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I hate that custom backgrounds are gone. I absolutely loved the Super Metroid design in particular, and to have it replaced by this generic blocky green and black is really disappointing. If custom backgrounds made it hard to read the leaderboards, that should've been an issue for the game's moderators to take care of, not something to be completely purged in a site-wide blanket "fix".

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also making light mode default is incredibly jarring considering what the layout was before. not a good decision

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On a serious note I feel the site is a lot less customisable on your own page, that one thing I really liked regardless if other people thought if it looked good or not.

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Wait hold up.

So changing the theme color changes all the important text links.

And there's both a light and a dark theme.

So every text color that's properly visible on light theme looks bad on dark theme and vice versa.


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Are custom game themes supposed to only work in night mode?


The colours name on the site: the colour only appears on the right above part of the site, no more parts(leaderboards, posts or even my profile) I liked the names with colours so I can difference easily which player is one without reading the full name at all

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How do you change the green?


The bad backgrounds should have been handled by moderation, not by removing the feature as a whole. While l agree that a lot of the themes looked awful, there's also a lot of them that the communities put a lot of effort into. Sucks to see them gone. At least the profile backgrounds could have stayed.

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@emeraldalyemeraldaly Profile -> Edit Theme -> pick the theme color you want

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Originally posted by KungkobraAre custom game themes supposed to only work in night mode?
Yep. It was impossible to make sure any theme colour could work on both Day and Night modes. It worked for some neutral colours like dark blue and green, but not for others like yellow and pink.

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Question (which might be nice to have the answer next to the upload button). What's the recommended resolution for banners?

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Aside from other points brought up by people before, the increased size of many site elements (most notably text) makes some things more cumbersome to browse, most notably the game search function. The site was readable before, so I don't see the need to make things bigger. Contrast is also an issue.

Edit: While I definitely understand the need for donations to keep the site running, the restricting of editing the site theme behind a $5 donation and then citing that as a solution to some of the complaints about the color scheme rubs me the wrong way.

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I'd like to be able to access my followed games while in a smaller window mode. Maybe add it as an option in that hamburger menu? So I don't have to load another page? I often have game on main monitor and then either a browser/video/discord taking up one half of my secondary monitor and on the other half.


Originally posted by CDRomatronWhat's the recommended resolution for banners?
You can make them any size (I think max 2K×2K?), and they'll fit the window width automatically.

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Have waited this redesign long time and I like it mostly. Only major issue imo is the green link color on night mode, it's kinda hard to read. Also, I suggest night mode as default layout for everyone, it's more similar to old one and it supports custom theaming (which was a weird thing to notice, but I understand the issue of color accessibility)