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Hey, I wanted to request a page for our marathon called "Zimowe Gramy Szybko Pomagamy Skutecznie" - ZGSPS. It will be from February 2nd to February 4th, onsite (with occasional online runs if needed). We want to raise funds for a polish foundation named "Fundacja Dziecięca Fantazja". It will be streamed at We already did one edition, which was acknowledged as good by a small, but loyal group of fans and it had a page over at Additional page mods would be PokerFacowaty, Wielkimati, Zekori, Mr_Mary and Nookuon.

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Name:Spring Speedrun Marathon.
Date: It will start at 02/03/2018 and end at 05/03/2018.
Type:on line
Twitch channel:
Further stats: It will be streamed on my twitch channel with friends. The schedule will be set schedule at January or February, we will hold a charity for Save the Children, game submissions aren't limited.


Name: Speed Stuff 4 Charity - Winter 2018 (SS4C-W 18).
Type: Online Marathon
For: A speedrunning marathon to help support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Dates: In theory, the marathon will be hosted on the weekend of Feb 9th - Feb 11th, 2018. The reason it's so far out is because we want a lot of time for submissions this time around.
Media: You can find us on Twitch at and on Twitter @SS4CMarathon. We also have a Discord server over at:
Mods of Marathon: Myself of course, @nes, and @Pokehero.

About: Speed Stuff 4 Charity is a marathon created by Nes, and we've done it three times now. We're currently in the midst of re-branding/re-visualizing how the marathon is set up, so we're opting for the usage of for this new event. We're also now being hosted by The Fast Force team.

If there are any other questions, please feel free to ask!


Hey, I'm looking to start a marathon called MidWinter SpeedSprinter, an onsite / online marathon taking place in late February. We would be raising funds for Extra Life and it would be streamed at .
If you need more info feel free to ask 🙂

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I'd like to request a page for Speedrun Weekly.

Speedrun Weekly is a weekly (duh) racing event held on sundays, split into 2 month intervals.
The goal of SRW is to bring life to small communities, show people these often obscure games,
and have a shitton of fun learning a game in one week.
Everyone is free to participate in these races, Games raced are decided by vote,
and at the end of each interval there's a finale / special race instead of a new game.

Schedule / Additional Info
The first 2 month interval has already begun, starting 5th November, going until 31st December.
We've opened strong with Kirby's Dream Land, and then gained traction with Mole Mania,
and have The Little Mermaid coming up on Sunday.

We're not supporting a charity (yet?),
but a 1-place stream with commentary is planned / in the making at

The Team consists of the following:
-DarQ Massacres & Legs as Moderators
-Aureus Lunae, Looking for friend & JayJane4 as Commentators / Twitch
-KrusKader, Knight and me as backup and misc. stuff.


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Gooby : (You already found it)
Howdenking : After discussing with the team we concluded that the marathons pages don't really lend themselves well to recurrent races. Sorry about that.

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I'd like to add a marathon named "Cold Ones, Inc. Winter Marathon", which is an online marathon that will be streamed to on December 29th and 30th, and the marathon will be benefiting Child's Play. The purpose for the marathon is to speedrun games for fun to spread the awesomeness of the speedrun community as well as to benefit children in need. The moderators of the tournament will be Dep_Cow, FaizingMousy and myself.

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ViolinGamer :
Sorry for the lateness


Howdy! I'd like to request a marathon page for Tenno Without Borders 2018. This is the second online event currently being scheduled in June 2018 with a focus on promoting speedrunning in the sci-fi MMO game, Warframe. This event is to benefit the organization which the name was derived from, Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). Current logistics have us at a 24-hour timeframe, but we're exploring options to go farther into 48 hours.

Current moderators are Celestics, -dicht.PinkGuy-, Nusmag, and myself, but will be expanded as the event nears.


Name: Splitsmas 2018
Type: Online Marathon
For: A speedrunning marathon to raise money for Extra Life 2018 (possibly, not fully decided yet though)
Dates: First weekend of February 2018
Media: @splitsmas on twitter, , discord server (currently locked until submissions are opened on December 25th.
Mods of Marathon: Lyriati, SomeGirlClaire, nes

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Hi, I'm organizing a 3rd marathon dedicated to flash games and this time I'd like for it to be on SRC.
Name: Flash Marathon III
Moderators: Myself, Jhynjhiruu, AprilSR
Dates: Not yet confirmed when, but will be within Feb 16-18


Is there options in the submission process to have info that can only be seen by Marathon Mods? this would be so things such as email or contact info isn't just openly displayed.


I want to run my third marathon called Exploudathon (yeah it's original isn't it :D).


This marathon will happen on Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th of February,

This marathon has no charity goal yet let me explain.

I did exploudathon#2 in late December to collect 300€ so i can finally get rid of a debt.
It was very short notice and i "only" (i'm still very happy) collected 148€ .
With that i still need to pay 160€ (technically more since there'll be interest and fees).
The problem is that i only have until the 8th of March to continue paying or fully pay the money i owe them.

The goal this time would be 200€ but there is a but.

If by any chance i find a stable job before the marathon i will completely give the donations to either RPG Limit Break or SGDQ 2018.

This marathon has also as a goal to become an "Every 3-4 months marathon" to either help someone get to a marathon or for charity.
Because the end goal is not for me to only make my self a better life. It is obviously but it is also so i can give back to the community who helped me get out of a bad situation.

Hope you'll understand my situation.

Here are extra informations :
- Channel =>
- Twitter => @exploudyourear
- Discord channel for the marathon =>
- Starting time will be at the earliest runs that get submitted on that day or depending on other submissions

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Name: No Glitches Allowed
Mods: Myself, ChibiZer0, Sickynar
About: it's a marathon to show off glitchless/NMG style speedruns.
dates: 19-23rd or 27-28st of february depending on submissions
charity: undecided
Type: online


SloaTheDemon : Which month ? If it's January it's probably too short...