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Name: Yuuto Ichika Saves Lives
Venue: Online
Cause: Save the Children - https:/​/​www.​savethechildren.​org/​
Webpage: http:/​/​www.​lamedimension.​moe/​yuutoichikasaveslives.​html
Date: August 17, 2019
Length: 24 Hours
Stream: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​chairgtables
Mods: @ChairGTables, @Sonii

This marathon is being done due to a bullying incident, where a kid was endlessly bullied by numerous people for the subpar quality of her drawing of her original character Yuuto Ichika. To prove them wrong about the kid's creativity being pointless, her original character will represent the marathon, raising charity funds for Save The Children in order to save lives. With this, the kid will see that her efforts were not pointless, as it contributed to the good of this world. I'm also doing this marathon to introduce the non-speedrunning portion of my community to how fun speedrunning could be. I've been running a temporary Google Form for submissions here until a possible proper marathon page is made.


Name: LEGOthon 2019
Venue: Online
Cause: St Jude's Research Hospital https:/​/​www.​stjude.​org/​
Date: From August 19th-25th (May change to a fewer number of days based on how many runs are submitted
Mods: @ThatToffee @Prnced @Doughboys
This is a revival of a marathon series dedicated to solely LEGO licensed games, we have a very large community of passionate runners scattered throughout a large variety of games, we've only once been featured at GDQ events, back in 2011 in a glitchless run and as such our community would love a chance to showcase our games for a good cause. We're currently in the process of organizing the marathon on our discord: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​0nCWhvIFSY3nKJDh .


@ChairGTablesChairGTables https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​Yuuto_Ichika_Saves_Lives

@ThatToffeeThatToffee https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​LEGOthon_2019

Also from this point onwards we've adjusted the requirements with marathons, everyone can find this information on the first post of this thread. Eventually all information regarding marathon guidelines/rules will be moved towards one of the SRC rule pages that we have. Questions regarding this should be made in a new thread.


@Dangerless Thanks for accepting the marathon. I am having a bit of trouble with setting up the donation tracker page though, as I am unable to input anything on the PayPal email address section. Is this something that only admins can set up? I've read from another thread that only admins can have this approved. If so, the Paypal email I would like to associate with it would be Once again, thanks!

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@ChairGTablesChairGTables You will need to directly get into contact with Pac, which you can do so via e-mail in the about page or send him a DM in the discord server. https:/​/​discord.​gg/​0h6sul1ZwHVpXJmK

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I'd very much like to request an allowance for an online marathon called Speed Gaming for Animals (Or just SGA Marathon).
As the name suggests, we'd love support our wildlife, making the World Wildlife Foundation, WWF, a perfect candidate. The marathon will take place on the weekend of August 10th - 11th and will be entirely online. However all of the crew behind the marathon will be located in the same location thoughout, to make sure it all runs smoothly through the night.

We expect the marathon to run for 48 hours with no breaks. However, if we don't manage to get enough submissions to fill out the entire thing, we may have breaks in between.

Regarding the channel the marathon will be hosted on, we are currently negotiating with a third party channel, but the worst case scenario is that it will be streamed on my own channel (

All the runs in the final schedule will be performed by runners that have submitted to the marathon. This is not for self promotion and is entirely for charity.

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Hi! We're organising the fifth edition of SpeedyFists Marathon.

I have no idea about the requirements to have a dedicated page as other marathons have ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​uksg or https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​bsg ), but it would be interesting to have one.

Regarding the new marathon:

Name: Speedyfists - Autumn 2019
Theme: Online Marathon based on Fighting Games
Dates: 18th - 20th October 2019
Length: 3 Days
Charity: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Discord: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​xhhfbHV
Stream: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​speedyfists
Twitter: https:/​/​www.​twitter.​com/​SpeedyFists_
Mods: @NovaFortuneNovaFortune, @CountGoobyCountGooby, @MaiguelsMaiguels, @micsoulmicsoul, @ShirdelShirdel, @SanjihimuraSanjihimura, @tokko_tomcattokko_tomcat

If more information is required, please tell me.


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Hey. The marathon I want to request is RNG Festival.

It will be a german speedrunning event which will take place online over at
Time the marathon will be held: 18. - 20.10.2019 between 4pm-12pm o'clock. maybe more days depending on submissions.
The subs and bits will go towards Germench e.V. to finance more speedrunning onsite events for other charity foundations.

