, the moderator for Tog Gear Rally has been inactive for 5 months now, and is the only moderator of the game ( Other players and I would like an active mod for the game. (possibly me or another runner?).


Hello, I'd like to request moderation for Garfield (2004) ( The only moderator of the game has been inactive for 7 months now, I found his Twitch and Twitter accounts (not linked on his SRC profile) but had no response from him. I managed to contact the SuperMod of the series, but it seems he cannot do much about the issue either, since this is my first time submitting a run to that game.

Thanks in advance!


Hello I'd like to request moderation for Mother Russia Bleeds -- One mod has been inactive for 2 years, the other 2 weeks -- I've tried to find them no luck..


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Hello, recently my request to become a moderator for Super Mario Bros Crossover has been denied, although I'm somewhat unhappy it has, I'm going to try to explain these as calmly as possible (if you are not @DaravaeDaravae, please don't reply to this)

1. Only one moderator has been on in the past 2 weeks as a whole, there are 3 moderators in the game, StickeredNolmy being the only active one. If you don't believe me, check there profiles here: (2 Months Inactive) (9 Months Inactive)

Normally just one mod is fine, however, he has not talked on the forums over the course of 11 months
( ) ThePurpleMans and Mars-Does-a-Do's last forum posts are over a year old: (Purples: )
(Mars-Does-A-Do: )
While there is one active moderator verifying runs, they do not talk with the community and resolve issues, such as inconsistencies with rules, although the rules are actually allowed (For instance, Hard Any% says no warp zones, but they're actually allowed)

2. The Discord invite link is not invalid, you must've clicked on the wrong post. The correct one can be found here: (Posted 4 Months ago, someone joined just yesterday)

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i would like to second owen's post as a part time runner of this game and possibly a full time one, to an extent, not so in fact that i would like his post but i feel that it would be of major importance to this game to replace or try to bring back activeness to these moderators due to the poor job they do as far as paying attention to forum posts and questions asked by runners, from what i've been told at least the people inside this discord have made attempts to reach out to these inactive moderators, i really see no point in adding moderators to this game for the run verification aspect of this game but more so infact due to the said "very bad way the rules have been set up, timing methods, etc" aspect and at the same time removing https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​Mars-Does-a-Do as a moderator would not be a bad idea, for condensing the mod list would make the game look much better in my opinion also considering the mods are hardly active except one. my main point of sending this message is to point out i think you should remove the inactive moderators (assuming ofc that the people who reached out to them actually did) and maybe possibly if neccessary mod @Owen5560Owen5560 cause like i've stated there are questions and probelms arising, but at the same time adding owen as a mod doesnt seem terribly neccessary if there was 1 of these mods who would read and answer the forums

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@JustAComicBookNerdJustAComicBookNerd Would you be able to elaborate on the name more? Because even from a quick google search I can find stuff like this:


Which speaks of a 'sequel' to Chicken Shoot, with PC/GBA listed.
And the main Steam page: https:/​/​store.​steampowered.​com/​app/​259340/​Chicken_Shoot_Gold/​

Mentions: "The Gold Edition contains both: Chicken Shoot 1 and Chicken Shoot 2". This appears to be the most official source of info on the game, and they directly reference and differentiate Chicken Shoot 1 and 2 themselves. There are also other sources that mention an actual Chicken Shoot 2 that was separate from 1, but that the Wii / Current PC versions include both. All sources seem to indicate Chicken Shoot 2 is a thing, and not just a mistranslation between the German/NA names.

Here is the Polish boxart used on the Chicken Shoot 1 (presumably?) and Chicken Shoot 2 games:

So colour me confused.

That said, as I did say you're free to post the run in here. I just want to validate that you do indeed have a run. And it would make dealing with this 'which version/release is your run done on' issue far easier.

@SillyGooseSillyGoose This is fine. I agree.

@plankboiiplankboii I'll try get in contact with the mod prior to making any decisions here.

@Seclusive_Seclusive_ Mod is inactive for 5 months and has some broken contacts. Since there appears to be quite a few runs sitting in the queue, okay.

@thegluththegluth Offline for 7 months, broken contacts and you have a pending run. Okay.

@R3DN3XUSR3DN3XUS Your run has been sat for only 2 days. I've tweeted Pringi on their twitter here: https:/​/​twitter.​com/​pringi9 . I'll give them a little while to respond, and also informed they it may be for the best to add their contacts to their profile.

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@LivLiv I'm not sure if you actually checked.. but I just clicked on the link to Pringi9's twitter and it says the account doesn't exist...

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It's cause there's a fullstop after it, which is a stupid thing the site does for whatever reason (including fullstops in the link if you put one directly after a link):


That should work.