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@Floha258 Probably better to wait for further details before making this. There's so little info here, no stream, charity currently not decided and we need an exact date it'll take place.

@Force Done:

@Cmdr Done:

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Alright, let‘s give this another try:
Name: Bingothon (online speedrun marathon of various bingo races of different games)
Date: 1st/2nd december
Charity: Doctors without Borders
Mods: pikastroff, lepelog, outer_earth, redskye04 and me


@Floha258 Due to the sensitive nature of charity events and sr.c, I am denying the request to have this listed on Before we approve this request and allow it to be listed on the site we are going to require more information and further follow up as we get closer to this event.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to me.



Ok i guess, i‘m giving this one last try (l actually feel kind of dumb asking for this a third time... but anyways)
Name: Bingothon (online speedrun marathon of various bingo races of different games)
Date: 1st/2nd december
Charity: We are gonna provide Doctors Without Borders/ Medicines sams frontiers (more about them and their cause can be seen on their official website: and are gonna collect donations via this tlitify campaign:
Mods: pikastroff, lepelog, outer_earth, redskye04 and me


@Floha258 This should be fine. Primarily we just wanted more information, such as confirmation it was being hosted on ZSR and such.

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Name: TFF5 - The Fast Force 5
Venue: Online (Twitch)
Date: February 1st-3rd 2019
Charity: AFSP
Mods/Organizers: Lyriati, nes, deathline, piner


Name: StruggleThon 2018 (
Venue: Private Rooms, non-public
Date: 16. - 18. November 2018
Charity: Deutsche Krebshilfe
Mods/Organizers: RealCritical and BambooShadow


@Lyriati Done:

@BambooShadow Done:
I managed to find your Horaro schedule also so linked it onto the page itself, so the schedule tab will now just redirect to your Horaro schedule page. If you don't want it like this, feel free to change it.

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Name: Lake Effect Warning
Venue: Online and in-person
Date: Dec. 21-23 2018
Charity: Take This (through Tiltify, )
Mods/Organizers: swc19 and protomagicalgirl


Name: Midwest Speedfest 2019
Venue: On-site + online (on-site location is Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, 1300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403)
Dates: August 23-25 2019
Charity: TBD
Twitch -
Discord -
Twitter -
Mods/Organizers: CountGooby, Helix, Imawakka, TheOblivinator, Philosoraptor42, Prolix, JustCallMeWade, Kupokraft, SecksWrecks


Name: FanGames Marathon
Venue: Online
Dates: 30 December-1 January
Charity: None for now
Mods: only me for now, might add someone else later
The event will be streamed on YouTube.


@CountGooby Might be best if this is left until the charity is decided upon.

@RaffoFan Can any more information be given providing this? Most of those accounts seem rather new.

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Sure, I have just made these because I'm new to twitter and youtube, also a description would be an event made by me since I like fangames and would like to see them on the spotlight. Also, the schedule will be decided at the beginning of december.


GamerLand got back into what I'm pretty sure was one of his old accounts. (A piece of non-public information was checked on the account.) Please stop harassing the site, thanks.

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Name: speedAAAAAAAAAAthon
Type: Online
Dates: December 1/2
Time: 48 hours
Cause: Help Revolucion Raise Money for GDQ Travel
Page Moderators: LaurieDBunnykins, revolucion, TGH


Can I just say, us East Coast US people need a marathon (missed the voting). It would be amazing


Name: Super Sony Speed
Theme: Online Marathon
Cause: -
Dates: March 15th-17th, 2019
Length: 3 days
Moderators: Cmdr, SloatheDemon, CountGooby, JaspertheFish

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Name: Sonic Speed 2019
When: April 13th-15th, 2019

Sonic Speed 2019 will be raising money for charity again this year. Help Hope Live will be the charity once again this year. ( ) We speedrun and race all Sonic games, and we have been for the past 3+ years. Submissions will be public again this year.