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Marathon: Speed Stuff 4 Charity 6
Type: Online Marathon
Purpose of Marathon: Speedruns, glitch exhibitions, and more to raise money for charity!
Charity: The Trevor Project
Dates: Aug. 30th - Sept 1st (maybe 2nd depending on amount of submissions)
Stream Channel: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​speedstuff4charity
Mods: Myself, @nesnes, and @pinerpiner

Edit: Figured I'd add in that we've had 2 past marathons added before, being Speed Stuff 4 Charity - Winter 2018 (/ss4c-w18) and Speed Stuff 4 Charity 5 (/ss4c5).

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Marathon: Midwinter Speedsprinter 2020
Type: Onsite Marathon at the Sheraton West Minneapolis during VGM Con
Dates: March 6 - 8
Stream Channel: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​midwestspeedfest
Mods: Myself, SecksWrecks, Helix, Imawakka, JustCallMeWade, Kupokraft, Philosoraptor42, Theoblivinator

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Generally we aim for those 3 days, each day from 4pm-12pm. If we get more submissions and the runners are able to, we will consider to add a day or more.
The mods would be: Myself, @ChaoskittyxChaoskittyx, @MowlieMowlie, @YukiArisatoYukiArisato


So I would like to start a marathon called the September Powerhouse which starts on the 13th of September and ends on the 15th... The marathon will be for the UK based Mind which is specified for Mental Health and well being. The Stream will be hosted on my personal twitch and will be live between 10am to 11pm (My local time) and our moderators are Myself and @CaptainCainerCaptainCainer


Generally I gave you all the information I can give you at the moment, but here is everything in short:

Marathon: RNG Festival
Type: Online Event
Dates: 18th - 20th October
Times: 4pm - 12am CEST on each day
Twitch Channel: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​germench
Mods: Myself, @ChaoskittyxChaoskittyx, @MowlieMowlie and @YukiArisatoYukiArisato
Charity: Germench e.V. (no extra donations, just bits and subs)

Additional Reason for doing the Event:
As far as we four se it, there are not enough germanspeaking online events about speedruns at the moment. That's the reason why we started this idea. Also many marathons don't take RNG heavy runs. Of course it goes with risks taking those, but we generally will add them to the schedule and if the run dies, the runner still can use his/her time to show of glitches etc.

Additional Info:
We can't currently provide a schedule, because the submissions just opened and we will close it around one month before the event.
If we get enough runs, we will add 1-3 days to the marathon so it would go from 18th to maximum 23rd October.
The Times we will hold the event are also a general guideline, because a run can go longer etc. But because of work hours we will make big breaks anyway. That's because we want most of the germanspeaking folk, interested in speedruns, being able to watch the full event or even partake in it.

I think, that should be everything we can currently provide you with.


@LivLiv we have organizated everything we just need the marathon page. only reason why we request it so early is because other moderator with me have some personal stuff to handle for next month so we decided to try get the marathon page and give people like month to submit runs and stuff so we can make the schedule early September. If u need any further information just @ me on this thread 🙂



Answering on behalf of Gooby since I help organize our marathons. The marathon is confirmed to be taking place at the dates listed. We are confirmed to be apart of VGMcon like we were last year. What more info do you need?

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@LivLiv Well the marathon is started by me due to the fact I have dealt with this and want to help out as much as I can... This has been organized about a month soon it's just that the marathon won't be streamed 24 hours due to my limitations in terms of living... And I planned this for some time now... It's just that I haven't been able to set it in stone until when I made the original post...


so podz do we have to be at a certain location or is can we just stream it at home


@HeyItsGManHeyItsGMan looks like it's an online marathon so yes but this is definitely not the right place for that question

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Name : Bad & Obscure Speedrun Showcase
Dates : Aug 30 5PM CDT - Sept 2 7PM CDT

Marathon will be showcasing bad and/or obscure RPGs and streamed at www.​twitch.​tv/​RPGlimitbreak

Not for charitable cause.

Games list and schedule are live. All organization is finalized.

Mods : Myself, @Pa-SamaPa-Sama, @PeteDorrPeteDorr, @LifaFreezeLifaFreeze