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Personally, I think the biggest problems are...

1) Series pages take forever to load now, even for ones with only a few games. The entire page basically just "freezes" when that happens as well.

2) Using green as the default theme color. I see that changing your profile color changes it for the entire site, but I still think the default green is just a weird choice. And if anything, using the "Same as panel color" option by default would look so much better.

3) Banners are weird. Being forced at a height of 144 pixels is really awkward, especially if you want a smaller one. Plus the forced gradient really clashes with a lot of designs. Also half of the time when you load a page, it's already scrolled down past the banner (I guess as a result of it not loading fast enough?), so you might not even see it unless you scroll back up.

4) Backgrounds. I know there's the whole situation with some games having really ugly or inappropriate backgrounds, but I don't see that as cause to remove them for every game. Ultimately, with there only being so much you can do with banners, I really think custom backgrounds need to return to give each game more of an identity. I don't think we need like, a separate foreground layer, scrolling, etc., but just being able to add any kind of background again would be a big improvement.

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rework is fine, site loads much faster, yet

a) think about bringing the customization back w/o bringing a paywall behind it.

nobody really cared about memey games having their memery backgrounds, unless they were unappropriate (prolly the best word here). considering barely any1 would click on a game thats on 187th page (sorted by active runners), and that particular game had some dude eating tacos, with his leg and stomach ripped apart yadda-yadda. people were actively looking at the games that were showcased on gdq/esa/marathons in general, or, if someone popular was playing that game, and these particular games are quite popular.
guess what: the dudes that had the most active games on the site spent a lot of time combining text color, backgrounds, link color and other important things, that made some leaderboards extremely pleasant to watch. because you allowed people to take responsibility of what their games look like, because they knew what's gonna b good for the games.

instead, you literally look that responsibility, butchered the idea of making your own page look great, and made three different elements on the page take a SINGLE color, effectively butchering not only everyones leaderboards, but also their own pages: http:/​/​prntscr.​com/​o4s5y6

this is bad, and this is probably the primary reason most people are mad about.

b) let people decide which SRC theme they want to use, if the rework is not yet "solidified".

Steam has a great option to participate in beta versions of the games, w/o making the original game look bad. so why forcing the update, instead of making people choose if they want to see one? it's a huge difference, and i'm not sure why this decision wasn't made in a first place, as you dodge the hatewave for making the site look worse, and you can get feedback for free, without people being sad that "this is how things will be from now on", and considering their departure from the site, just because the site looks worse NOW, not oh hey i can see what will be later on, oh shie, the site looks bad lemme write a feedback of a things that should be changed imo.

the difference between these two themes is astounding, and you can't just pull a trigger w/o alarming people of what the site will look like. bunch of screens not equals an access to a reworked site, so if possible (since you'll probably keep this theme as default now) - let people "downgrade" to the older version of the site, or have new theme as an option.
don't introduce new things that you'll have in a future to the older version, but i think you got the idea.

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I really dislike this.
Hours of custom sprite and color work down the shitter for every single pages i worked on. I'm really pissed.

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Bad because every page with a custom image has been overwriten. so its the same for every page

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There's a bug in editing series themes where there isn't a colour picker, just the Hex code for colour.


I feel like I'm going to be just parroting everyone else, but here's my two cents:

- I'm one of the few crazy people out there that actually like Light Themes, but making this site's light theme the default was an awful idea due to it being the polar opposite of the pre-redesign site's colour scheme.

- Why do you need to be on Night Mode to see any customisation? I don't see why it wouldn't be compatible with Light Theme (for example, banners have no reason not to show up on Light Theme) and since you have to be logged in to toggle Night Mode, it means all guests will be treated to the same colour scheme and theme everywhere. Not great first impressions if you ask me.

- What's with the green anyway? There was no green in the orginal site colour scheme so seeing it being so prominent in the redesign is really jarring.

- I can understand wanting to make the site look more "smooth" and modern, but the redesign in general looks flat and dull. I think even doing something like adding a simple background rather than a flat colour at the back would make a huge difference. Plus it also makes the pixelated trophy logo look super out-of-place now.

- How long is it gonna take people to realise that just forcing a heavily different design on people out of nowhere is never, ever received well? Like it's happened with so many websites at this point I don't get why people haven't got the message yet.

In short, while there are a couple benifits to the redesign here and there, the bad heavily outweighs the good. While I'm glad there are plans to bring back some of the customisation features they really shouldn't have gone in the first place and in general the changes made by the redesign are just baffling.

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would've preferred better servers so the site isn't inaccessible 20 times a day

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I hate the idea of streamlining everything. Now the leaderboards for games will be all the same. There's barely any customization options to personalize the page, which is really bad. I've spent so much time making logos and trying to get the perfect theme, all has now been thrown in the thrash. Such a shame.

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This is the most generic layout you could have created. Light mode is bland as all hell and night mode is uncomfortable for my eyes, which is weird considering I loved the old, dark layout.

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gotta have to agree with the majority...

Alot of the charm and uniqueness got lost with this new overly simplified design. Every leaderboard just looks really bland now and taking away the customizability of them is simply just a step backwards. The banner as only real customization option besides the theme color looks pretty out of place to me and seems like it just got implemented to have atleast some kind of customization.

The green is also not a good choice as default color, especially the text on the frontpage has bad contrast with the dark mode background.

this ain't it chief

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i'd love if you would tell us banner dimensions so graphic designers like myself could do stuff 🙂 ty ly

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