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@MrDino023 Would you be able to specify which users are moderating the page?

Edit: sorted, done:

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Sure Liv.

For now it will be Jwillyverses and myself. I might be adding more in the future. But that would be it for now.


Name: Mobile Marathon - After Christmas Party
Online marahon:
No charity!
Days: Not sure, after christmas and before new year
Length: 1-2 days (depending on how many runners we can get)

This is the second of our mobile speedrun eevnts. The last one was a couple of days ago and for us a huge succes, so we decided to do another one!

The mods would be the same as last one, again 4 people.
In the short submission phase we had on our Discord, about 8 people said that they´ll participitate and we DO NOT have any run again.

I hope that it´ll get accepted ^^

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Name: MAGLabs 2018 Speedrunning Test Chamber
Stream: There will be one, but the channel is not yet decided.

This will be an on-site event at MAGLabs, a maker-oriented gaming event taking place from September 7-9 in Alexandria, Virginia, United States - for more info about the event as a whole.

This is not to raise money for a charity (though the event itself is run by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, MAGFest, Inc.) but to exhibit speedrunning to event attendees.

Dates: September 7-9, 2018 (from one of those days to possibly all of them, depending on submission volume)
Moderators: Just me.


@Saramoor Would be better to add/establish this marathon only once a date has been set in my opinion, as that is one requirement placed in Gyoo's original post.

@stump Similar to the above request, might be better to add this marathon after all information has been finalized, in particular the channel location at which the stream will take place.


@Liv Got it! Thanks for your response! We'll do it on the 28th/29th of December.
If we don't get enough requests, it'll just be the 28th.


Hi, looking to add a marathon called Tough as Nails

online marathon
Showcasing games that are considered difficult casually (battletoads, dark souls, cuphead, etc)
streaming here:
September 21-23 2018
Likely supporting Child's Play Charity
Likely the same mods as I had for Wicked Fast last year, but we'll see



CandyBreaker looks 99% like the user who has been making 100s of accounts and getting involved in random marathons to trash the site and annoy other users. 0 traceability on social media, signed up for everything 8 days ago, seeking mod on games he doesn't have runs in, and just happens to want to get involved with a marathon. I really don't buy it. Careful who you hang out with.


Not that I know anything what with being so new to the community, but if we're going to question CandyBreaker's legitimacy, he reached out to me on discord to ask me about joining the marathon. Which weirded me out a bit because:
a) He first asked (with poor grammar) if I was on this site (Um, where else would you get my discord?)
😎 Then he asked me what my user name was since he said he didn't remember it (Both of these seem rather bot-like)
c) I'm ridiculously new and shouldn't be an early choice for a marathon, especially considering I've only got one run on the site and two on Youtube (Seriously, you desperate?)
d) My profile says I only do web games, which, again, I wouldn't consider an early choice for a marathon. (I'm not short-sheeting myself am I?)
e) I just noticed this, but the discord link he gave me is not the one MastaBruce posted.

I'll be clear that I'm too inexperienced to pass judgement, but I still thought this should be shared.


Was confirmed to be that user, after they spammed up the discord. I'll let Kirk handle this particular request if he's willing to allow it.

Not to try to put a wrench in your request if you are in fact sincere, but this exact thing happened like... less than a month ago and it resulted in a marathon page with a ton of spam, and them adding like a hundred users as moderators randomly.

Just going to be cautious from here on out about adding marathon pages for relatively newer users. Sorry, but idiots like that are the ones who ruin it for everybody else.


Everyone I've spoken to about it seemed pretty trustworthy and everything seemed legitimate from what I could tell. I hadn't seen any reason not to trust them. (Edit) And as soon as I say that he sends me this message on discord.

""Hi, is an awful site. I started a revolution with a friend, can you join and help us? I'll explain it more good later. We need your help too! the site banned me overnight for no reason time ago, but the previous revolution failed. With this new revolution made by part of a lot of friends we'll get our revenge! We tried asking for forgiveness but instead of listening they deleted our messages!""

I knew it sounded too good to be true and should have gone with my instincts. Why would a random group want to help me with my problems the day I decide to post my first speedrun times lol. Be careful who you guys trust.

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Yo guys really my bad, I didnt know about this kid until today and actually thought he was legitimate, I'm just here to run and have fun. Didn't mean to cause any problems and apologize for the inconvenience 🙁
Edit: I'm definitely still new to the community and am trying to be more involved so I jump on any opportunity I get, but from now on I'll be more cautious and do more digging into the accounts I associate with. Thanks Admins!

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Lmao so candybreaker is another thegamerland's alt

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Name: InstaSpeedathon 2019
Stream Channel:
Charity: RNIB ( )
Dates: Planned for week starting 25th of February 2019. The finalised dates should be confirmed around December / January.
Submissions: 3rd of September 2018 - 30th of December 2018.
Moderators: For now I will be the sole moderator, but I plan to open moderator applications for others to apply.

InstaSpeedathon 2019 will be the second Marathon in the InstaSpeedathon series (the first one happening in 2018). Despite the difficulties of the previous marathon, it still went ahead and was a great success.

As with the first marathon, this will be an online marathon which will now be streamed on our new dedicated Twitch Channel for the marathon. We also have a new dedicated Discord server for the marathon so that we can discuss more about the marathon in more detail.

The big change this year as well is that we will be supporting a charity. The charity for 2019 will be RNIB (Royal National Institution for Blind People), which is the UK's leading charity for blind people and for people who are partially sighted.

If there is anything else which needs added then please let me know 🙂


Hi my name is IndDragPack and I'm one of the organisers the 'United Kingdom Speedrunner Gathering'
UKSG is a quadannual onsite marathon currently located in Glasgow, UK.
We're having our fourth event in a few weeks and once again raising money for the charity Organization 'YoungMinds'
Due to a recent partnership our next event will also be streamed on the ESA Channel.
To grow more independent I would like to request on behalf of the UKSG team to have our own Marathon Team Page.
Similar to this one

So far our our marathon pages were created by the BSG Team, as we started as a sister organization of them.
If possible we would also ask to move the UKSG events that we created under the BSG Team umbrella to move to our own page.
Meaning UKSGWinter17 - UKSGSpring18 - UKSGSummer18 and UKSGFall18
The individual marathon pages were created by BSG but completely independent organized by UKSG

The Organizing Team is

If you need more information you can find and contact us on our Discord at
Thanks in advance


UKSG | Head of Events

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@InstaSim Done: , set the dates for the 25th of February to the 3rd of March for now since an end date wasn't set.
@Inddragpack I'll ask an Admin regarding this, as the terms for creating teams is still rather unclear.

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I'd like to request a page for the next Prince of Persia marathon, the best marathon ever (totally objective).
It'll be our third edition this year. This marathon exists to promote the speedrunning of the series and to have fun with everyone since we're a small community.
We have more runners now so we will be able to have more diversity runners-wise.

Name: Prince of Persia Marathon 2018
Goal: Promote Prince of Persia's speedrunning while having fun - no charity or donations.
Dates: From 09 November 2018 to 11 November 2018
Type: online
Twitch channel:
Mods: 7eraser7, epicdudeguy, tocaloni1, Sphere, Samabam

Previous marathons:
2016 ->
2017 ->

Thanks in advance.

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