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I like the new layout OTHER than no backgrounds, that kinda sucks.

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I'm sorry, but this is inexcusable. The calendar when submitting has a Year 0 when it should go straight from -1 to 1.

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solid clean layout, but it's a bit generic and the green seems like an odd choice to represent speedrunning to me. my main issue is that the themes felt like a fun way to visualise the diversity of games in speedrunning with each page having its own unique look, so replacing them all with something as plain as this feels off to me. i think adding an option to enable/disable themes would be a good idea

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i love how the page loads faster, but i can't seem to put a custom background to the leaderboards of the game i'm moderating


don't know if this is a cause of the layout, but it wont let me upload a .lss file under resources

when it says i have to upload a .zip, .7z, .rar or .lss file

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I really liked backgrounds as a way for a community to personalize their game's leaderboard. I also don't like that the default is light mode, which is not customize-able.

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Well I guess all that work I did on backgrounds for the leaderboards I moderate, was for nothing. You know there is an old saying that never seems to be acknowledged. If it is not broken, do not fix it.

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My eyes burned entering this site with the new layout. Took me a couple second to find dark mode, those couple seconds my eyes will never forget. Please have dark mode automatically enabled.

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personally i dont really care whether full-page backgrounds come back or not -- i'm just not fond of having a surprise 30 minutes of work dropped on me to make my game's page look ""decent"" again. however, please don't bring animated backgrounds back. let them continue to die a cold, lonely death. they look awful & caused the fans to spin up on my old laptop.

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Alright! Time for my two cents. Here we gooo!

1. Text can be read fairly easily now that panels aren't transparent. I don't know why that was an option before seemed kinda silly.
2. Backgrounds don't interfere with anything. Why were these removed? Without them, the site feels bland. it's always a plain gray now.
3. Dark mode should be on by default. Seriously why is it not? I think everyone would agree its much more pleasing to the eyes.
4. I actually like the new font. It feels cleaner and more defined. Though it will take time for me to get used to.
5. Why green? I'm genuinely curious as to why you've chosen this color. Was it for tech reasons? Do you like the color green? Anyways It looks... alright? It's not bad or good. However, it is a little hard to read the green font on dark mode. So maybe brighten that a bit.
6. I really enjoyed panels having a trim. It looked cooler and separated the panels from the background. Really made it pop!
7. Smaller icons look jagged. Not sure why. Mainly on the left panel of profiles.
8. Not sure what you changed but submitting runs is easier now. It looks and feels like there's less data to enter.
9. Things have smooth edges and looks sharper. No idea what you did. No idea how to describe it. All I can say is I really like it.

There is a lot to love and a lot to hate. Part of me wants to say oh this looks so clean and professional! The site as a whole is easier to use and read. While another part of me wants to say THIS IS THE WORST THING YOUVE EVER DONE CHANGE IT BACK NOW! I think what upsets me is the fact that we had so much control over the site. We could make things look precisely the way we wanted. Boards reflected the community. Profiles did the same. Now it just feels like a normal database. Rather than something that is used by a creative colorful community. I'll be the first to admit! My profile is a great example of why these changes came about. I mean it really is isn't? But also, it showed people the type of person I am. It showed what I enjoy doing. Working with numbers and colors. It showed that I was this chaotic and interesting person. Did it look bad? OH OH YEAH! But there was something about it that screamed me. And I think that's what most people are gonna be upset about.

In short, and I say this in the nicest way I can. You've really fucked up. XD You've taken away what made this site so great. At least in my opinion. I approve of everything else though. Nice work keep it up.

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Looks like yet another website I enjoy using has been infected with the "make everything look boring" virus. It's a straight up downgrade having every single page look the same. If it's because some pages looked fugly, why ruin it for everyone, considering you can just turn on the theme override? Why is the text so small now, especially on the front page? Plus, why is the default color scheme a green banner and white background? Makes it look like a dead forum from 2004.

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May I propose that someone makes a browser extension or something to allow custom themes for the inevitability that the admins completely ignore all the feedback

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1. Allow people to change the text color, even if they haven't donated
2. Make dark mode default
3. Bring back custom backgrounds

Other than that, I like it. Its way cleaner and feels more modern.

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I like some of the changes, like the updated icons and whatnot. It's nice that old rejected runs get hidden away on the verification page. I like the new edit game page and the new run submission page.

I really dislike that themes were removed though. They were a ton of fun, it feels so bland now. We all put a ton of work into the themes for our profiles and games, and it's a shame that it is all gone. There can just be an option to disable them for people who think they are ugly or w/e. And maybe an additional option for people to disable gifs/motion/animation

And what is even the point of the banner image if you have to scroll up to see it

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Also this bug with the IL times sheet still needs to be fixed


I'd like to add - thank you for your work on the site Pac, It doesn't go unappreciated! There is a bit of a mob/outrage culture these days, so I can only assume you are getting flooded with hate mail regarding the custom page theme changes. Don't be too hard on yourself about it! (though I still would like the custom themes to go back to the way they were lol)

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I am baffled how default light theme looks as eyesoaring as possible. I have absolutely no idea why would you lock layout "customisation" to night mode only (granted most people use night mode, but this seems like doubling-down on a "haha light theme users" meme) - add second customisation there!

Game "customisation" is completely non-existant if you use light theme, like, why?! Why can't you just force whoever enters game page to have their view changed to what's set ON A GAME PAGE, like it was before? If you don't like having "ugly" pages - make a toggle in a series menu or in a profile settings with "allow game themes to override your own" or something of that sort and never see them again!

I'm also completely didn't know that banner color change is only available for those who donated (that's what I'm getting from messages). That is such a bad move it makes me believe all the companies say about "PLAYER'S CHOICE" when add microtransactions to a game that shouldn't have them in first place! So - unless I'm getting something wrong out of this thread - at least custom preset of banner colors should be available for any user.

As for UI and font changes - I like those. But all that customisation issues that you have can be fixed with literally one flag (I know that's more code than just 1 line, but that won't make 90% of userbase mad or at least upset).

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Nice, but why are we having green text on black in Night Mode? Would be better if the text was all-white like it used to be; easier to read.