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I don't agree with that feature.
If you want to ban emulators, then ban it for all runs.
Else, allow every runs, even WR, on emulators.
Since that's unfair.
Do you see how crazy will it be ?
Like you are on WR pace, and you are going to slow down to be 1 second slower JUST to be on the leaderboard.


Imho banning all emu runs wouldn't be a very good way to go.
If your new to the game and wanna try competing but dont have the fund to get all the stuff needed to record a run on the original console, emu is the way to go.
if your getting near the top 3 (or even in the top 3) with a emu run which wont show up after the option is on which is (imho again) a good idea. then the runner can decide if he wanna spend a bit to hold a WR or be happy with a very good time.
sometimes the emu is different from the console version which is why this option would be a real thing that should be considered for more games.


I think it should be either completely banned or completely allowed. Like you said, if you're new to the game and want to try it out with an emulator, you can still do that, it just could be banned from the leaderboards. You can still run it on that for a while and compare your time to the leaderboard in your head to get a general idea of where you would be. I'm personally for allowing emulator overall for the majority of games, unless there's any major problem with that specific game, but even if it's banned for a game I think it's better to ban it outright or not at all.

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There is still a way to apease everyone, why nobody thought about having two different leaderboards ?
One for consoles time and an another for emulator time, making it fair for everyone even if emulator is faster than the console or the opposite.

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I'd be fine with having separate emu leaderboards as an option. I wouldn't want that to be mandatory for all games that allow emu, but it would be a nice option to have.


Similar to this, possibly an ability for a time to exist on the leaderboards but not be ranked. It would then allow for things like TA times appearing on the leaderboards but not having a placing, so that they can still exist on the site.

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Only allowing emu on leaderboards if it isn't WR has to be the worst way of dealing with this issue. Please don't encourage it with a feature. Either ban or allow emu. Even when allowing it, you can still choose to not display it by default.

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No offence, but the point of this site is to allow different communities to hold their leaderboards and set them up how they want to. Even if you think its a bad way of dealing with it, it's how the community wants to proceed, and that's all that should matter here.

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If I'm understanding correctly the requested option is "hide emulator runs better than non-emulator runs unless a box is unchecked by the user" If the majority of the pokemon community wants to push for this, maybe we can find a way to accommodate it, but right now it just seems like a really niche request. There's some balance between having 5000 options for leaderboards and still having a flexible interface. Maybe generalizing the option to handle more situations could make it potentially more useful.

I think functionality for supporting PBs that aren't on the boards is desirable eventually.

Regarding separate leaderboards, I've often suggested multiple arbitrarily named "full game leaderboards" and "individual level leaderboards" units. They don't exist yet, but I think that's the best direction to go in if a community wanted to do something like that.

In my mind there should be:
- Sub-games
-- Arbitrary amount of "full game leaderboards" and "individual level leaderboards" units