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Here's hoping everything works out.

Personally I can only say that I hope there will be more tools for smaller communities or people trying to build communities around games where they may be the only runner or those that wish to try and start speedrunning.

But anyways here's hoping things work out. I'd offer to help but can't help in the areas needed. Again here's hoping things grow.

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I think we all owe pac a great big thnk you for doing this important work for the community, best of luck and enjoy the break, you earned it

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Thanks for all your work on the site, Pac.

It's been an absolute pleasure working with you and I wish you good luck on future endeavors (and a well deserved break).

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Thanks for everything Pac! Good luck with your future endeavors. I wish all the best for Elo, but I hope they keep politics out of srcom.

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Thanks for everything you've done Pac, i think it's safe to say that speedrunning wouldn't be where it is now without this website.
I still remember when it was new, actually. Even back then it was already so much better than using GSheets and other things to keep track of runs.

I am curious how things will be in the future.
Anyway, take care, hope things goes well on your side.

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Bittersweet indeed, but this looks like the next logical step for the site to go in. I'm confident in SRC's future. You deserve your break, Pac, and I hope to still see you around every now and then.

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Thank you Pac for consistently making SRC a good site while you were here. o7
I hope the new owners are able to live up to what Pac has created.

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Thank you Pac for laying down the foundation over the years. The future is bright people.

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thx and gl pac

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okay but what do the folks at elo speedrun?

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Thank you so much Pac! You started something amazing .. good luck on your endeavours!

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Thank you for everything you've done to pull the community together. I've always felt you've had the community's best interests at heart. You have without a doubt made an important impact on thousands of peoples' lives. Good luck with wherever life takes you, friend.

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GLHF Pac ❤️ We'll miss you around here. As for the new ownership, I've been chatting with Alicen and the rest of ELO since about early-mid September or so. I'm very excited for the future of SRC, I think we're in good hands 😃

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Thank you for the site and your work benefiting the entirely of the speedrun community. You played an integral part in hundreds of thousands of people's lives and won't be forgotten.

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goodbye Pac we love you ❤️


Thanks Pac ❤️

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What they say. Welcome elo, goodbye Pac, owner of speedrunning! Hope to see you in streams again 😃

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