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It's not about it being a "global chatting app" though. 😕

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isn't this place for speedruns mainly? You have plenty other options to fill in additional personal information and share with the world about yourself. Such as facebook, twitter, twitch or whatnot.

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Community is big to speedrunning. And I've seen forums in the past that let you indicate your gender. It's not an outlandish idea at all.

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I don't mind if it's an option or not but if it is, it should be an optional field, like everything else.

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I'm not a fan of the idea and I wouldn't use it if it were implemented. That being said, there is always room on the site for more stuff. You could put it on the Info section of a person's profile. Maybe it'd look like this...

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Most forum templates (or at least the bigger ones back in the day, like vBulletin) had profile fields for male/female/other for a long time. I can't really comment on whether or not these fields will be added here, though.

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Isn't the whole point that it shouldn't matter what gender anyone is, especially for something completely unrelated like speedrunning? This would only invite trolling and achieve nothing. I don't give a fuck what anyone is or what they identify as.

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And honestly.......seriously, you guys? What's the downside to something like this? I can't imagine it'll be implemented, certainly not anytime soon, but there's literally no problem with it. If you wouldn't want to use it, fine, nothing would force you. It causes no damage to anyone, and could easily prevent damage.

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There's no downside, but there's also no need. You have the option to include your twitch/twitter at your SRC profile, those sites are more personal and made for things like that compared to SRC which mainly serves as a hub to access information on game records. As much as you don't see the downside of including it, I don't see the need of doing so here when there's better options. Chances are that if you have an SRC account, you very much in all likelihood have a twitch account, which is more suited for sharing personal information about said individual through your channel information. Or simply just get to know said runner through interacting generally.

So whilst there's no such thing as a wrong in having it adressed here, there' no real need either given the nature of a streamer for speedruns and where else they can go about being personal. My two cents ofc. This is very clearly a passion driven topic, more so for some than it is for others, I doubt everyone will see eye to eye on the matter.

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You see no need because (and do correct me if I'm wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure I'm not) everyone's natural tendency to assume everyone else is a man suits you. You are called he/him, just as you are in all walks of your life, and you view that as normal and proper. Which it is, for you. I'm just saying it would be lovely (at least in concept, as I've said I don't expect this to be implemented) for everyone to have that experience.

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Don't people call the other person "they/them" until they are sure of what gender the other person is?


I usually tend to refer to anyone on the Internet by their username, saves the potential problem of using wrong pronouns for a person.
Unless I explicitly know their gender.

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It's weird to me that what should be normal in human communication is something we are trying to circumvent. Obviously it is not acceptable to be purposefully misgendering people with malicious intent. At the same time it seems pretty obvious that in a forum most of the time you won't know what people are so you use 'them'. If something about their name or avatar really seems to indicate something you can absolutely assume, just like you can from their appearance in person. That's not a crime, its completely normal, since it is accurate almost always. Yes, sometimes you will be wrong, but then if they point it out, you take not of it and remember for the future. And if you tell me that you identify as a tractor you need to be prepared for me to inevitably tell you to go plough yourself. I understand that for people that are transitioning that may be disconcerting, but you cannot be outright offended by default. You can not expect everybody to switch to introducing themselves with their gender identity, sexual orientation, religious views, nationality, etc. just so that people don't assume the wrong thing. Socializing is by nature not always something comfortable. There are gonna be awkward situations, but that is ok.

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Perhaps some do Spider, but it's not that common. I tend to dislike the use of they/them for a known person at all (I will of course use them if I know they're the individual's preferred pronouns).