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Letter Quest and its Remaster are functionally the same game for speedrunning, and have been coexisting on the same board for a while. At some point, an additional (poorly managed) leaderboard was added, brought to my attention by Jumpyluff.

The correct board:
Pretty standard categories.

The duplicate, unnecessary board:
The only runs are in "Death%" (a main category?) and "Endless 1k" which is literally making a half decent word in Endless mode and calling it a run. Does not have 100% or NG+ categories.

"Created by Bacon Bandit Games, this remastered version features the redesigned game, an Endless Mode, more achievements, a brand new soundtrack (which is pretty awesome) and a dictionary with over 192,000 English words. "

The "redesigned game" part sounds like that would mean the times would differ. So probably good to keep them separated.

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Having played both games a fair amount (I've gotten excellent IL times on every level in both, and have the current top overall score on the remaster with more than double the next closest), the only real differences are:
1. Enemies aren't static images (no difference in terms of gameplay as attacks take the same amount of time in both)
2. Remastered has an endless mode (no difference for a speedrun)

The gameplay is 100% identical between the two- the only potential speedrun difference would be in an "all achievements" run. And the thing about that is achievements are tied to Steam account and not built-in save files, and so to verify such a run you would need a fresh account (or to achievement manager them away).

For the actual categories that have been run, everything is 100% comparable.

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It's worth saying that I've 100%'d the original and am about 60% through the remaster. There are 8 added achievements, all for endless mode, which is separate from the speedran "Story Mode".It just looks a bit nicer too. I don't run the game or have anything to do with running the board, but the non-obsoleting variable to distinguish the game version makes perfect sense to me.

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