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There is a green text box around the save button, and it is left shifted instead of centered. (Notification settings) and I'm still unsure if this is a bug or not, but the theme settings for profiles are blocked by a paywall, but some users have reported not seeing the wall and haven't donated the 5$ for it.

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Now what would be funny is that if the customisation comes back, all the themes wont necessarily be reverted back as well, meaning good luck if you deleted any part of a leaderboards theme like i did.

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The banner behaviour is peculiar. In widescreen the banner is really thin, but as you change the window size towards a portrait layout, it grows taller. On phones it's always taller in any orientation.
I think the banner in a large window is generally too thin to make it look good in any way. For example Bowser falls victim to this in the SM64 banner. But if it's gonna change dimensions, that'll make it even harder to make look good.

Edit: I realise now that it just zooms in and out. Still meh.
I'd prefer if the banner were just a tad taller to start with.


Originally posted by KunoDemetriesThere is a green text box around the save button, and it is left shifted instead of centered.

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Thank you, Pac, 😃

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I know I'm always a party-pooper,
but I feel like the new theme feels a bit "bloated" in size.
Links being the exact same colour as the theme isn't exactly friendly for contrast,
as for dark-theme you're now limited to 20% of the available colours.


1. Overview
2. Original
3. Edit
4. Code



I've made a "quick" edit of how I'd improve the site:
- Links no longer take after the theme colour, so you have a good contrast on links w/o sacrificing customization.
- everything is more compact.
- made text 1px smaller everywhere
- added a gradient to the theme
- Links in the rule-section are underlined so you can differentiate them from regular text
- Changed font to verdana







Code for the edit can be viewed here: https:/​/​hastebin.​com/​koyugoselu.​css

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In both modes when there's more than one category on a game page the unchosen boxes/highlight should be a little more pronounced, like Contra's Board looks like "Any%" followed by "Low% Any% Japanese Version Low% (Japanese version)"

It looks like there is a box outline but it's incredibly faint. I think that might help the green text being a little bit harder to read.

I mean ignoring the custom background thing everyone's yelled at yall to death about, the text could be a little more readable in general. The overall look and style is fine, it's very What If 2000s Message Boards Were Made In Web 3.0 which I feel is the vibe yall were trying for. But I also get text balance is hard on a site in which everyone has multicolored username.

Weirdly, mobile looks great to me in both modes. The soft blue text pops in night mode pretty well.

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I like how clean it is, but after playing with the theme features, I think it would benefit from a little more user control in terms of text color, background color and top bar color. There's situations I can create that make certain color choices unworkable, or at least a lot less readable.

I'll miss being able to change the logo. I had some really nice ones cooked up.

EDIT: Cool, thanks @PacPac !

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Right okay, I get a lot of people are upset here because of the removal of some features, but there is no need for unnecessary stingy and outright silly comments. Tone it down a little.

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As much as I appreciate all the new features (especially the mod tools), removing most of the customization because people are idiots is an insult to people that actually worked on their LB themes.

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I personally don't like the new layout. It makes it look like a generic "minimalist" website and the whole reason why SRC was so good in the first place was the customization. Not a fan

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I'd like to add that having links the exact same colour as normal text is pretty meh for forum posts and guides.
The formatting options on this site are already underwhelming, so it would be nice if one could choose an extra colour for links in text posts, to add just a bit of readability to long guides and such.

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I'm a little sad about losing out on theme customization to the level we had it before, I had worked extra hard on the themes for my leaderboards that I feel it's a tragedy to lose out on that work and not even have backups. But, I would be happy if we could at least see our custom logos be restored because I never thought to back mine up.

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@UrinsteinUrinstein oh definitely, that's why I added an underline, so they're at least somewhat distinguished.
tbf, not the best solution, but the best I can manage for now.

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Just a note that the old themes haven't been deleted or anything. All of the data and images still exist. Like I said I'll take a look tomorrow at what we can do to bring at least some elements back.

It's just hard to find a compromise between making the site look clean, while still giving you guys customisation options. Although there were a lot of bad themes, I appreciate that there are many good ones that I know some of you guys worked so hard on, like this guy.

Unrelated note: I'm aware notifications are still broken, and it seems to be a server issue. SgtKabukiman is looking into it tomorrow.

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I'm new, but I definitely liked the old version. Luckily one of the first comments to this was "nightmode" and I immediately turned that on and I 100% liked the old profile features more. It was nice I could put my own artwork on my profile, now you just get a rinkydink banner instead of a full background. Honestly can I get my $5 back i donated last night.....