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> To address the API question: From what I understand talking to Elo the API will remain unchanged right now.

Could we get that to a "never change" instead of a "right now" please?


There's no dilemma there SeValentine and I hope nothing changes. Game moderators set rules for their own games, as it should be.

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> Could we get that to a "never change" instead of a "right now" please?

There are some things that could be improved about the API in a V2 so I wouldn't wish for "never change"


Damn, well wish you the best Pac.


By "never change" I'm referring to the API remaining free and open. Not that it remains stagnant feature-wise.

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@XeroGoFastXeroGoFast No, he's right. There's definitely a dilemma and it's been brewing for years. You mentioned game mods setting game rules but that's not at all what SeValentine was discussing. The game mods in question have been abusing their privileges on this site for far too long and more than a few people are getting tired of it.

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Can you explain how what SeValentine was talking about doesn't come under game mods setting game rules and banning users who break them?


You're a legend, bringing a community so large and promising forwards, Pac


@XeroGoFastXeroGoFast I think I probably could, but that's off-topic for this thread. If you make a new thread devoted to a conversation about Mega Man moderators abusing their authority here, I'd be happy to talk to you about it there and I bet a good amount of other people would as well.


I've only recently joined this place. Thank you for building this nice home for all of us ❤️

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Thank you! ❤️


Thanks, Pac ❤️

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