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Hi there! My friend tokko_tomcat and I would like to request a page for our marathon.

Name - Distant Star Cares
Marathon Dates: May 24th-27th, 2018 (there will be more marathons, including one in November, but at the time of writing, this is the nearest one)
Charity: St. Jude Children's Hospital
Online/Onsite: Online

As we're raising awareness of the kids at St. Jude, this marathon will be mostly PG (we still accept submissions of games/content rated higher than PG, but this content will be a part of our "Midnight Block")

Note: WE ARE ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR OUR MAY MARATHON UNTIL 4/29/18. Apologies for the late notice. However, as stated before, we have more marathons planned for the future, and we'll update our page once we have more information.

More info. can be found here (and if you'd like to submit and be a part of our marathon next month, feel free!):

Edit: Here's a mobile friendly link as well:
Nov 1st - 4th 2018 - Dates for Distant Star Cares 2018 (2nd marathon)


Name: Speedrun Invitational
About: Speedrun Marathon hosted at DreamHack
Charity: no chairty
Mods: Me, Kottpower, Arva, TheGoodSir
Relevant pages:

Dates: 16 - 19th of June.

We want to use for schedule and submissions.



Requested this a couple months ago, but we had it cancelled due to changes in the game we were playing. However, I've decided to reorganize this event, but keep it shorter.

Howdy! I'd like to request a marathon page for Tenno Without Borders 2018. This is the second online event currently being scheduled in June 2018 with a focus on promoting speedrunning in the sci-fi MMO game, Warframe. This event is to benefit the organization which the name was derived from, Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). Current logistics have us at a 24-hour timeframe, but we're exploring options to go farther into 48 hours.

Current moderators are Celestics and myself, but will be expanded as the event nears.


Hey, Id like to request a marathon called "ResortFest International" Cmdr, Plyd823, Alaskaxp2, Sir_Tyler, and I would help run it, it is an online marathon, we'd be raising money for the Flint water Crisis ( ),The marathon would be July 13th-15th, and the Twitch is (we are still working on the Twitch)


I'd like to add a marathon called Project Fundraising 4: A New Beginning.
Dates: TBD but will be in July
Cause: We're raising funds for our friend Becca, who is currently undergoing several surgeries and needs funds to sustain herself
Mods will be me, Benjee, OniLink86, Deinol and ImSasaki


Here to request a marathon page

Just a few things outline

Name: Operation ShadowCash
Online Marathon
Dates: July 11-13
Marathon Length: 2 days
Cause: Raise money for to help my friend ShadowClaw make a stream equipment upgrade
Mods will be piner and me


Hey! I'm here to request a marathon.

Name: Marathonception
Theme: Online Marathon where people play Multiple Games runs.
Dates: September 6th-?
Length: Depending on the submissions, but considering the runs will be long, probably around a week.
Cause: For fun 🙂
Stream: Will make one for it.

I hope you like the idea :3


Hey guys, i'm looking to add a marathon!
Name: Operation: Save Wilson
Theme: Online Marathon (no themes)
Dates: August 17th to 19th
Cause: To help my family with money issues
Stream: on my personal twitch. (


I would like to request a marathon

Name: Fight Against Time Recharged!
Theme: Online Marathon
Charity: The AbleGamers Charity
Cause: Raise money to donate to The AbleGamers Charity
Dates: November 9th-12th
Length: 4 Days


I would like to request a marathon please!

Name: Red Panda Rush
Marathon Type: Online
Theme: Games With Anthro Animals Of Some Kind
Charity: Red Panda Network
Cause: To raise funds for the Red Panda Network and help save Red Pandas!
Dates: September 15th-16th
Length: 2 Days


Here's a Marathon Request, for something official -- Dreamhack 2018~

Before the little form here's the schedule it's lookin ballin~

Name: Dreamhack 2018 (Austin)
Marathon Type: Online mixed with live venue
Marathon Dates: June 1st-June 3rd
Cause: Just to have fun~
Length: 3 days
Stream: Both and


Joeypals: Who all is in charge of organizing this marathon? This is the first we've heard of it.