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The Tonic Trouble community has put all four games/ports under one webpage on ( This means we no longer need the N64 page, PC Beta page and the GBC page. So could some of the full mods here delete the following games for us:

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So, here's a game that is arguably NOT a game, since its an asset flip, barely a demo, that was somehow put on the wiiu eshop by a questionable dev...


anyway, long story short, its not really a game, it doesn't deserve any attention, the other runner/mod disappeared a while back and i inherited the board and WR out of nowhere... and i'm gonna delete the only "run" there, mine, after posting this... and hopefully you guys can get rid of it entirely and we can all forget it was ever a thing since it shouldn't have been one in the first place...

tx, and have a good day

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