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Everybody’s opinion on what is a low quality game will differ - that is why this site doesn’t get everyone’s viewpoint on the matter.

What is considered below the quality standard is up to the admins to set. Unfortunately, this means many games won’t get on here despite the fact they have a community behind them. It’s up to the admin’s discretion because they are the ones who are maintaining this site.

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Would just like to add that after watching my first GeoGuessr speedrun at ESASummer18 I immediately googled it looking for a srcom leaderboard to binge watch, but only found this thread..
Pretty disappointing that the committee doesn't see the potential in this game but I'm hoping that the runners will keep requesting to add leaderboards to show how cool of a speed game it is.

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Why did you even bother necro a 4 months thread @Trr1ppy also read kirkq's message

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Had they created a new thread to raise their points, I'm sure you would be there saying "why did you even bother not look up existing thread".

This is new information. The ESA vods have been up for a few weeks; still, Tr1ppy's post is a new perspective: a fan of speedruns, excited to watch more, who expected src to be the place to go to see more geoguessr runs.

Yeah some people have been necroing threads lately. This isn't such a bad case that you need to antagonize them 🙁

Edit: nice edit LOL

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"I'm hoping that the runners will keep requesting to add leaderboards"
The site mods have made it pretty clear that it's not going to be added under the current rules, please don't waste their time by continuing to submit it anyway.

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I agree, they've made it clear, but a staff post on page 3 of a 4-month old topic isn't all that visible.

Clearer guidelines on the actual request page are called for, once again.

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Which are currently in the works, along with many other things.

Anyway, didn't mean to side-track this necro thread into yet another discussion about the game submission guidelines.

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Hey guys that want Geo whatever, buy a PS3, Xbox 360 or Xbox One and speedrun some Red Dead Redemption. That game needs more love from speedruning community.


I know this thread is dead.
I just don't understand how a game like this could even be verified for leaderboards. You could potentially get together your whole family and guess which spot it is collaboratively. This is the problem with games that are based more or less on common knowledge. It's comparable to speedrunning a Quiz in my opinion.


Kind of a weird take ngl, don't know why we're telling people that their opinions don't matter

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He never said it didn't matter, he said it isn't vital, there is a difference. This thread is old and shouldn't have been necroed in the first place.


Just a correction, emeraldaly is a she.

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Thank you Oreo 🙂 And yes, that was "your opinion isn't so important that it merits bumping a nearly two-year cold thread for no reason other than providing it" not "shut up." No one's opinion is that important.

Cept maybe Pac. Lel.

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This thread was dead. It became a zombie. I killed it for good this time.

As to the thread's topic, it has been explained in full. Let it be.