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This is an interesting time. Thank you for everything you have done for the speedrunning community Pac, good luck and enjoy your future.

Welcome ELO! Looking forward to seeing what things you've got planned for the site and the future of speedrunning. Hopefully the community will work with yourselves and continue to grow in something awesome like it is today.

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Thanks for everything Pac, I hope this turns out for the best.


dotabuff was really lit.
ayylmao is still alive for some reason.

gl pac.

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Thank you so much Pac for all of the work you’ve done and all of the effort you’ve put into making this site and wonderful experience for all of us. I don’t think we could ever people thank you for the work that you’ve done over the years. Good luck in your future endeavors and enjoy your well deserved break away from it all.

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When src gets its new Elo Engage ads the site'll become inaccessible for me. (I get overstimulated to the point of freezing up.)

This is what happens when an advertising firm buys your hobby site...

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Love you PAC mate

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@KubeRunsKubeRuns If you don't use it already, I would just heavily encourage ad blocking.

Not just because ads are annoying, but the site (though really this is just ads in general) have had some potentially malicious/malicious ads in the past, with forced redirects and such. Adblock at this point is as much about user safety as well as just ad blocking.


@LivLiv I use uBlock Origin, which blocks SRC's current ads, but doesn't block Elo Engage ads. Right now, Elo Engage just advertises other Elo sites, but that'll change as Elo reaches more advertisers.

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I have had nothing but positive interactions with you when it came to issues as well with the people you have had helping you over the years, hoping that things will stay within the same realm of community as we have but more refined and updated moving forward. It's been many years for sure and hopefully many more for everyone here within communities.


Originally posted by MisterWolfI am wondering about the "Potential ways to provide reward and funding to the community" part.
What exactly do you mean by this? Ads on the site? Affiliate programs? Sponsorships for speedrunners?

We're currently brainstorming on ways to do that that best support the community/don't feel intrusive, and if you have any cool ideas in mind we'd love to hear them! We want to make sure the changes we make help create a more sustainable future of SR.C without damaging the experience.

Originally posted by alkamaassI'm concerned that, since now it is owned by a corporation/company, that emulation might be banned because of the liability of being sued by Nintendo and other companies. Can we get a confirmation that emulation won't be banned off of the site?

We've always felt that these kinds of rules should be established by individual communities to best suit the needs of their players, and we don't see a reason to change that policy.

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Hi @lewisandsparklewisandspark, this is essentially a non-answer:

Originally posted by "lewisandspark"We've always felt that these kinds of rules should be established by individual communities to best suit the needs of their players, and we don't see a reason to change that policy.

Large game development studios, advertisers, and IP holders actively work against sites that tacitly encourage emulator use. Will Elo promise to not ban submissions for using emulators, legal or otherwise?

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Thank you for your work Pac, hopefully now you'll stop getting emails from the kiddies about Bedrock Edition Kappa

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New ownership could lead to new policies and new ways of handling current drama. I look forward to seeing how things unfold. Hopefully they don't let people get away with abusing privileges anymore.


Have a great time! I hope this will give the resources the site needs.


Goodbye Pac and enjoy spending time engaging more with the offline world. It is a fantastic thing to do and you will enjoy the mental break, I am sure!

Hello Elo.

Ironically I haven't had the "site down" error in days, but I got it trying to load page 2 of this topic haha.

Fingers crossed we don't get an overabundance of annoying ads, that's my only concern to be honest. The site does what it needs to do as-is. But I shall remain optimistic and trust the opinions of those in the know! A new era.


Thank you for all the hard work you've done for the speedrun community and sr.c.
I wish you all the best for future projects and you'll still come around to some events I hope.

Welcome to Elo, I've had some interactions here and there from the esports side of things with you guys so I'm confident this is going to be a positive change for sr.c.

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Thanks for being awesome Pac. The site wouldn't have made it to the level it is at without all of your hardwork and dedication. Good luck in your future endeavors and take a good break. You deserve it!

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Well-deserved rest indeed. Good luck out there.


Thanks, Pac, for everything you've done for this site.

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