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SloaTheDemon : Which month ? If it's January it's probably too short...


oh sorry i thought i put February

edit: also put the wrong dates derp xD


@Gyoo im really dumb and accidently hit delete marathon because i thought it was to take off for the submission xD do you mind make it again for me. I'm so sorry to have to ask you of this


We would like to get our online charity marathon listed please!

Name: Pixels for Peace
When: March 23-25th, 2018

About: The Pixels for Peace Marathon was an idea created by BrassWolf and Vyn who wanted to form an annual speedrunning marathon which aims to raise money for a charity which benefits people needing mental health assistance. Pixels for Peace Marathon will feature high-level speedruns of a variety of games and feature some interviews and promotions for up-and-coming games in order to raise money for the Trevor Project

Submission Deadline: February 23rd
Acceptance Letters: March 2nd
Schedule Release: March 9th



Hoping to get a page for our online charity marathon

Name: Power Up With Pride
When: June 1st-3rd 2018

Power Up With Pride is a marathon that raises money to support lgbtq+ charities

We are the same people who ran

thanks! 😃


BrassWolf :
Celyying : I'll still let you know that I shouldn't have done that because your account doesn't meet requirements.


Name: Sonic Speed 2018
When: April 14th, 2018

Sonic Speed 2018 is benefiting Help Hope Live this year. We showcase all sonic games with great speed and have been for the past 2 years. Submissions will be public this year.



Marathon creation is working again so here's your page :

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EnPassant, Theguesst, Protomagicalgirl, swc19


Rochester Institute of Technology’s Electronic Gaming Society subgroup ‘Speedruns Rochester’ is proud to present a 10 hour speedrunning marathon taking place at the RIT’s premiere yearly anime and nerd culture event; Tora-Con.

Saturday, April 14th 2018 | Noon to 10 PM EST.



Yo gyoo, got another one for you:

Requesting a thread for the ‘Really-Really-Long-a-thon 2’ (or a marathon community for RRLAT, which at this point might be easier), an online marathon running from April 1st to April 14th. The marathon, as the name suggests, focusses on really long games that dont usually get a chance due to their length. Previously this was held on the SRL channel, going to leave in the middle wether this will be the case again. Other admins are xelnas and baffan. Most likely no charity involved.

If you need to know anything else you know where to find me.

On a sidenote, I noticed marathon threads on the forum show under all community forums nowadays (at least on mobile), that intentional cause that’d make them impossible to find for most I think ? (I may have missed this being posted elsewhere, but since I have your attention now anyway ?)


Name: Need For Speedathon
Date: Either 21st-22nd april or the 28th-29th april
This marathon is just for fun, and is an Online Marathon
The marathon is to showcase different games from the Need For Speed Franchise

It will be streamed at:
and the Moderators for the Page will be me, Ewil, and GrimMaple


Name: Project Fundraising 3: Life for Jake
Date: March 30th - April 1st

Project Fundraising is a series of online marathons focusing on helping raise funds for a single individual. This marathon is going to raise funds for Jacob Soria, who is fighting leukemia. His gofundme page is here:


We are hosting "RetroSpelsMässan" for the fifth time! We need a thread for open submissions! It's a live marathon at the biggest retro convention in scandinavia!

RetroSpelsMässan 2018 will be hosted on the 26th of May live in Gothenburg




Name: McRaeathon
Date: 4th August 2018 (Start Time: 1PM GMT)
This marathon is just for fun, and is an Online Marathon
The marathon is to race through the Colin McRae Rally games (Colin McRae Rally - Colin McRae Rally 2005)

It will be streamed at: (It can also be streamed on other people's channels if they wish)
and the Moderators for the Page will be myself, CDRomatron and death_master_d

Sign up form for the marathon:


Name: Burnout-A-Thon
Mods: myself, Mopsi and TARS
Date: May 4th-6th (still pending but around that time period)
The marathon is just for fun and online. Any revenue received during the marathon will be used to be put back into the community and not kept by anyone
The marathon is a collaboration effort of the Burnout community showcasing speedruns of different categories over the entire Burnout Series.
It will be hosted here:

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Name: MidSpring SpeedFling
Dates: 2nd week of May
Marathon will be charitable, with more info coming once the community agrees on a cause
Marathon will be a combination of on-site and online runs, with on-site runs done at one of our runner's homes.
It'll be streamed at

Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