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Hey everyone,

The update which allows you to follow games and customize your notification settings is finally released!

A lot of pages are affected by this in some form or other, so let me try to explain the main things:



Notification settings

On your settings page (accessible from the gear icon in the navigation bar or the sidemenu of your profile), you will find your 'Global notification settings'.
These include the notification types that already existed (when your run gets verified, someone likes your forum post etc) as well as a whole bunch of new ones (for example when
a run is submitted for you to verify, or when one of your WRs is beaten). Check out the page for all possible types.
For every notification type, you can customize whether you want to get that notification, as well as if you want to get an email for that type. All email options are opt-in only.

Further down on the settings page are several options to manage your followed games. Let me discuss those while explaining what following games does.


Following games

As of this update, you can follow games (just games, not series, not users, etc (yet)) by going to that games' page and clicking the new 'Follow' button in the sidemenu.
There are a couple things that might make you want to follow games:

First of all, there are various notification types that are game specific, so you can set them separately for every game you are following. This'll help you stay informed about what's happening with that game.
Once you follow a game, a 'Follow settings' link will appear in the sidemenu of that game, which will allow you to customize your settings for that game (the settings are personal and for that specific game only). Currently the only settings available on the page are the 'Game notification settings'.
These are notification types different from the global ones, for which you can once again customize which types you want to get and if you want to get emails for a type.

Related to this is the 'Followed games default notification settings', located on the settings page
The settings you choose there is what will be set for any new games you follow after this (hence 'default').
If you want to quickly change notification settings for all games you're following, check the 'Apply default to all followed games' checkbox before you save. Doing that WILL override any customizations you've made to settings for individual games.

Secondly, when you've followed games, instead of the 'Games' button in the navigation bar sending you straight to the page showing all games, it will show a list of all the games you are following (currently limited to showing max 15 to avoid it getting too long) as well as a button to still reach the page showing all games.
The order of this list is customizable, again on the settings page.
Currently you can choose from the following automatic sort modes:

• Chronological
• Alphabetical
• Most recently accessed
• Usage

Additionally, you can manually order the list by using the Up and Downg icons to move games on the list.
Any new games you follow will automatically be sorted in with the rest according to the sort mode set.
For the access date and usage modes, the order will also be updated accordingly whenever you go to the pages of your followed games, ofc.
If you want to keep the order exactly as it is, set the sort mode to custom (which is what it also gets set to if you manually order the list). In this case any newly followed games will be added to the bottom of the list.
You can also directly access the 'Follow settings' pages of the games from this list by clicking their Edit icon, or unfollow games by clicking the Delete icon.

The streams page will list streams in games you follow first, then the rest.
This applies to the main streams page, but also to the streams pages of individual series if you only follow some of the games in the series.

The forums page will, instead of showing all series and taking forever to load, only show the forums of games you are following (with a 'Show all' button to load all the series as they are now).
In addition the those game forums, the Main forums (like this one) are also still shown, as well as marathon forums.
The order of the game forums is the same as the order of the list of the 'Games' button (although not limited to showing max 15).

If you so desire, you can unfollow games you've followed using the 'Unfollow' button that replaces the 'Follow' button for followed games in their sidemenu.

Currently other users cannot see which games you're following, in the future they might but you'll be able to set it to be hidden if you want to.


Other changes

• Changed: Games that have been on the site for over 2 weeks can now only be deleted by full mods to prevent possible abuse or mistakes.
Contact a full mod in this forum or in some other way if you do find that you need an old game deleted for whatever reason.
• Changed: Rejected runs will no longer show their place on the Runs awaiting verification page.
• Changed: Marathon forums that have been inactive for over 30 days are now hidden by default. Use the 'Show inactive forums' button to show them.
• Fixed: Various bugs.

As a lot of code regarding basically everything has been changed, it is possible that some new bugs have appeared despite testing before release.
If you do find any bugs or have anything else to report about the update, let us know here or if it is security sensitive send an email to lighnat0r at

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Warning: Received boolean result from query "SELECT url FROM games WHERE parent > 0 AND name = %s". Did you mean to use query() instead of fetch()? in /home/speedrun/src/Database.php on line 49

appears at the top of


I might've missed it but what's with the game moderation name order? I'm not sure if it's in order of type of mod or order of the date of becoming moderator.

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Cool update, but I seem to be having some issues.

I'm trying to submit a time for an IL in Left 4 Dead, namely the No Mercy 5 Rooftop Finale level. I click on the level leaderboard, but it brings me straight back to the main page. (This happens for both for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2.) I click "show levels," then click on the level I want to submit a time for. When I click submit run, it gives me the default submit page that gives me a selection of the main categories to choose from, and not the ILs. I have tried clearing my browsing data, as well as using a new browser. The URL bar shows that I'm on the correct page for submitting the IL run, but none of the fields are correct. Am I mentally challenged, or is the submission page broken?



Awesome, this'll really help make keeping up to date in forums a lot easier Kreygasm

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Canterlott: both problems are fixed now.

guywith: Recently it got changed to be from high rank to low, which got 'reverted' by this update as some backend changes make it harder to do, and I didn't consider it important enough to delay the update for.

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The Kirby Air Ride mod list seems bugged maybe? (the 1431 in the mod list)


There seems to have been a bug in setting custom notification settings for a single game, so settings set that way up to now may not have been saved correctly.


Is it normal that every time a new run has been submitted for a game that I follow, I see it on top of the main page as the latest runs? There's a several runs couple days old and they're still on top 🙂


PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp


Runs in followed games are preferred for the latest runs, yes.

I've just added the ability to customize how many runs in followed games you will see on the front page minimum, maximum, and how old they are maximum.


Ah, thanks. That's exactly what I needed.


Thank you so much for this awesome feature!
Can you add same function for speedrunners? So I can follow separately speedrunners.


DeNN1Sk0: Read the first line of the Following Games section. 😛


Klashik, shit, I miss this 😃


Another bug: Default notification settings might not have been applied to newly followed games, unless you used the 'Apply default to all followed games' option on your settings page or saved the settings manually on the follow settings pages of those games.
If you think this might be the case, use the 'Apply default to all followed games' option on your settings page and it should be fixed.
Any newly followed games from this point onward should have the default settings properly applied right away, sorry for the inconvenience!

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I'm seeing runs from followed games that are over a week old, even though I have the max age set to 1 day.