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If you can't trust someone to verify their own run how can you trust them to verify everybody else's? Additionally not every game is blessed with an active community and many mods.

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i think there should be a feature to where in an active games super mods can turn off the self verification feature. But if your the only runner in a game then you really have no choice

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You can turn off auto verification for mods on Leaderboards already. There’s no mandate on it, it’s a community by community basis. The site doesn’t enforce a lot of things down to the individual communities.

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Self-verification isn't really that big a deal. The run is still publicly up to be disputed by anyone else.

In instances where the mod is the game in questions only runner, it is also necessary.

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Sorry kind of worded that badly, what i meant to say was, moderators have access to verifying there own runs, i think in certain games where theres lots of active moderators i think there should be a feature to where you can make it so moderators have to have their runs checked by other moderators not by themselves


^ I think that's good form, but enforcing it as an ironclad rule would be awkward/more trouble than it's worth.

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Assuming video is required, if you don't like that it was self-verified, verify it yourself. The video's right there. Download it and verify it. Mod verification is only the FIRST step in the process. That's why required video, publicly available, is such a good thing.

TG's problem is referees could verify a video that then remained hidden. That's why SRC isn't like TG.

Now, if no video is required on the board, then you have a point.