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Also can we like "fuck mobile". Cause I'd really prefer if banners weren't fully displayed ONLY on mobile aspect ratio.

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  Tron_JavoltaTron_Javolta seems to be a bit of blurriness in the filters options


Also, actual 'bug'(?) The default value of the "Game Type" "or and" box used to be enabled. Now it is disabled, leading to mobile and hidden games appearing on series pages by default.


Not sure if it's been mentioned already because I just can't read through this mess of a thread...
The Search bar is a bit small currently, a lot of space left and right is unused so wouldn't it be possible to expand the search bar a bit? Other than that I really like the new design! Especially game options are so much cleaner now!


I like this change.
Being able to make the text a different color than the top bar would be nice though

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I'm gonna be honest, this was not the play. You've reset the customizability of every leaderboard on the site and forced a theme that is frankly just bland. In fact, my biggest problem is that every leaderboard background was reset because "they look bad". This is the stupidest part about this because A- the look is completely subjective and B- if people had issues with their leaderboard I'm sure they could have discussed changes within their communities rather than having someone else say "Hey, you know this thing that you've been accustomed to for so long? Yeah, we're forcibly changing it because we don't care about your opinions". I hope that you can do something to restore the changes that you've made, or at the very least you don't do anything else that fucks the communities on the website over anymore.

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Sorry for the multiple posts. Discovering things as I go. Banners for games just doesn't seem to be working at all. I've tried multiple games, and I've heard this from others as well.

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Why light mode having so limitations? Just a plain green on all names and anything, in the other side: night mode has the option to change themes of a game and the visibility of the real colour in the names


Great job SRC team. I love the look of it. Makes it looks nice and clean.

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No. Just no. I hate this. Removing the customizability of EVERY SINGLE LEADERBOARD AND PROFILE PAGE was a REALLY bad idea. I refuse to donate to “help” the site now so I guess I get to live with this bland dark mode theme (dont even get me started on light mode and how its the default theme). I say we revert to the way things were and instead of this we fix all the bugs that were there, instead of making a new version with evem more bugs. Speaking of that, WHY ARE NOTIFICATIONS STILL BROKEN? (Or is it just me cuz I would feel very stupid lol)

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RIP people who have green usernames: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​V4JmW4Y

Also, RIP people with vision disabilities in general. There are a gazillion areas where contrast between foreground and background colors is too low. Example using just this page: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​MVUiihPb (I'd argue the switches on the settings page are too low-contrast as well.)

Also, yes, the link color is problematic as well: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​2Rr1Wq0

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I really like the category selection layout, really clean! the only thing I would change is maybe to incorporate your selected theme a bit more into the site, (the logo, some of the text.)

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