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This is amazing, it looks so clean and crisp, I’m loving it. Amazing work over the last year to get this all worked on and updated.

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Looking great, overall it's waaaaaaay better than before (though it'll take me some time for the new forums look, a bit too used to the old one...).

Anyway, i checked some leaderboards and it seems we can't change backgrounds anymore ?
I also tried changing the banner on a leaderboard but it doesn't seem to work ? Tried cleaning the browser cache but doesn't seem to change anything still.

Oh also, making changes to leaderboards switched from "god this is so painful" to "ok this'll be easy", mostly because not everything shows up at the same time, wich makes it waaaaaaaaay easier to focus on stuff (imo)


Everything looks good in black, I like this change


Is this an out of season april fools' joke?

1. Themes gone?
2. On night mode, why is the header still this psych ward dentist green?
3. On night mode, why is the TEXT green?
4. Why is the text green at all anywhere???
5. Why green???????

I'm trying to revert under Edit Theme but nothing works pls send help

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Text for me is white. Only the banner at the top (and some highlights, like on the forum thread page navigator) are green.

location text below avatars is also green, but the forum messages themselves are in white text.

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Custom backgrounds had their days numbered ever since


Yeah I know, and expressed my dislike of removal of them on the forums a couple of months ago. I didn't think customising the color tables would be removed as well.

I can only maybe imagine removing backgrounds for bandwidth saving reasons, but removing it because some people were crap at it feels like ruining the fun for everyone else. (I can't read the twitter post)

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That was, essentially, the reason given.

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Small text, low contrast, the classic combination that makes websites less comfortable to use. When will this trend ever die?

There are so many features still missing from this site, after years of requests. I hope you take a look at some of them, now that you got done replacing a perfectly fine design with a worse one.

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We decided to get rid of custom backgrounds because very few of them actually looked good. Most themes didn't look good at all and just made a lot of leaderboards illegible. At least with banners, they don't interfere with the rest of the page.

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Really awfull, please change this back. But you never will. It looks as cancer as this websites messaging service. When do we get that? Put some time and effort into the messaging service. Not this vomit coloured layout. Thanks for fudging up one of the last website that was pleasant to look at.

But it is all about the money people.

^ "Apart from that, you can make the site use whatever colours you want using Night mode and the theme editor."

It costs money to be able to do that. I can imagine who runs sites like this. disgusting money grabbing tactic.

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I certainly like the new theme, however, I am disappointed with the decision to remove the ability to add custom themes to game. I do hope at some point you'll reconsider that as an option that can just be turned off on a per-user basis (unsure if you could do that previously), as some communities put a lot of work and time into making them look good.

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I feel like all the people complaining are looking at the default white + green layout. Please switch to nightmode and change the green to whatever colour you want, then complain if you dislike it. Thanks for the hard work Pac.

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We should be able to change the font color


Originally posted by Finalflamethe ability to add custom themes to game
That's not gone, only the backgrounds. Games can still have custom themes.

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Eh, it's okay, but seems to remove features, so not sure I like it.