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Last friday i made a request to add a leaderboards to the site (for Mega Man: The Power Battle) that hasnt been verified yet and i wanna know if theres any way to make a slight change in the submission to maybe get leaderboards for the sequel aswell.
By the time i made the submission, i had not played the sequel.
(sorry if im sounding cold blooded!)


If you wanna make a leaderboard for the sequel as well then just make a second game request for it.


The point was not taking the line all over again, but i guess there is no escape


i mean it's two different games, right? obviously they are going to have separate leaderboards kappa (sorry if i'm too harsh)

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But they are part of a series (Well, technically, a subseries. And they are the only 2.), i couldve submitted them as that at first. If i could change the request, i would ask, in the additional notes, for the sequel to be added aswell.

as i type this, i start to realize that maybe they wouldnt accept it, being so informal
anyway, i made the request for the second game a few days ago, this post doesnt matter anymore


Wouldn't this be a part of the Mega Man series?

If that's the case then they are going to reject it anyway and ask that you approach the Mega Man series mods to add the board(s) for you. Site mods need not get involved at all unless you run into unreasonable resistance over there.


Really? Well, a warning wouldve been nice...
I guess im gonna wait for my request to be seen anyway, im not dying desperate for it. But hey, thanks for the heads up!

Oh, and "Series moderators may also add games to complete a series" is kind of not a warning.

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Welp, requests withdrawn.

And sorry for dragging this post for this long, but i have one last question before (maybe) contacting the series mod.

Is there any point in creating the leaderboards in here? I know that usually that kind of website share the same games with speedruncom, but i dont really get why.

Edit: In 2 games with 3 completely different courses each, any% seems extremely pointless to me (In the second game, character pick also matters). A change could be done there, in the least.

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Yea, there are some things that could be improved about the submissions page. Unless I am mistaken, I think the "defer to the series moderator" is a new standard they are adhering to .. so I don't think the submissions page reflects that yet. There could also be better explanations on what kind of information they wish to see in the Additional Notes box.

At the end of the day though, these guys are all volunteers.. they most likely have jobs/families/other activities (including speedrunning lol) they could be doing instead of trudging through what I can only imagine is no less than hundreds if not thousands of game submissions each week. So I am just thankful if my submissions get verified at all.

If you pay attention to the forums, you will start to understand why submissions can take a long time to get verified, and how you can better use the submission process to make it easier on them.



I mean, simply adding a frase like "If the game is a part of a series that is already present in the website, contact the series mod first" would be perfect, and doesnt seem time consuming to me.

I really appreciate every volunteer in this website. Some years ago, i wouldnt ever guess speedrunning would become this popular and wide. Its definitely a challenge to manage something like this.

And i kind of pay attention, even though i have only started posting in the forums recently.

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