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EDIT: Please see the new thread for amendments to the layout.


I've spent the past few months completely re-doing the site's front-end, and it's finally ready. There are too many changes to mention, but the big differences are better-designed UIs (for things like managing games and submitting runs), day/night mode, and a new theme system.

Please let me know of any feedback here. I may have missed a couple pages or forgotten to update some parts of the site to the new layout, so please post any bug reports here too.

Hope you guys like it 🙂

EDIT: Okay guys I've heard you. I'll see tomorrow about possibly bringing back some of the customisation options.

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Awaiting Verification box appears in really high red colour, someone posted in the discord:

Looks great, and yeah Night Mode forever.

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It's cleaner,yes. But are custom Backgrounds gonna come back-(Yes) Cool. And The Gray Blobby Boxes are Transparent!! I was tryin not to say anything,But i'm glad the old clear style is back. GGs

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Nice nice! Love it




@LivLiv Fixed.

@UniwersalUniwersal I'm afraid so.

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There’s a missing string on the General page of the settings:

Otherwise, new theme looks great, except for my username color over the header’s green background

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It looks nice, and navigating mod tools is a whole lot easier thanks to the new UI, but I also liked the highly customizable game pages. Any chance they'll come back?

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Removed all themes, and honestly pretty meh that you can't set up any theme at all in light mode. No more custom backgrounds, no more custom logos. No more cool color combinations to create since you only get a banner and one theme color that has to work with black. Depending on the game's cover art the white and green default theme just doesn't really work with it, at all. Sorry but I'm not a fan.

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Looks great. Nightmode should probably be default tbh

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Wow, I love it


It's......very green.

It'll take some getting used to, but I have little doubt I will.

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Custom backgrounds had their days numbered ever since https:/​/​twitter.​com/​pac/​status/​1073240135997648897

edit - Apparently Pac's twitter is actually locked now? But he tweeted about removing it back in December. And his username having a bunch of underscores in it makes the link not work anyway.

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IL tables look even worse than before. Rigid, inconsistent fonts/text sizes, bad spacing...

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So you did it, you are now forcing one central theme on everyone, no matter how much time some communities put into designing their leaderboards. You knew people would hate that decision, but you did it anyway, just like all the other websites with their unpopular redesigns.

I spent a few seconds in the settings to disable the new layout, thanks for giving me that option.

Edit: I take that back, now the new one is forced on me.

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I imagine that's probably temporary.