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ADMIN UPDATE 4/14/2021:
With the release of the Support Hub, all marathon requests should now be submitted here -

Considering the increase in number of marathons happening, we decided to center all marathon requests in a single thread rather than having everyone creating their own thread to ask for a marathon page.
Also, this is a good opportunity to add some rules to the marathons requests :

• Your account must be more than three weeks old.
• You must have at least one run on your account, in a game that requires verification, and not self-verified
• You must provide as much information about the marathon as possible : onsite or online, purpose of the marathon, eventual supported charity, estimation of dates and duration, stream channel, list of mods... (these are examples).
• Marathons are to be requested at least two weeks prior, this is to allow enough time for us to add marathons and allow marathon hosters more time to setup.
• A marathon is required to be at least a full day in length, we will look into a marathons schedule near their starting period to verify if this is being met. The objective with this are to slow marathons down that cannot maintain a schedule, we also wish to note that playing extremely long games to fulfill the requirement is likely to be rejected.
• If the marathon is a self-hosting one (as in, you are doing all of the runs) this will be rejected.
• It is strongly preferred to have a charitable cause (as briefly mentioned above) there may be exceptions to this.

(Updated by Dangerless - 6/9/2019)

From now on, marathon requests must go through this thread.

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Hey, I'm looking to add a marathon called "Midwest Speedfest 2018"

It will be from August 3-5 2018 and be onsite. The purpose of the marathon is to raise funds for a charity, but that has not yet been decided due to it being a long time away.
It'd be streamed at

I can add more info on anything else you need 🙂

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Hello. can we have a marathon called Italianthon? It's an onsite marathon and it's only for fun. I'll provide extra infos if it will be necessary.



I'll provide extra infos if it will be necessary.

Please provide such extra infos


Italianthon rejected.
Reason : TheGamerLand in disguise.

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Hi, I'm looking to add a marathon called Shots Fired: Overkill.

Shots Fired is an online speedrunning marathon which happens twice a year. It is a marathon exclusively for shooter games. We feature First Person Shooters, Third Person Shooters, 2D Shooters, and some more unorthodox shooters. Currently, we do not support a charity. To date we have had four events.

Shots Fired: Overkill will take place November 15-19 with the option of beginning as early as the 12th depending on the number of submissions. Submissions are planned for September 15 - October 20.

The marathon will be streamed to We have a discord at and a twitter at

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Not a request, but maybe you can help.
We have the BSG marathon ( ) and we re-use this every month for our new marathons. Unfortunately, after my colleague edited the schedule a few times, he got the following message when he tries to edit it again:

The marathon is already finished, you cannot edit the schedule. If you want to make a new marathon, please request one.

Is there a way we can gain control over it again?

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@Riekelt We want to preserve past marathons, so in this case, I'll make a new one for you.

Soon, I'll be making "teams" that can add new marathons without the need to request one from us.

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Looking to add a marathon to the forums - Questing for Glory

The event will be 2-5 days depending on submissions, taking place November 1-5th on the RPG Limit Break channel (

This is an online RPG marathon that is just for fun, no charity involved. Submission and general information about the event can be found here:

The marathon has a discord set up also:

Thank you

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Hi, I'm looking to add a marathon called SpeedyFists - Round 2

SpeedyFists is an online speedrunning marathon focused on fighting games.

The submissions are planned for September 24th - October 8thand the marathon will take place on November 18th-19th

Submission form:

Marathon channel:

Discord server:

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Hiya, lads. I'm tryna get a page made for Degen Dash 3.

The dates are undecided, other than it's planned for December and Submissions will likely open mid October.
We've done this stuff before.


Added the Degen Dash team so you can add them yourself.

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Hello. Can I have a Team called: Fun Gaming? We are organizing a marathon and throughout years we are going organize more. Discord: other socials will be set-up in a bit. It is a team where every year we make a marathon free only for fun, and the schedules are going to be decided over time.


Fun Gaming : rejected
You're requesting this for Thell, because he just created his account, but he also happens to be yet another ban-evaded account of TheGamerLand, who's someone we don't want to see here in any way. Also I recommend you not to get in touch with him more than that, he's just that toxic.

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Aight man i apologize for that, i actually wasn't aware of his real identity. I kinda thought he was tricking me somehow and i wanted see how far he would have pushed this bullshit. Again, sorry about this. Going to have a "nice" talk with this guy in private.


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Question: Do more narrow, niche marathons belong on SRC? I run an annual Castlevania speed showcase and I'm having trouble this time around with getting game submissions, but I didn't want to request a marathon thread for it if it's considered too niche.