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Well holy crap, my ip is unbanned. for now.
As the best speedrunner in the world.. factually proven #1 Speedrunner -800 World Records, 1200 top 3 ranks, featured on world's most noteable speedrunners list... Pac good luck.

You deserve it, I just really wish we can link up one day later in life and party to celebrate this for you, go to NYC, get some girls and coke and live life like rockstars. Good luck, you know where to find me. *I hope someone archives this before im rebanned again, i would of DM pac but he removed his social life)

Best wishes for the future of this site and members. With Love, Racingmonster.


Sad to see the change, but I know dotabuff to be a very strong resource, so it seems like you've done the right thing by making sure the change is into good hands!

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it was a good run pac, i've been using this website for 2-3 years. it was cool to see website dedicated to speedrunning. too bad though i've lost my interest on speedrunning long time ago

good luck with your life


Thank you for all your hard work Pac bro, I'm really grateful that you gave us a place to share speedruns and come together as a whole ❤️ Good Luck with your future projects ❤️

Team Elo, welcome to SRC and I'm looking forward to what y'all have in store for the site ❤️


I hope this turns out for the best but its sad to read. I loved SRC cause it was made by speedrunners for speedrunners. I hope it doesn't become corporate cash grab

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Thank you Pac for everything you did for the site. I may not have been a Content Mod for long but it was fun working along-side you and I wish you the best of luck in everything else you work towards!

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I actually have a question since I just noticed it. On your website you sell(?) access to an API for all of your websites, but SRC's API is already free and open source-ish. Is this due to change, or are you just selling the easy to access all in one API? A lot of community resources rely on this API. I'm not familiar enough with your other sites to find a definite answer to if those also have individual free APIs or not.

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Thank you Pac for what you’ve done. This site is the reason why lots of people joined, it helped introduce speedrunning to a wider audience. It’s good that you’re taking a break after 5-6 years of hard work, you and your crew’s dedication have made the site what it is, I hope you have noticed this. Elo seems like a great company that’ll continue to make speedrunning grow.

Once again, thank you Pac and the crew for making this site, wish you luck for the future. ❤️


I am also very curious about the future of the API since I have several applications relying on it.

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I hope that any changes will not make the site bloated and slow like most modern websites.

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Much respect pac, and enjoy the well deserved rest. I am grateful that you and the team ran the site since I started in 2014!

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Thank you Pac! I wish you good luck with your personal goals, take it easy!

As for our new hosts: A warm welcome to! VoHiYo

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Thank you kindly Pac for all your efforts! I wish you the very best for your future!

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Will you guys reverse certain runners or EXPLAIN why certain runners like @Stivitybobo and @DrFatbody were banned indefinitely from this website? The old administration ignored this.

EDIT: Got a response.

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Pac, you've meant so much to this site and our community that it'll be sad to go, but you deserve some rest. Thanks for all your effort, and may your future be bright.
Elo, welcome to our humble site, and let's make sure that we can all work together to better the site's quality without letting it down.

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@RealAlphaGamerRealAlphaGamer We're not planning to reverse any account bans (generally speaking, the rules and enforcement of the rules is the same as it was before Elo). We're also still not going to discuss ban reasons for specific users publicly, if these users are unsure of why they were banned they can contact a Full Mod such as myself (though IIRC they should already know).

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Could the new owners address the question regarding the API? A guarantee that it will remain free and open source is imperative.

Microsoft open-sources a lot of their technologies these days. You'd have to have a really good excuse to take something that's not behind closed doors and lock it away.

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To address the API question: From what I understand talking to Elo the API will remain unchanged right now.

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As a corporation/company. How are you with privacy policy. As nothing is free, I want to know how much you sell of us.

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So is good that Pac decided to hand over the keys of the business to someone else and move forward on his personal doings which i wish they are the best for him!

but when the new management will be handling the situation in regards of certain game communities banning & censoring their runners on the leaderboards? uploading their vods with no sound and no audio whatsoever without the direct consent of the author who submitted the run?!

and of course going to the point of either putting their times are Anonymous, or Removed User or Banned User!!! its been even too exagerated to the point of seeing X or Y runners permabanned from that specific game, following by getting all his times removed 😕 even if these times are WR or PB.

again hope the new management & current mods can come out with a solution to help to fix this dilemma of moderators of certain game communities & game series are wrongfully dealing with in the worst way possible ever!

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