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I would like to request a page for Runs to Reunite, an online charity marathon focusing on reuniting children with their families.
When: August 10th 9pm CST to August 13th 11:59pm CST
Channel: Not Determined yet
Moderators: Myself, Xelnas, ProtoMagicalGirl


@TheGreatestRoman After both PaperSerso and ExMarioSMWHacker01 were banned for being alt's and stealing run(s), your page was changed to an array of spam, including adding like 20-30 users as moderators randomly. That being said, the page was removed because one of the remaining Moderators did it.

@Cmdr Might be better to add this once you get closing to determining the cause and other details. Feel free to ping in here whenever that gets sorted.

@MunchaKoopas Done:

Regarding Teams, me and Bokoblins came to the resolution we'll only be adding teams for marathons/events with an actual charity. Additionally, only for notable users. We really don't need to be handing the permissions to make marathons freely to users who only made their accounts recently.

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@Liv Yea, I know about it, fully understandable, thanks for your actions.


Hey @Liv , Id like to request a marathon (same one Cmdr requested except now we have more details)

Name: ResortFest: Fall Fright
Theme: Online Marathon
Cause: Flint water Crisis
Dates: October 11th-14th
Length: 4 days
Moderators: Wipeoutjack7, Cmdr, Plyd823, Alaskaxp2, Sir_Tyler, Tendog


Name: Mobile Marathon
Theme: Online Marathon
Dates: 28th July 2018 - 29th July 2018
Length: 2 days

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Name: SpeedCon 2019
Type: On-Site Marathon
Cause: most likely Save the Children again like past years.
Dates: March/April ish like our past marathons, date is expected to be fixxed within the next 2-3 Months
Length: 4+ days depending on location availability and runner/attendee capacity.
Stream: Either the ESA Marathon channel our own (SpeedCon) depending on the hosting partnership.
Moderators: FPaul (SuperMod), SpeedCon, 95XTX, Andarius, Arikira, Matse007, Onestay, SmaragdSL, Yadra121

This is our third marathon with beeing our first and beeing the second.


@FPaul At the moment i'm going to deny the creation of the page until more information can be shared;
- Date(s)
- Duration
- Charity

If you'd like to discuss it further please contact me directly.

EDIT: Resolved the above Marathon request:


Name: WiiCube Marathon
Theme: Online Marathon based around Wii and GameCube games
Dates: 21st - 23rd December
Length: 3 Days
Mods: @JasperTheFish (super mod), @CountGooby, @Cmdr & @Dragolina


Hi Liv and Boko,

Name: Speedsouls Charity Marathon 2018
Theme: Speedsouls Charity Marathon is a community driven online marathon showcasing Souls speedruns, challenge runs and more while collectively fundraising for Save the Children Foundation.
Previous Marathon:
Dates: 09th - 11th of November 2018
Length: 3 days
Mods: @dark (Super Mod) (I'll add the rest later)



Hello, here's my marathon request

Name: Autism Awareness Speed Event
Dates: April 5-7, 2019 (As April is Autism Awareness Month)
Type: Online
Charity: Organization for Autism Research:
Mods: Just @DoubleDubbel for now, other mods TBA later


Seems there's an issue with marathon pages as this doesn't appear to work for me either:, tried some others and it's the same also.

Pinged an Admin about it.

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Sick timing, ain't it? My marathon gets approved and then the forums die.
Man, I really do break everything I touch Kappa

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Marathon Request:

Name: GG Speedrunning Marathon
Dates: September 28th to 30th

GG is a community of streamers trying to organize events on mixer and trying to improve the presence of speedrunners in the platform. You don't need to be a Mixer streamer so submit a run.

The intention for the maraton is to run 24 hours from September 28 (starting around 4 CST) all the way until around 10pm CST on Sunday Sept 30th.

The marathon is also intended to help the organization CDKL5 Research and help spread awareness of CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder. Any donations (if any) will go directly to the organization, no money will ever pass through our hands at all.

I hope a Marathon page can be created for this and if any other information is needed, please let me know.