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I, personally, appreciate the changes to the general style to make the site look more rigid and sleek. It works really well with sub-categories now.

But, please bring back the option to have backgrounds and further customization options. Banners are cool, but many of us prefer backgrounds and would love to have the option back. Needless to say, this update ruined all the themes that many leaderboard moderators put some time and effort into and removed a lot of personality from each game's page.

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Can there be a background color behind the username in the top banner, since it gets impossible to see on some top banner colors?
Also, recommended sizes for the banners for profiles and games would be good to list next to the upload button.


Ok, I'm posting a lot more than I intended, but I'm gonna go against what seems like most of the people here and say please don't bring back custom backgrounds. Could they be done well? Sure, I guess. Would most of them? Not a chance. I get why people want them back, but you don't have to go any farther than myspace to know that there is such a thing as too many customization options.


Honeslty, Pretty Horrible, Everyones Graindent Name Colors are now gone and Dark Mode just doesn't feel right. I want the old back. Or, Just fix the Graindent Name Colors

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Please change the green it is not a very good color on such a dark layer. If your still looking for green #66cc66 is a web safe green thats a bit lighter and not as hard to read.

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Okay, I'm gonna be brutally honest here: I really do not like this new design. The default white and green looks absolutely awful, and black and green isn't much of an improvement. Having the navbar and regular text be a different color seems to be the only viable choice if you want to have white text (which is the only reasonable color to contrast with dark mode) but a different color navbar. Even then, it doesn't look great. Then I find that all the custom game backgrounds are removed, which is pretty much the biggest thing that gave each game page its own personality, and now all of them just look bland and cookie-cutter.

In short, I really just don't understand what the point of this redesign was.

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@JCogJCog, The language comes from the british isles and they write: labour, neighbour and colour for example. The english across the pond is seen as a downgrade lol

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If it was just the new layout, I doubt most people would care, the change seems fairly lateral to me.

But removing custom themes strikes me as a fundamental misunderstanding of what people even like about this website, and I have no idea what the hell was going through your head when you thought removing it would wash even vaguely well. It was unpopular when it demo'ed back on Twitter months back, so you knew that. You went and locked your Twitter before rolling this change out, so you knew people would hate it. (edit: ok this isn't the reason for that but the actual reason for that is so much worse and not a topic for this thread lol) You didn't even need to run an opinion poll or something although that would've probably made it super clear in advance that people were going to universally hate this change.

So then, the million dollar question is "Why"? Why roll out a change like that if you knew it wasn't going to be liked?

And it's a question I seriously want to posit because I don't think you're being honest with your userbase here, and that's not going to fly.

"I thought most of them looked bad" is an incredibly condescending and disrespectful take for deleting hundreds of users hard work in making pages look good. Customizability is one of this site's greatest assets, not a weakness. I categorically do not agree that most of them looked bad, because most of the higher traffic pages have communities who put the effort into making them look good, because most of the users have a vested interest in making it not look terrible. They're the ones who have to use the page, after all. There are some shitters who make things look bad. Who cares. Deal with it on a moderation level instead of making the entire website boring for everyone, you are pretty much the only one who cares about it looking "clean" and anyone else who does has always had the "Override Custom Themes" option, but apparently that's not important.

Either you consider your opinion more important than the thousands of users who were totally fine with it before, or you're being evasive about something. I honestly can't tell. Only adding back "some" of the customization options is a half-ass, you should be expanding on this featureset, not deleting it. In a shitty web 2.0 world where individuality is actively quashed in favour of The Brand, it baffles me that you're attempting to pull that same stunt here.

To what end? Is there some sort of endgame to this? Time was spent encouraging the communities that already had external leaderboards to sync up and use sr.c instead including those on Google Docs, only to roll out a change like this to make it uniform? What's the game here? Is this some sort of business thing you're angling at? Because between this change and slathering GSA garbage over the front page, you seem more interested in making changes that benefit whatever Brand you're trying to build here instead of improving core functionality or fixing the myriad stability issues.

Of course, who knows? That's just my mistrustful intuition talking, I don't know for certain because you don't actually inform us at all what you're planning on doing with this place long-term. I would absolutely love to hear in precise detail what your thought process is behind making changes like this with no warning, because then maybe I won't feel inclined to make paranoid posts like this.

Bring back custom themes. In Full. This change represents a completely backwards sense of priorities that I highly suggest you re-examine in the future. As it stands, you're doing a great imitation of every bad tech platform redesign in the past half decade or so.

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OK i can see again

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I like the new layout, but I find the site running a little slower since the update, not sure if that is just an issue on my end or not, but thought it was worth noting.

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the changes to the submission UI are good at least.

like you can type numbers in now instead of it being a drop down. That's good, I like that.

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Go to the top right of the page, click the little envelope icon, what does is say? How long has it said that? How long and how much manpower has this layout change taken? So then you question: is the goal user-friendlyness or exploiter-friendlyness. There is always an end, it is always the same, it is money.

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This was a bad update. There's no personalization between the pages I moderate anymore. Borderlands 2 looks exactly the same as Hat in Time.

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Everything just kind of looks the same now...I miss the individuality of the different pages. I also think dark mode should be default.

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This ain't it chief. Like yeah I found night mode but the default website is an eyesore. Knowing SRC though things will stay this way though, including page customization. Wondering how long before the thread gets deleted.

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I think the dark theme was better. An option between these would be good.
Edit: And also I don't quite like how everyone's names are green now.

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Personally, I really like the new update. Everything looks clean, it's easier as a colorblind person on my eyes. Will I miss my massive picture of cute Sylveon next to my speedruns? Yeah. But it's not the end of the world. It streamlines everything imo.

My only complaints being some of the bugs revolving around marathon run submissions and the fact I have no clue the size of that banner (the banner I use as a placeholder is for some reason too big I guess). My only suggestion there would be maybe have a post by one of the admin showing how the site handles the banners?

Overall, I think Pac did a great job. The marathon run stuff and the banners are things that can be ironed out later.

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