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Please create a site for a the next marathon for Rogue-a-rama:

- Roguearama: Fall Fun 2020
- For roguelike, roguelite, RNG-heavy, and not-marathon-safe games
- Online only
- Sep 11-13, 2020.
- Supporting Equal Justice Initiative charity
- Will be streamed on https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​roguehqxyz
- Discord community: http:/​/​discord.​roguehq.​xyz
- Mods: SkipMcLazy (primary), Cryfor, Zetnix


Name: SpeedDocsAThon
Venue: Online Marathon
Purpose of Marathon: To showcase speedruns shown off in SpeedDocs videos, to show off runs for upcoming videos, and runs from talented speedrunners in our own community.
Dates: September 4th-7th 2020.
Charity: Will either be the Trevor Project or ACLU Foundation.
Streaming Channel: NASAMarathon
Mods: myself, quo, CCNeverender

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@deathlinedeathline Done. Link
For the Team, I'll run this by Pac and let you know.

@SkipMcLazySkipMcLazy Done. Link

@cjitsallgewdcjitsallgewd Done. Link


Name: Big Bad Game-a-Thon 2020
Online Marathon
Our theme is bad, weird, and under-loved games. We're entering our fourth year.
Runs from Friday September 18 through Sunday September 20
Runs on
Mods: myself


@KowalLazyKowalLazy Any charity involved?


Not involved with this one, nope!

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Between 18th - 20th September there will be a "Maratona SGPT 2020" , online marathon from SpeedGamingPortuguês, the Portuguese-speaking version of SpeedGaming.

It will be the second marathon from the channel and the moderators will be: @DunkelGotikDunkelGotik, @FernandoAlynFernandoAlyn, @IcenineIcenine, @Tso15Tso15, @DarthSanicDarthSanic, @VenomplayVenomplay and @XanXan.


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@KowalLazyKowalLazy Okay. Sorry for the delay:

@DunkelGotikDunkelGotik Here you go:
You can add the other moderators yourself if necessary.


i've made a small speed run marathon based on arcades called The Arcade-A-Thon where speedrunners can race against the clock from 6 games back to back, i would like to give speedrunners an old school challenge on arcades. is it possible that my speed run marathon can be a thing for this community?

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@PlanetaryashesPlanetaryashes For the purposes of this thread, marathons are planned events like Games Done Quick, ESA, etc. where various speedruns are presented over the course of a few days, and we have a few specific requirements for this listed in the first post of this thread.

What you're describing requires a leaderboard, not a marathon page. Looks like you've already submitted a game request for this.

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Hello new marathon request here!

Name: Fastest Furs Fall Festival 2020
Venue: Online
Charity: Trans Lifeline
Date: November 12-15
Mods: @moonblazewolfmoonblazewolf , @ShockwveShockwve , @LaurieDBunnykinsLaurieDBunnykins , @PodzPodz , @oasusoasus

We are also interested in using for donations (pending response from the charity for a direct donation link).

First time using SRC for our events (but I have been a part of past events that used it), so please let me know if you need anything else! I am going to ping all the mods listed above on our discord to verify they have enabled email verification.

UPDATE: I just heard back from the charity with a direct donation link so we should be good to go there. 🙂


I know pretty close notice but the organizers have been kind of rushed given all the stuff that is starting up again.

Name: Thunderthon 2020
Venue: Online
Charity: Paws Your Game (For No Kill Animal Shelters)
Date: September 12-13 (36 hours)
Mods: @DrMaxtermindDrMaxtermind , @ChadThorsen , @NikoheartNikoheart , @DanSpence94 , @sneevilsneevil (I can add them myself to make it easier


Name: StruggleThon 2020
Venue: Onsite
Dates: 22nd September - 27th September 2020
Length: 6 Days
Hompegage: https://strugglethon.​de/
Twitter: https://twitter.​com/StruggleThon
Twitch: https://www.​twitch.​tv/germenchrestream
Moderators: @BambooShadowBambooShadow , @RealCriticalRealCritical

We don't need the donation-system, only the webpage. We'll be raising funds for WEISSER RING, but we'll add that into the description by ourselves.

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Name: Horror(ible) Games 2020
Venue: Online
Dates: October 30th - November 1st
Length: around 36 hours-60 hours
Mods: Myself
Twitch Channel:
Scheduling Site:
Additional notes: The marathon is a charity event for Child's Play, an organization that gives gaming rigs to sick/hospitalized children
The marathon itself is premised on horror and or horrible games, similar to things like Big Bad Game A-thon; but with a horror thematic.


@DrMaxtermindDrMaxtermind Apologies for the delay:
I could not find some of these users, as well as user @sneevilsneevil needs to enable "Require e-mail authentication" in their settings before they can be added.



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It's time for yet another Prince of Persia speedrunning marathon which I hereby would like to request a page for once again! This marathon exists to promote speedrunning the series and to have fun with everyone since we're a relatively small community.

Name: Prince of Persia Marathon 2020
Goal: Promote Prince of Persia's speedrunning while having fun, no charity or donations
Dates: From November 27th to 29th, 2020
Type: Online
Twitch channel: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​popruns
Mods: 7eraser7, epicdudeguy, Sphere, Samabam, tocaloni1

Previous marathons: 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019. Thank you in advance!


Hey apologies for the delay, I'll look at these when I get home.

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Two notes:
1. SecondLtBadger does not have e-mail authentication enabled in their settings so I was unable to add them.
2. If the date needs to be set to 4-6, let me know if you are unable to and we'll adjust it.


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Hey, I'm part of AusSpeedruns, the team that organizes ASM, ASM@PAX, and now FAST. Currently we have a marathon page at, but I was wondering if we'd be able to get a team page? We've been running bi-annual events since 2015, so it'd be good to have a log of that here.

Thanks 🙂

Technical Coordinator

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