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@MakkerDonMakkerDon Apologies for the delay: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​ucry_marathon


This is probably better directed at Pac via discord, can find him on the the SRC server here: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​0h6sul1ZwHVpXJmK


@LivLiv No problems, its vacation after all, thank you

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Name: Game Break Days
Venue: Onsite
Dates: 22nd - 29th November
Length: 7 Days
Hompage: https:/​/​gamebreakdays.​de/​
Twitch: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​connect_koeln
Moderators: @LittleZeroLittleZero , @serdrad0xserdrad0x, @BroedgemanBroedgeman

We'll be raising funds for "Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe"


Name: InstaSpeedathon 2020
Stream Channel: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​instaspeedathon
Charity: Everyone Can UK ( https:/​/​www.​everyonecan.​org.​uk/​ )
Discord: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​Xp2XVDF
Dates: Once again, the InstaSpeedathon marathon will take place in February. We're currently looking at the 14th-17th or 21st-24th of February 2020, but exact dates are still yet to be confirmed as they will need to coincide with the February Week Half Term here.
Submissions will be 2nd of September - 29th of December 2019.
Moderators: For now I will be the only moderator of InstaSpeedathon 2020.
Venue: Currently being confirmed, but we are looking to host InstaSpeedathon 2020 onsite with online runs as well, but this will be confirmed prior to submissions.

If there's anything else that needs adding then please let me know 🙂


@InstaSimInstaSim Here you go: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​InstaSpeedathon_2020

I've left the dates as 14-17th for now, but you can change those later if the slot does move to a bit later.

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Team: Speedrun Assembly of Luxembourg
Name: Enter Game Cup Völklingen 2019
Venue: Kulturhalle Wehrden Völklingen, Germany
Stream Channel: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​speedrunassemblylu/​
Purpose: Bring together the speedrunners of mainly Luxembourg, France and Germany at their borders.
Discord: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​SJ5X9kc
Dates: There will be a marathon on the 5th October, we plan to do it from 12 to about 23 o'clock. Depending on how many submission we get, we might continue the marathon on the 6th October, potentially from 11-17 o'clock.
Submissions are open until the 20th September.
Moderators: LeoLuxo and me

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Thank you to the mods for being so helpful with questions! The RPG Valkyries would be happy to make a page for our next marathon here -

Marathon Name: Speedrun Ragnarok 2019
Type: Online Event
Charity: Take This ( https:/​/​www.​takethis.​org/​ )
Dates: 10/13/2019 - 10/19/2019
Times: 9am East Coast US Sunday - 6pm East Coast US Saturday
Twitch Channel: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​theRPGValkyries
Moderators: @caeshuracaeshura @Demerine2Demerine2 @DravenheartDravenheart @NetaraNetara @nickynoelnickynoel @Pa-SamaPa-Sama @SchalaKittySchalaKitty @sparkoversparkover
@sylverfyresylverfyre @theRPGchicktheRPGchick @tinahackstinahacks @Witchs_HexWitchs_Hex

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Name: Bingothon Winter 2019
Type: Online
Charity: tba
Dates: November 29th - December 2nd 2019
Stream: https:/​/​twitch.​tv/​speedrunslive
Website (idk if needed but i think it can provide some additional infos): https:/​/​bingothon.​com
Discord: https:/​/​discord.​bingothon.​com
Mods: @lepeloglepelog @Pikastroff @palmymkgamespalmymkgames @Floha258

Edit: Since this is our 3rd marathon already would it be possible to get a Bingothon team with the same mods?


@LivLiv Thank you for adding the marathon 🙂 that's great too, I'll change the dates when I know more.

Just want to ask, would it be possible to add @RampantEpsilonRampantEpsilon as a moderator for InstaSpeedathon 2020?


@InstaSimInstaSim Sure, added them.

@SchalaKittySchalaKitty Here you go: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Speedrun_Ragnarok_2019

@RelvoiRelvoi Here you go: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Speedrun_Assembly_of_Luxembourg

@Floha258Floha258 Here you go: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​bingothon_winter_2019

Regarding the team request, may be best to reach out to @PacPac via discord on that one. I'm kind of hesistant to add teams (and haven't really added any thus far) just due to the nature of it allowing free page creation.

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Venue: Online
Dates: December 1
Length: 1 day
Discord: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​7SvGsaz
Stream: https:/​/​twitch.​tv/​warm_ham
Moderators: warm_ham


What on earth is a 'team' in this context?


@emeraldalyemeraldaly Short answer: it's like a series, except for marathons.

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Requesting a marathon page be created

Name: Midfall SpeedBall 2019
Date and Time: November 16th starting at 10am CST through November 17th ending at 6pm CST (we might adjust the hours depending on how many submissions we receive)
Marathon will be hybrid of onsite runners during daytime hours, online runners during the overnight hours.
Charity: TBD
Channel: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​midwestspeedfest

Moderators: theoblivinator, SecksWrecks, Helix, Imawakka, JustCallMeWade, Kupokraft,


Edit: Forgot to add CountGooby as a moderator. Please add him to the list.

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Bump again. Did everyone forget about this thread?


I also am looking for my marathon to be approved


@warm_hamwarm_ham Some core information seems to be missing in your request. I'd like to point you to the information in the initial post in this thread:

• You must provide as much information about the marathon as possible : onsite or online, purpose of the marathon, eventual supported charity, estimation of dates and duration, stream channel, list of mods... (these are examples).

Kindly provide more information about the marathon so that we can proceed with reviewing your request.