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Hey guys...

You can use google cache to find the old layouts of I don't know how long it'll last however.

Just type in google search.

If were going to keep banners (even though I still prefer backgrounds), can there please be an option to not upscale images and tile them instead? Pixelart banners look awful, and it is a staple style of many videogames.

Just compare this: https:/​/​bit.​ly/​2Y3lqPu

And its cached animated version: https:/​/​bit.​ly/​2IugvBN

to this (lol): https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​fp

I haven't been given a recommended size so I don't know how to stop the blurry mass.

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I hope theres some way we can keep the general new layout, but at least give game mods the option to customize AT LEAST the background image to a board. maybe the trophy images too if you would like to be nice :3

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Originally posted by DangerousRivalHonestly can I get my $5 back i donated last night.....
That's fair. Please send me a DM on Discord.

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Just throwing my two cents in, but the new site looks 1000x better, and much more modern. There are some smaller things that could be better that I think people have mostly already pointed out, but this is overwhelmingly better than before. Great job!

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bruh moment

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This is Pretty Cringe Bro, This site is about to lose Subscribers

But Yeah if you go to your own Account there's a Huge Gap Between "Runs" and the Actual Games looks Ugly

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@PacPac I'll get on that boss, but i gotta go ride's here. But yeah whats the point of donating for extra features if the default is gonna hide it from everybody not using night mode?

I'd highly suggest you make default "night mode" and make the new one a "competitive view" that hide's all the people's extra touches.

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the new layout is kinda meh it's not that bad but my god day mode looks ugly as fuck and the thing is you set default theme day mode...

weird decision there, fellas!

edit : well fuck, i can't change theme in settings anymore what a shame because of that i couldn't change my theme from "default" to "milk" which is my favorite theme
i'm so disappointed....

2nd edit : okay, so i tried to use the site with new redesign and it seems to be not that bad? some of the changes are pretty good like run submission form changes and be able to delete profile picture but i still need to be able to change theme again and i think there should be old/new layout switcher just like reddit or maybe separate site for old layout? like also not only is day mode looks ugly but it seems to be buggy too and notification is still not working

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I really don't like this. So I'm now stuck with green text everywhere unless I pay for the ability to make it normal again?

Not cool

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My thoughts on the redesign: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​6Qqu5yv

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I think the new theme is ugly and it's ridiculous that you have to donate to unlock changing the theme. That's my feedback. See ya.

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Links in general shouldn't be the same as your theme colour. It does look ok in a few spots, but there are many more where it just looks obnoxious. If you pick a good colour you can get it to look ok, but it really limits you.
Here's an album of some thing that stick out, both good and bad:

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Redesign does look more modern, but three main things need to be fixed:

1) Either remove the header or allow us to customize its color
2) Related, don't make links the same color as the theme, it looks really bad especially with the default dark green.
3) Bring back leaderboard customization - I can understand removing animated backgrounds but as a lot of people here have already said, you've removed a lot of the hard work people have put into customizing their boards. At the very least, bring back static backgrounds, trophy icons, and being able to customize the logo

Otherwise it's decent I guess, but I'm of the opinion that if it ain't broke don't fix it

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1) Either remove the header or allow us to customize its color

just that, literally!
just don't force me to choose between a ridiculous header color or being able to actually read texts on the page.

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No offense. This looks like garbage. Green on green on green. if you had customizable colors then sure. But I'm not digging it.

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Actually I do have one complaint. Too many u's in the word color everywhere lol.

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Actually, is it just me or is the text really close to the sides of the screen on mobile? It makes it a little awkward to read I feel like. If it's not just me, perhaps a little padding might fix it?

It's weird, the actual typing field doesn't have the same problem. Good padding there.

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So here's my thoughts on a summary. I like the there is a dark theme as I am used to it. I like the icons next to the titles in the games. Although I don't like Level and Full game has the same icon next to the name. I also don't like the color for when runs get rejected as it is so hard to see the black text with that color.
Also sorry about posting in the wrong form I didn't know this exist

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I, personally, appreciate the changes to the general style to make the site look more rigid and sleek. It works really well with sub-categories now.

But, please bring back the option to have backgrounds and further customization options. Banners are cool, but many of us prefer backgrounds and would love to have the option back. Needless to say, this update ruined all the themes that many leaderboard moderators put some time and effort into and removed a lot of personality from each game's page.

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Can there be a background color behind the username in the top banner, since it gets impossible to see on some top banner colors?
Also, recommended sizes for the banners for profiles and games would be good to list next to the upload button.