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Name: Splash For A Better Future
Location: Online
Dates: June 15-June 18
Purpose: Helping our friend Splash get out of his current bad living situation so he can afford to keep his house, school, and the rest of his life going. All donations would be sent directly to him.
Stream Channel:
SRC mods: @GenoKirby, @chaos_defrost, @GeneJeanie

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Heyo, i would like to request a marathon called Peeps Get Good. It is an online marathon where new and old speedrunners can showcase their own skillset

We will be sending all donations to Macmillan Cancer Support, who can be found here

It will take place on the 9th to the 11th of November, and last from 10PM on Friday Night, to 6AM on Sunday, GMT Time

Mods will be me and Bigpro19000

We have a discord:

Stream Channel: as well as a Twitch channel:

Thanks for taking the time to overview this application

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Hello, I would like to try to request a marathon, As I havnt really done so since the fiasco in November, and i want to try again. Mindathon is a charity marathon that is known as a Mental Health awareness in Britain.

We Will be sending 100% of all donations to this charity, which can be found here.
Mods: Myself, might add someone else later.


Stream Channel:

Date being held: 27th/29th July 2018

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@superspyro64 Done:

@stibbelrino Can you at all specify the date this marathon will take place on?


@Liv Post has been updated


I would like to request a marathon

Name: Vynathon
Theme: Online Marathon
Cause: Raise money to help my friend Vyn with his medical bills
Dates: TBD (Probably in July)
Length: 1 Day

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@ShadowClaw Any chance a more specific date could be defined? Only ask this because the Schedule Editor / Dates could cause some issues if we aren't given some kind of set in stone date when we're setting up the Marathon page.

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Hi there! Us VR Speedrunners have been dying for a marathon of VR Runs. We tried getting VR Block for a GDQ, but that didn’t work. So I came up with an idea! The VROOM! Short for Virtual Reality Openly Online Marathon!

It will be held online (obviously) from August 12th - August 15th. Moderated by Gibe_Shrugs, Tenka, Me, and someone else I don’t know their name!

We’ll be accepting runs for any VR game on any platform. PSVR, Vive, Oculus, etc.

Thank you for reading.
Will provide more info if necessary.


@Liv Sorry for delayed response, yeah, we changed date and it'll be on the Second weekend of August, specifically Saturday 11 (it may change but it'll be on that weekend)


@shadowclaw Done, here:

@_graydye Done, here:

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Name: Cutesy-Thon
Theme: Online Marathon
Cause: Raising money to fight cancer, Prevent Cancer Fundation.
Dates: February 23, 2019 (Might be moved a week later,because of AGDQ.
Length: 3 days.
Stream: (Might be moved to its own channel, not decieded yet.)


If possible im interested in a team page.
Marathon is going to be a yearly thing so.
If team name is required: CutesyThon Crew
If members are needed: Theres myself and 4 others atleast, none of them have a registered account here but, i presume those can be added in later times.

- Krissy


Hello, would like to request a marathon

Name: Pixels for Peace Fall 18
Theme: Online Marathon
Cause: Raising money for Discovery Place, Alternative Drug & Alcohol Treatment Rehab
Dates: September 21-23
Lenght: 3 Days


@shadowclaw Done:

@KaiserKrister Done:

In terms of adding the team, I can ask the other staff about this. I'm not fully sure on the scenarios that teams are utilized in at the moment, but can bring it to their attention.


Hello, I wish to add Autumn Rom Hack Sprint. The slug should be arhs, it will be an onsite marathon
it will start on Saturday 9 September and end Monday 11 September. Moderators are me,
@ExMarioSMWHacker01 and @MatthewGamingLive (Both us 3 super mods)
We were a small community that played rom hacks together and since we joined srcom we started organizing this marathon that will be just for fun and with no charity. Our streaming method is sharing the stream key and we do shifts: 8 hours me, 8 hours ExSmwHacker and 8 hours Matthew. See ya

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Also, can we add the team Rom Hack Sprint? The
slug is rhsteam, and we're gonna use it after
Autumn Rom Hack Sprint to create a sequel. Members
are @PaperSerso, @MatthewGamingLive,
@ExMarioSMWHacker01 and @dkm (Us all super mods)
and the socials are the same:

We decided to request this too so we can give
people time to know all about this team. This way,
when we'll add the sequel there will be more
submissions. We wish we get popular but more
of that, we hope we'll have a lot of fun!

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In terms of teams, currently going to ask the Admins on this. Not entirely sure the situations where creating teams is appropriate.


Hello, on behalf of the ResortFest admin team, I'd like to make a request now for the fall marathon.

Name: ResortFest: Fall (potential name change later on)
Theme: Online Marathon
Cause: TBD
Dates: October 11th-14th
Length: 4 days