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Their tweet:


@MetaMeta has said that this shop was developed by him with some help. He has been working on the shop since August

"All proceeds that would normally go to Elo are going to Trevor Project this week" until the 20th of November

The shop uses Shopify and Printful

Examples of shirts from the shop: Here and here

This site's footer and nav bar have been updated to include the shop

This is a pretty generic website but another way to support Elo and SRC other than Supporter

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this is the equivalent of netflix deciding to sell plushies of their logo after people start unsubscribing

also if you wear shit like this in public i have permission to bully you

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Hello can i order one

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Pear approves.

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I'm sorry, some of this stuff is pretty neat, but there is ONE slogan associated with the website itself on here
And it's about the site not working

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@Bluestonex64Bluestonex64 should be a designer. (He designed this awesome shirt.)

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not gonna lie, these are some of the most dogshit merch i've ever seen lol

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Tbh the SRC official merch is kinda bad, but I'm looking forward to collaborations between popular runners and marathons with SRC

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@Act_Act_ @Bluestonex64Bluestonex64, it looks like they shit everywhere

Originally posted by VyPrI'm looking forward to collaborations between popular runners and marathons
This will probably never happen


incidentally, the only interesting designs so far are collaborations with IndieThon

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I feel like is going downhill because they aren’t listening to the community that much. They come out with updates that don’t really help out the actually problems with the site.

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If they were going to go all out on this merch I really think they should've put at least a little effort into spreading it, so that the first and likely last time I ever see and think about it is on a forum post of all things. also yea this is hot ass

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id maybe think about thinking about buying the under pressure shirt but im still not over them changing the src trophy to the fat one and the price is disgusting 25€ for a single shirt then adding shipping and customs and id probably have to pay near 40€. i also havent been happy with how elo has handled the site so i probably wouldnt wear the shirt anyway as someone could think that i support them.

i also wonder why they didnt use or something. would be easier to remember as i dont think that too many people know that .shop is a domain you can have

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Considering this is done by a dropshipping company that fullfills orders near sites of the ordering customer, I really don't believe in the quality of their products.

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They should add supporter to the shop, then people without a credit card could actually buy the supporter perks.

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Where's the "Promoted Game" shirt?