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KomradeKontroll : Should be fine, we already "hosted" two seasons of the Prince of Persia marathon, so it should be a similar case for you.


Yeah so pretty short notice from me then but on October 21st is CastleMania, an all day Castlevania speedrun showcase. If I can pull even one speedrunner from SRC for this that would be great.

Deadline currently for submissions is October 1st but honestly I'd take em as soon as one can submit at this point.



Marathon Name : Horror Thriller Monster Marathon
It will be an online marathon
The purpose of the marathon is to just have a Halloween themed speedrun marathon.
Submissions would be open asap, the actual event date will either be October 29th or the 31st
will be hosted on
mods can be the same as the current NASA 2018 forum
the event itself will be 24 hours long
twitter :
discord :

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I would like to request the "InstaSpeedathon 2018" marathon.
This will be an Online Marathon with the purpose of just showcasing speedruns and for a little fun. The marathon may be used to raise money for a charity, though this will be confirmed at a later date closer to the actual marathon itself.
I'm hoping to host this marathon between the 26th-28th of February, though this is just a proposed date for now and this date may change closer to the event though I will notify in advance (if accepted) if there are any changes.
This event will be broadcast onto my own Twitch Channel (InstaSim). If this event proves successful, I may consider making a dedicated channel for future InstaSpeedathon events.
Submissions will open around Mid-End of October and will carry through to Mid-December / Early-January (depending on popularity).
I will currently be the only moderator of this event, though I may add more if the need arises.


I'm requesting the 'Live For Speedrun' Marathon, an online marathon which will start on 24/12/17.
Schedule will be edited and up before then. The marathon is our first, so it'll just be some fun.
RoyTheGamer70 will mostly moderate.


InstaSim :

Gave2haze : I'll come back to you. I'm not a fan of asking for a marathon for someone else, because of antecedent history

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On October 27-29 I will be holding the "A Friend in Need" marathon. A coworker of mine recently discovered she has stage 3B breast cancer and is getting treatment for it now. Another coworker has setup a gofundme for her,and I want to run an event on my channel to generate as much help from her as I can. The kindness of strangers can go a long way to helping a mother of 4 in her fight to stay with her family. All links and submissions are here in this google form.

Submissions are open until 10/14/2017.

Any word spreadage or help outside of participating in the event directly is greatly appreciated.


Falexxx1 : The marathons creation is currently buggy. I'll get back to you when it works again.


Looking to submit an online marathon called "How Are Runs"

This event will be held on November 11th and 12th for 12-16 hours each day, going offline at night. This event will be non-charity for entertainment purposes only (Charity find raising is considered in the future)

Our Submission form:

Twitch Channel:


Our Discord can be found on our submission form.

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Name: Really Really Long A Thon
Date: December 1st - 14th
Charity Shriners Hospital for Children (or Childs Play if shriners fall through)
Focus will be on Hundred percent runs and games with a time over 4 hours.

Would also like to feature a single run or 2 runs that are multiple days long that would happen in a portion of the stream (bottom corner)

Submission form:



Name: Speed Games United Winter 2018
Date: 2. - 4.2 2018
Location: Finland, Helsinki, Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre

Marathon will be onsite, purpose is to have fun and unite speed gamers. Main organizers are me, Nikneim, Arzga, Noobest and Oasiz. It will

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Marathon Name: Yet Another Speedrun Marathon
'Slug': YASM
By: MyOhMyke (and hopefully some friendly volunteers who will help him out ¤thumbs up¤)
For: Children's Hospital of Richmond via Extra Life
Dates: December 9th, Noon - December 10th, Noon (Eastern)

About: Yet Another Speedrun Marathon, this time #ForTheKids at the Children's Hospital of Richmond! This will be a 24-hour(ish) event, where 100% of donations go directly to the hospital. Money raised may go to staffing, therapy equipment for the hospital and at-home, recreational therapy, research, and perhaps most importantly to provide uncompensated care for patients. This allows families to bring their loved ones in for care without worrying about how to foot the bill -- whether the bill is for routine check-ups to keep kids safe and healthy or for desperately needed, life-saving surgeries. Donations will be handled directly through Extra Life's donation system.

This is the first event I'll be running, so I'll be looking for some help, but if it goes well I'd like to make it a series, as well.

  [user deleted]

Hiya. Requesting the BlueRayThon. It will take part on its page on the site it will be streamed on my own Twitch: in fact, I will own the whole marathon. It will start at 28/12/2017. The
schedule will be improved throughout the event or probably I'll schedule that at December. I'll then decide to handle all alone or to engage someone else.


MyOhMyke :
RayBlue312 : You've done enough mess with marathons already. And your account still doesn't meet the requirements.

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Name: "Project: Fundrising 2" (Typo intended)
By: BenjeeRTA (Head Staff) + TheEpicFlame, DeinolGaming & Katherine0496
For: People in Need (Who are known in the community)
Date: January 26 - 28 , 2018
Type: Online Marathon

YouTube: (Videos are being uploaded soon)

About us shortly: "Project: Fundrising" is a speedrun marathon for people in need who are struggling financially, have lost their jobs, lost their home, don't have the money for a time-out in their lives. We've already done one marathon as a test early this month and ended up raising $750 for the person. In following to this, we want to continue this project for people in need, who are known among the Speedrun Community, as we can't take every x random people for the terms of security of scamming. 100% of the money donated goes to the person who we are fundraising for.

This time we're raising money for ImSasaki, a long-time friend of mine and regular in several speedrun streams, who is struggling financially to pay himself medicine, as he lives in Japan. Studies at university full-time and works part-time to help his family and himself for financial stability. However, it's not enough for the while being right now to buy medicine that last long enough as he has strong allergies that hinder him from studying and even working. In order to prevent Sasaki from withdrawing to eat food for several days every week (that's what he did before I raised money for him on my birthday, see below) to even maintain buying the medicine, we wanna raise money for him.

I've once raised money for Sasaki on my birthday stream where we managed to buy enough medicine for half a year, but it's soon the time where the meds become really short again.


Name - Czechoslovak marathon
Staff - Corkysek [Head], BurningPain [Streamer and staff], Skizzie [Scheduler and staff]
Type - Online
Dates - Not yet, but November or December
Charity - No charity for now, need to find a suitable one first

About - This marathon is for people from Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are doing this mainly to get more people from here into speedrunning. The stream will be most likely happening on my twitch channel, it is not 100% yet.

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Sorry for the lateness, got busy with IRL stuff lately

Benjee :
CorkySek :