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@deathlinedeathline Here: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​ss4c6

@CountGoobyCountGooby What's the current state of this marathon at all, in terms of organizing? Mainly ask since it appears to be March 2020, which is quite a ways away.

@RamValGamingRamValGaming Ideally, we want marathons to be concurrent, as in, continuous without half a day/day breaks. Could as much information as you can provide be given on this particular request? Is any kind of schedule constructed at this current time?

@CaveQuestCaveQuest Similarly to the above, could some more information please be provided? Ideally we want marathons to be concurrent, unless I'm misunderstanding what is meant by "will be live between 10am to 11pm". How far ahead in terms of being organized is this?

@GakiGaki Could any additional information be provided? Has organization or any beginning of a schedule being written up at all, as an example?


Generally I gave you all the information I can give you at the moment, but here is everything in short:

Marathon: RNG Festival
Type: Online Event
Dates: 18th - 20th October
Times: 4pm - 12am CEST on each day
Twitch Channel: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​germench
Mods: Myself, @ChaoskittyxChaoskittyx, @MowlieMowlie and @YukiArisatoYukiArisato
Charity: Germench e.V. (no extra donations, just bits and subs)

Additional Reason for doing the Event:
As far as we four se it, there are not enough germanspeaking online events about speedruns at the moment. That's the reason why we started this idea. Also many marathons don't take RNG heavy runs. Of course it goes with risks taking those, but we generally will add them to the schedule and if the run dies, the runner still can use his/her time to show of glitches etc.

Additional Info:
We can't currently provide a schedule, because the submissions just opened and we will close it around one month before the event.
If we get enough runs, we will add 1-3 days to the marathon so it would go from 18th to maximum 23rd October.
The Times we will hold the event are also a general guideline, because a run can go longer etc. But because of work hours we will make big breaks anyway. That's because we want most of the germanspeaking folk, interested in speedruns, being able to watch the full event or even partake in it.

I think, that should be everything we can currently provide you with.


@LivLiv we have organizated everything we just need the marathon page. only reason why we request it so early is because other moderator with me have some personal stuff to handle for next month so we decided to try get the marathon page and give people like month to submit runs and stuff so we can make the schedule early September. If u need any further information just @ me on this thread 🙂



Answering on behalf of Gooby since I help organize our marathons. The marathon is confirmed to be taking place at the dates listed. We are confirmed to be apart of VGMcon like we were last year. What more info do you need?

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@LivLiv Well the marathon is started by me due to the fact I have dealt with this and want to help out as much as I can... This has been organized about a month soon it's just that the marathon won't be streamed 24 hours due to my limitations in terms of living... And I planned this for some time now... It's just that I haven't been able to set it in stone until when I made the original post...


so podz do we have to be at a certain location or is can we just stream it at home


@HeyItsGManHeyItsGMan looks like it's an online marathon so yes but this is definitely not the right place for that question

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Name : Bad & Obscure Speedrun Showcase
Dates : Aug 30 5PM CDT - Sept 2 7PM CDT

Marathon will be showcasing bad and/or obscure RPGs and streamed at www.​twitch.​tv/​RPGlimitbreak

Not for charitable cause.

Games list and schedule are live. All organization is finalized.

Mods : Myself, @Pa-SamaPa-Sama, @PeteDorrPeteDorr, @LifaFreezeLifaFreeze


Thank you kindly.


Marathon: Diet HUTEfest
Type: Online Event
Dates: 26-27 October
Times: 10am - 10pm EDT each day
Twitch Channel: https:/​/​twitch.​tv/​lylatr
Mods: Myself, @CMM1215CMM1215, @MetalGlennSolidMetalGlennSolid, @MIDIbuskerMIDIbusker, @enINFAMOUSvyenINFAMOUSvy

Please let me know if you have any questions.




Marathon: Big Bad Game-a-Thon 2019
Type: Online Event
Dates: 20-22 September 2019
Times: 4pm East Coast US Friday through 10pm East Coast US Sunday
Twitch Channel: https:/​/​twitch.​tv/​bigbadgameathon


@KowalLazyKowalLazy Is it just you for moderators, same as the other two marathons?


Hello Liv! Yes, that would be fine. Thanks for checking 🙂



I would like a page created for a marathon that is in the making. We are working on it as we speak.

UCry Marathon ( - A marathon for speedruns of games either published by UbiSoft and/or running on a version of CryEngine. The idea is to bring together communities and games that otherwise have nothing else in common and have some good old fun.

The marathon will be an online marathon and will not have a charity involved.

The idea right now is to have the marathon take place Fri 22 Nov - Sun 24 Nov (if enough gets submitted then we might also add the thursday and monday, a long weekend)


lekolega (
Chickenb0h (
and myself

Thanks in advance


Question for the admin - I saw in some older messages that some previous charity marathons were integrated with a Tiltify campaign rather than a Paypal account for taking donations, but as those have past so I can't look at the pages themselves. Would using Tiltify still allow a marathon to track donation incentives on the SRC side? Thanks in advance for an answer.